Saturday, March 28, 2015

Nigerians have two bad Presidential Candidate Products to elect,but Nigeria desired a 2 years political Break ,to put political arrangements in order

Nigerians have two bad Presidential Candidate Products to elect, Nigeria desired a 2 years political Break as to fine tone and put in place an error free political System which elected people could easily manage and run. Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan has failed to govern Nigeria,which is caused by IBB influence, neither is General Buhari a Replacement, as he lacked political challenging doggedness, tactical robustness & intellectual combativeness as to be able to confront and control Nigerian rot & violence being influenced by IBB & its Cronies, whom have grown thick & sophistical wings. Nigerians are confused by IBB Cronies whom have shared themselves into different Political Parties and are parading themselves as Politicians and Democrats. Ex-General Abdulsalami delivered Political Concoction with ill design,structural defaults & system errors,when he was handing over Power in 1999,which Obasanjo was able to manage, but Nigeria cannot continue with this quantum luxury Pay Package where a State Legislator’s pay package is bigger than a serving Military General. General Buhari is being confused by those IBB wealthy Cronies around him that he is going to win 2015 Presidential Election, when he knows that Nigeria is a fraud Design run by Core North controlled PDP,since Military is no more accepted. Since 1958, British gave North bogus Census, which gave North political Power and that is why Nigeria could not be able to put in place a comprehensive National ID Card and Credible Data as to product Credible Election,Welfare,to assist Farmers with uninsured loan and move people out of poverty. All Concerned are of opinion and expectation that Nigeria desire an political arrangement of 2 yrs Political Process that could usher Political Administration of no partisan or political leaning as to deal with imposed political quantum luxurious Pay package, to handle and to put in place National or Regional Comprehensive national ID card System with credible Data for planning,effective welfare scheme and to enable poor access non insured loan scheme or move out of poverty and possibly conduct Nigeria Election on Party Basis with 6 Vice Presidents, each per Region for 6 years term with a revolving President per a year, which shall be able to cleanse Nigeria with its inherent Religious bigotry, Ethnicity, new found Religiosity with its behind Occultist Practices and mental/moral Bankruptcy. Regards Mazi Patrick, Thinker/Writer, Divine/Spiritual imposed Social Activist Assignment for Peace,justice,development,Human rights & Anti Poverty Crusade.