Sunday, January 10, 2016

late King Habe Hausa with its Hausa western Sudan empire was not defeated by the so called Fulani Othman Dan Fodio.

late King Habe Hausa with its Hausa western Sudan empire was not defeated by the so called Fulani Othman Dan Fodio. Although, it all started as a religious campaign in which Hausa were generously used, the outcome was unmistakably to lead to the subjugation of the indigenous Hausa population to a theocratic and immigrant Fulani Aristocracy. Despite the curacy for Nigeria historiography to engage in tarik– style eulogies of every pre-colonial, Africa Conqueror, and therefore to see the Sokoto Caliphate in glorious light, there is good evidence to suggest that its governance was clear Retrogression from the Moroccan invasion of 1591, which had plunged the Western and Central Sudan into a power vacuum that the nomadic Fulani were then filling their Conquests. In the North, there is few real Hausa in any position of Authority. History which Fulani have expunged from the Northern History, which i was able to link it back from Libya History,when I was shocked to see on CNN when Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown that the children of late King of Benghazi were Black who originated from Kano Nigeria and offspring of late Habe Idriss, the brother son of late King Habe Hausa. Historically Kano City was built by late King Habe Hausa and as such, kano become the political and commercial western Sudan empire, and more about Hausa empire or western Sudan, could be read from the French Historian late Barth’s books. Be informed that in past native Hausa warrior & late King Habe Hausa with its Hausa western Sudan empire was not defeated by the so called Fulani Othman Dan Fodio, as King Habe Hausa erroneously engaged Fulani Othman Dan Fodio from Senegal as his prayer man, medicine man and Muslim clergy to pray for him and to advice him spiritually. This mistake scenario, created room where Fulani Othman Dan Fodio was able to misinform Hausa that late & King Habe Hausa was properly practicing and as a Native, he combine his new inherited Muslim practice with his Hausa Native practice. Hausa were led, deceived, betrayed and martyred by his fellow Hausa with Fulani in 1804 and led King Habe Hausa to place Cause on his fellow Native including all Natives who own this land and may be, this is why Nigeria State occupied by Native people mined by Fulani Hegemony , is malfunctioning today, despite our God given huge Resources, various labor and vast wonderful land. The Sokoto Caliphate was significantly lacking in any conception of the responsibility of providing Security in its Region of operation, for its citizens and subjects. Instead, it created insecurity particularly by engaging in slavery and the slave trade, inflicting state-sponsored terrorism on several communities, especially on the so-called pagan districts of the Benue Region and in Adamawa. Whatever the theological justification for the 1804 jihad and despite the apparent puritan motivations of Dan Fodio in stirring up this revolution, its outcome was one in which an aristocratic ethnic minority terrorized a whole region with force of arms rather than by religious persuasion. The Hegemony sponsored inter-tribal wars and influenced religious violence. Lord Frederick Lugard, described by historians as a Fulaniphite, posited the claims on the terror visited by the Fulani jihadists on their Hausa hosts. The population of the North–described some 60 years ago (in the 1850s) by a French Historian Barth as the densest in all of Africa – had by 1900 dwindled to some 9 million owing to inter-tribal war, and above all, to the slave raids by the religious zeal which had promoted the Fulani jihad. In 1900 the Fulani Emirates formed a series of separate despotism marked by the worst forms of wholesale slave-raiding, spoliation of the peasant, inhuman cruelty and debased justices, late Lord Lugard who wrote that Fulani has established the firm framework of northern (Fulani) advantage over the south in the political arrangement of his amalgamated country. But this inhuman cruelty and debased justice, many have been sign-posts of an emergent hegemony which, has now grown in sophistication. The Fulani aristocracy has grown in sophistication in the exercise of power and since the British arrived on their territory of conquest some ninety year ago. Regards Mazi Patrick, Thinker, Writer, Historian & Psychoanalyst.

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