Saturday, November 28, 2015

Prepaid Meters are now being installed with obnoxious constraints and hurdles,which ran contrary to the Ex.Power Minister.

Nigeria Power holding Company, former NEPA recent disbursement of Prepaid Electricity Meters in Lagos ,which came 10 years behind schedule, as Electric Utility Customers who long ago have agitated for Prepaid Meters, which were now being installed with obnoxious constraints and hurdles, which ran contrary to the Ex Power Minister Barth Nnaji ideal of installing Prepaid Meters without recourse to past crazy NEPA generated Bills, where customer could be charged above fifteen Thousand Naira, whether power is cut or power is not functioning. Now, prepaid Meters are installed, with each customer is being compelled to pay the past NEPA crazy generated Bills or settled before electricity is restored, when the Nigeria economy is bad and Nigerians are impoverished. Any of form of crazy generated Bills settlement in a special Office mined by the Cabal Cronies employed Staff or Agents, are extorting the Poor and vulnerable. It is sad that NEPA utilities have been sold to incompetent Nigerian companies with quack oversea partners that have no prerequisite technical capacity and without the required finance to handle such required utility privatization exercise, as they have turned to squeeze impoverished Nigerians to pay from their nose, or stay in dark, which will in future make more blindness for Nigerians. Ex Power Minister said in NTA TV that since NEPA Crazy generated electricity Bills were not properly meted, but they were estimated as NEPA generated Bills that upon new nationwide prepaid meters distribution, all old bills must be reset to zero and allow each Customer to start off with no bill and use the new installed prepaid meters lawfully as directed. Please, where did these unreasonable Staff with their Electric Companies owed by the Cabal cronies wanted helpless, gullible and impoverished Nigerians to get money from, as to settle these NEPA Crazy generated Bills or maybe it is their hidden agenda to keep many Nigerians to stay in darkness, is it a way to mock people of Nigeria? Modern Nigeria is to witness the consequences, as a result of past Defeat of native Hausa warrior & King Habe Hausa by the Fulani Othman Dan Fodio, after he was deceived, betrayed and martyred by his fellow Hausa with Fulani in 1804 when he placed Cause on his fellow Native and may be, this is why Nigeria State occupied by Native people mined by Fulani Hegemony, is malfunctioning today, despite our God given huge Resources, various labor and vast wonderful land. Regards Regards Mazi Patrick Thinker, Writer, Political Strategist, Historian & Psychoanalyst.

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