Monday, August 9, 2010

Arizona Immigration policy a ploy by McCain with Governor to incite Tension.

Arizona Immigration policy a ploy by McCain with Governor to incite Tension.

Ironically, the Republican Extremist Senator and KKK Royalist McCain has inspired and incited the Arizona Governor with its Government to implement unfriendly immigration policy as a political opposing leeway, his Future Presidential Strategy and dynamic confrontational Policy strategy and further to create racial, regional and political problems for President Obama with its US administration and to engage the US Administration with confrontational Diplomatic and bilateral problems with Mexico, and capable of engaging Obama Administration fully, leaving him with lesser time to attend to other numerous US Programs and Policy Reforms, thereby narrowing his political achievements for a future Presidential Campaign.

The Arizona Governor with its State Administration have demonstrated lack of understanding for past historical facts and displayed total ignorance of not knowing that Mexico has a lot of historical connections and cultural/natural bond with the US, where historically most of the Southern US States’ Border land were centuries ago conceded to US voluntarily or ignorantly, due to difficult terrains, arid land nature and lack of resources with required know how to develop their land, Mexico in past conceded some land to US.

The centuries of Mexicans’ refusal to settle in the Southern bordering States,out of white supremacy fears and aged implementation of white racial segregation policy discouraged Mexicans’ settlement from the US Bordering States, only for Mexicans and other Latinos to return and migrate back for greener pastures as US becomes the World Power and a Developed Economy.

Importantly, the US Security Agencies and American Businessmen for a century, have used Mexico with its Citizens as conduit and channel for illicit Drug trafficking to US, as exemplified facts exposed during the Iran Gate scandal and CIA Contra Mission.

Arizona State Govt. Immigration policy is seen to have been designed as to propagate racial policy Divide and its implementation is capable of creating and inciting a complex political misunderstanding and destroyed the century aged US/Mexico Bilateral relationship and Regional mutual harmony, thereby can weaken Mexico Government with its State ability to cooperate with US in fighting illicit Drug War, which can be shifted to US Bordering States and Towns, if Mexico withdraw its State combating abilities and State direct confrontation.

Furthermore, a disorganized and weakened Mexico, could be vulnerable to be attracted or wooed monetarily or ideologically by Iran State that is seeking any available means to harm US with its Western Allies, and an Iranian Approach could give way, to be lured for the Iran expectant direct Terrorism cooperation as Iranian Petrol Dollars could fuel poor Mexican massive terrorism involvement and will create cross bordering insurgency and ignorant Arizona State and towns/suburbs will bear such biggest consequences.

Since, Iran as worldly evidenced, is pursuing all known dangerous agenda and propaganda to confront harm US with its Western Allies, it is naïve, strategically unwise and foolish to allow Mexico and other Central American Countries to be lured and to be exploited by the Iranian Regime with its Ayatollahs for its implementation of a much more complex terrorism plans/agenda.

Although, it is imperative for the US Government and the US President Obama to tactically fashion out some closer economic cooperation and some bilateral developmental arrangements as to empower , and to ease or to reduce Mexico/ Latino migration to US, despite the Former US President NAFTA implementation’s failure & the abandoning of US economic programs for Latino, which would have greatly reduced migration and retain the migrants back home as expected industrialization and jobs which the US Corporations and US Businessmen have crated and have been shipped to China and Asia, and that is the technical reason why there is no job creation facility in US or Mexico, as due to cheap labor, poor environmental regulations and profiteering ,as industries and factories are built in Asia and this, have complicated US with its neighboring Countries with lack of jobs and imbalance bilateral Trade with Asian States.

Ironically, it is in US strategic interest and national security to have re-think on its US policy with its bordering neighbors as to avail the desired good friendly relationship and to better US economic bilateral arrangements with its neighbors and this, will augur expected good cooperative relationship and genuinely reduce the expectant migrants to US, not a Arizona State pretentious immigration Policy implementation or its conflicting State Policy and Policy differentiation with the US Federation.


Mazi Patrick