Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Middle East tactical political formation and Power strategy.xxxx

The Middle East tactical political formation and Power strategy. The Middle East tactical political formation and Power strategy of using Islamic State in Iraq/Syria & in Arab by Iran,Russia & China,as to divert western political Pressure from Iranian Nuclear issue, to lesser Western support for Arab moderate democracy arising from Arab Spring is wrong, which led to the political misunderstanding of current Arab current evolution, which could deter the ongoing Arab Spring where moderate Muslim democrats are benefiting from with their formations of Arab moderate democratic Governments & institutionalization of autocratic & despotic Arab institutions which are purely an anti-Iran, Russia & China legendary power Agenda which could build worst form of hostility for West in Arab,is strategically worrisome and it is not tactically well tackled. Islamic State are political distracted creation of Iranian secret agenda & anti-west strategy with the assistance of Russian/Chinese despotic Ruling class supports,while Sunni masses are gullible recruited mostly as local jihadist urchins & unemployed Muslim miscreants who were tele-guided managed and used by the Iran Cabals sponsored Sunni bankrupt Elite and were supported & enjoyed secret Iranian logistics & strategy. The religious indoctrination with the Islamic agenda as to propagate false jihad unknowingly,which were possible as a result of Saudi Aristocratic Regime political failure, Saudi Kingdom Leadership strategic collapse,resulted in creation of Sunni Elitist bankruptcy, which ultimately pave way for Iranian Agenda. While US led West when fighting Islamic State in Iraq or Syria, should avoid collaborating with the Egyptian illegal Military Occupation with its false evolving democracy in Egypt. The Egyptian Ruling Class should not be supported in any form,as they might be using Islamic State as to blackmail or target Moderate Muslim Brotherhood as terrorists,is tactically wrong. Since, Saudi Aristocracy have been confused by the Iranian Cabals that Egyptian Democracy led by Brotherhood, are terrorists who can groom or influence undemocratic elements in Saudi that is why Saudi Monarch disliked and are fighting Brotherhood led government in Egypt and supported the Egyptian Military to overthrow the Brotherhood elected Government. Using Islamic State Adventures with killing of Westerners by Iran & Co as to legitimize undemocratic Regimes & Agenda in Arab, should be avoided. The US/West can go selectively to target any danger zone or area or persons involved Islamic State mayhem and free any area hold at ransom without Iranian collaboration or without collaborating with any illegal Government, as political game being played in Arab is too complex to understand or to follow up; coupled with French usual diplomacy of double play which its usual modus operandi with the West are not clear to understand and France closeness to Iran, Russia & China,which is difficult for West to comprehend,is also worrisome. Regards Mazi Patrick, Thinker/Writer, Divine/Spiritual imposed Social Activist Assignment for ace,justice,development,Human rights & Anti Poverty Crusade. ----------------------- The President Obama led US Government with the US intelligentsia have failed to understand that Iran have implanted their pro Iranian Saudi Cronies in Saudi leadership,which have undermined US/Western ability to play their expectant Roles very well. The President Obama led US Government with the US intelligentsia have failed to understand currently that Iranian Political supreme Leadership of Iranian Islamic Revolution with its Shia Clerics,have tactically worked itself inside Saudi kingdom for many years,thereby strategically grooming pro Iranian or Iranian inspired Saudi ruling Aristocrats and technically eliminating through systematic slow poisoning to death or incapacitating of pro US/West Saudi aristocratic leadership replacing with pro Iranian Saudi leadership or side lining them with Saudi Iranian Agents,thereby weakening the expectant US/West with Saudi Governmental Relationship and this,led to present poor Sunni Arab Relationship with US/West,which impeded the US/western ability to position Syrian Rebel to fight Syrian Tyranny of Bashar al-Assad and to arm & fund rebel opposition to the Syrian pro Iranian minority shia Bashar al-Assad Government. Currently fears being nurtured by Saudi Ruling Aristocracy with its Hegemony is uncalled for and unnecessary,as Saudi could fashion its State democracy like British,where Saudi ruling Aristocrats stand like Queen and elected Prime Minister run the elected Government,while the current insecurity is being instilled,is being created by the Iranian Advisers/Agents who used such insecurity to propel Saudi support current Egyptian Military Overthrow Egyptian elected Muslim Brotherhood run Government with its intended political confusion that will lead Egypt into ridden political/economic crisis and huge insecurity,which could pave ways for Iran challenge or harm US/Western lives,investment,properties & strategic interest. Historically Muslim Brotherhood is known for its political challenging and violent confrontation,which could lead Egypt to unnecessary doom and anarchy,and this,could extend to other Arab States even Saudi,if Saudi,Chinese and Russian supported Egyptian Military Regime do not return political Power to the elected Muslim Brotherhood political Leadership and avoid the pending anarchy. Saudi being the leader of Sunni Arab/Islam,is expected to play more proactive roles in getting Syrian Rebels of removing the Syrian pro Iranian minority shia Bashar al-Assad Government,but Saudi being peopled by Iranian Saudi,is playing non active role which is hampering US/western ability of assisting the Syrian People to regain their freedom from ?Alawites family foisted despotic Syrian pro Iranian minority shia Bashar al-Assad Government and Bashar al-Assad has exercised tyranny in Syria as to sustain the rule of the minority. Saudi need to tactically tactically democratize along side the British political model,thereby encouraging other Sunni Arab and Muslim States to fashion out their own grown British political models and not to wait until the people's revolution overcome them.Most instability in Arab is an Iranian Strategy of engaging US/West into so many political confusion and violent problems,as to enable Iran have space and chance to develop its nuclear arm,before confronting US/west,as predicted by the late French Jewish Nostradamus. Regards Mazi Patrick, Thinker/Writer, Divine/Spiritual imposed Social Activist Assignment for peace,justice,development,Human rights & Anti Poverty Crusade

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