Thursday, September 18, 2014

IBB Strategy of poisoning or toxin-ing prominent Nigerians & providing antidotes medicine,as to keep them closer to himself for control/usage.

IBB Strategy of poisoning or toxin-ing prominent Nigerians & providing antidotes medicine,as to keep them closer to himself for control/usage. 1.Alarm! Alarm!!Alarm!!!,The recent TV footage of Nigeria National Council of State Meeting where Edo State Gov.Oshomole,Akwa Ibom State Gov.Akpabio & others have dark skin patches on their faces which signifies an early dark skin color of persons who were tactically toxin-ed through gradual intake of Cyanide which IBB learnt from MKO CIA network. Any highly placed individuals who might have toxin-ed by IBB Cronies when merry making or high ceremonies, who have dark skin face patches or skin itching coupled with its high body temperature, should secretly contact the US Embassy Health Unit as to facilitate their medical visit to the US Specialist Hospital in California where US Secrets handles its Staff for detoxining or where infected persons could undergo a specialist complicated dialysis and to further purify blood through Arsenide blood purifying system as to use electronegative to detoxin or purify poisonous blood for US secret Operatives might be forcefully poisoned or tactically toxin-ed during official Operation. Also, Nigeria Deputy Senate Leader, barrister IKe Ekeweremandu & some Senators with highly placed Nigerian like Ebenezer Babatope, Former Works Minister Ogunloye & others who are victims of IBB & his Cronies’ program-ed Cyanide through gradual intake process where its symptom will not be noticed when analyzed, and even if the affected individual observed his or her unusual frequent taking to illness. When Cyanide or other cyanide related poison is taken, medical examination cannot detect the cyanide poison taken, except its caused illness could be detected,but not to reveal that cyanide poison is taken, until the associated or caused sickness could be able to damage such individual organs and cause death like in case of Late Human Right Lawyer Gani. IBB Strategy of poisoning or toxin-ing prominent Nigerians with tactical appliances of well applied cyanided substances and to use antidotes medicine obtaining or medical application for healing through his IBB medical arrangement, is simply to keep VIP Nigerians closer to himself (IBB).Also use an arrangement of IBB Spiritualists or his prominent Pastors where antidotes medicine in blessed waters or in any prayer’s materials as healing methods. 2.Jonathan Administration continuous Strategy of viewing Boko Haram Terrorists as Stationary Operation where some Enemies stationed or where they are stationed to fight Nigeria or launch Terror attacks on Nigeria is tactically wrong and misleading either knowingly or unknowingly, as Boko Harram operation is not stationary or not positioned Terrorists, but powerful wealthy Nigerians with vast wealth, connection and who controlled Government wooing poor, gullible and hungry Nigerians to accept large money as to throw or place bombs, since Nigeria Economy has collapsed and Nigeria Security is highly undermined by the Cabal positioned Cronies that guarantee escape or weak penalty for caught Terrorists, which greatly influence poor and vulnerable people to accept money offer as to throw bomb at will. 3.The Jonathan Administration organizing Nigeria National Confab as a thought out political Decision of solving Nigeria political problems are tactically wrong, as he simply played into IBB script of assembling Nigerians to a place in Abuja as to be wooed or poisoned,for those whom IBB might not control or who refused to play his IBB scripts, as IBB is building vast complex political machinery as to control and hand it over to his Son, for future by IBB son to control whom IBB have entrusted his vast loots, since his Boko Haram Terror venture to cow, intimidate and control Core North dreaded machinery couldn’t work as he IBB have envisaged. The Nigeria Confab have created non constitutional implementable States and couldn't arrive at minimal World expectant 25% Revenue Derivative, portray shame and ineptness to deliver the World & Nigeria expected political solution result. 4.Also,to amend our Nigeria Constitution in line with the UN adopted Africa Political Model for multi Religions, Ethnic and Culture Country where constitution shall outline out that each Region of similar Religious, ethnic and Culture should be grouped as a Region or section with Vice President to be contested, on Regional or sectional Basis for a single 6 years Term, while among elected Regional Vice Presidents, a president shall revolve or rotate per a year for each vice President until their elected 6 years term lapsed. This process shall put to rest election maneuverings with its human & monetary wastage that are usually associated with Africa or Third World Election Violence and wrong human placement manipulation that impeded Africa from actually developing in an expectant pace and remove unnecessary political distortion that marred our expected economic growth. 5.When IBB was tactically destroying Obasanjo political structures in South West Nigeria, Senator Ahmed Tinubu was used as Yoruba Opposition Arrow Head to super head and guide such political Destruction, even being termed as the next Awolowo of Yoruba Land, which he is not, but an Agent whom is packaged as a leader. The Recent Election in Ekiti State where IBB electoral imposing Strategy of winning an election through IBB connected 5 or more prominent persons per a local government whom him IBB have favored in past to connect a winning, which usually Senator Tinubu used to claim as his winning for Opposition. Now IBB have changed position and tactic, it have exposed Tinubu political inadequacy, which have cause Yoruba people to seek for real and proper Yoruba Leader not an Agent whom could lead strategically when necessary. 6.IBB with highly placed crony contacts of dissemination, distribution and production of Shakau Boko Haram propaganda video/film, which are being displayed by the Media, is calculated IBB Media Strategy and targeted intimidation of violent propaganda of coarsening gullible Public/World with the Nigeria non performing Government of weak ignorant Jonathan Administration of paying undesired attention to their Advice and wastage of the Public Funds, which are being channeled through their highly placed Officials where it is being looted for its limited violent agenda of few. 7.It is non academic in historical knowledge, natural wisdom about a people, daft in basic thinking or reasoning and unthinkable for anyone or group to arm, violently radicalizes or violently indoctrinates historical and natural violent people like Kanuri & Shawa people of Nigeria for purpose of Boko Haram, whatever is their Boko Haram agenda of using violence as political tool, which have some aftermath of huge devastating repercussion and it will definitely overcome the planners’ intent & purpose at the end. At end of this ongoing Boko Haram exercise, culture of violence will be indoctrinated, arms in idle hands or poor people to be used, organized violence crime and general insecurity shall be the benchmark of North and Nigeria, cause or woo shall reign and for many years after this Boko haram, Nigeria, North and Fulani shall pay beyond our imagination for unwise Boko Haram venture of few. Regards Mazi Patrick, Thinker/Writer, Divine/Spiritual imposed Social Activist Assignment for Peace,justice,development,Human rights & Anti Poverty Crusade

The Middle East tactical political formation and Power strategy of using Islamic State in Iraq/Syria & in Arab by Iran,Russia & China,as to divert western political Pressure from Iranian Nuclear issue

The Middle East tactical political formation and Power strategy of using Islamic State in Iraq/Syria & in Arab by Iran,Russia & China,as to divert western political Pressure from Iranian Nuclear issue, to lesser Western support for Arab moderate democracy arising from Arab Spring is wrong, which led to the political misunderstanding of current Arab current evolution, which could deter the ongoing Arab Spring where moderate Muslim democrats are benefiting from with their formations of Arab moderate democratic Governments & institutionalization of autocratic & despotic Arab institutions which are purely an anti-Iran, Russia & China legendary power Agenda which could build worst form of hostility for West in Arab,is strategically worrisome and it is not tactically well tackled. Islamic State are political distractive creation of Iranian secret agenda & anti-west strategy with the assistance of Russian/Chinese despotic Ruling class supports,while Sunni masses are gullibly recruited mostly as local jihadist urchins & unemployed Muslim miscreants who were tele-guided managed and used by the Iran Cabals sponsored Sunni bankrupt Elite and were supported & enjoyed secret Iranian logistics & strategy. The religious indoctrination with the Islamic agenda as to propagate false jihad unknowingly,which were possible as a result of Saudi Aristocratic Regime political failure, Saudi Kingdom Leadership strategic collapse,resulted in creation of Sunni Elitist bankruptcy, which ultimately pave way for Iranian Agenda. While US led West when fighting Islamic State in Iraq or Syria, should avoid collaborating with the Egyptian illegal Military Occupation with its false evolving democracy in Egypt. The Egyptian Ruling Class should not be supported in any form,as they might be using Islamic State as to blackmail or target Moderate Muslim Brotherhood as terrorists,is tactically wrong. Since, Saudi Aristocracy have been confused by the Iranian Cabals that Egyptian Democracy led by Brotherhood, are terrorists who can groom or influence undemocratic elements in Saudi that is why Saudi Monarch disliked and are fighting Brotherhood led government in Egypt and supported the Egyptian Military to overthrow the Brotherhood elected Government. Using Islamic State Adventures with killing of Westerners by Iran & Co as to legitimize undemocratic Regimes & Agenda in Arab, should be avoided. The US/West can go selectively to target any danger zone or area or persons involved Islamic State mayhem and free any area hold at ransom without Iranian collaboration or without collaborating with any illegal Government, as political game being played in Arab is too complex to understand or to follow up; coupled with French usual diplomacy of double play which its usual modus operandi with the West are not clear to understand and France closeness to Iran, Russia & China,which is difficult for West to comprehend,is also worrisome. Regards Mazi Patrick, Thinker/Writer, Divine/Spiritual imposed Social Activist Assignment for ace,justice,development,Human rights & Anti Poverty Crusade. ----------------------- The President Obama led US Government with the US intelligentsia have failed to understand that Iran have implanted their pro Iranian Saudi Cronies in Saudi leadership,which have undermined US/Western ability to play their expectant Roles very well. The President Obama led US Government with the US intelligentsia have failed to understand currently that Iranian Political supreme Leadership of Iranian Islamic Revolution with its Shia Clerics,have tactically worked itself inside Saudi kingdom for many years,thereby strategically grooming pro Iranian or Iranian inspired Saudi ruling Aristocrats and technically eliminating through systematic slow poisoning to death or incapacitating of pro US/West Saudi aristocratic leadership replacing with pro Iranian Saudi leadership or side lining them with Saudi Iranian Agents,thereby weakening the expectant US/West with Saudi Governmental Relationship and this,led to present poor Sunni Arab Relationship with US/West,which impeded the US/western ability to position Syrian Rebel to fight Syrian Tyranny of Bashar al-Assad and to arm & fund rebel opposition to the Syrian pro Iranian minority shia Bashar al-Assad Government. Currently fears being nurtured by Saudi Ruling Aristocracy with its Hegemony is uncalled for and unnecessary,as Saudi could fashion its State democracy like British,where Saudi ruling Aristocrats stand like Queen and elected Prime Minister run the elected Government,while the current insecurity is being instilled,is being created by the Iranian Advisers/Agents who used such insecurity to propel Saudi support current Egyptian Military Overthrow Egyptian elected Muslim Brotherhood run Government with its intended political confusion that will lead Egypt into ridden political/economic crisis and huge insecurity,which could pave ways for Iran challenge or harm US/Western lives,investment,properties & strategic interest. Historically Muslim Brotherhood is known for its political challenging and violent confrontation,which could lead Egypt to unnecessary doom and anarchy,and this,could extend to other Arab States even Saudi,if Saudi,Chinese and Russian supported Egyptian Military Regime do not return political Power to the elected Muslim Brotherhood political Leadership and avoid the pending anarchy. Saudi being the leader of Sunni Arab/Islam,is expected to play more proactive roles in getting Syrian Rebels of removing the Syrian pro Iranian minority shia Bashar al-Assad Government,but Saudi being peopled by Iranian Saudi,is playing non active role which is hampering US/western ability of assisting the Syrian People to regain their freedom from ?Alawites family foisted despotic Syrian pro Iranian minority shia Bashar al-Assad Government and Bashar al-Assad has exercised tyranny in Syria as to sustain the rule of the minority. Saudi need to tactically tactically democratize along side the British political model,thereby encouraging other Sunni Arab and Muslim States to fashion out their own grown British political models and not to wait until the people's revolution overcome them.Most instability in Arab is an Iranian Strategy of engaging US/West into so many political confusion and violent problems,as to enable Iran have space and chance to develop its nuclear arm,before confronting US/west,as predicted by the late French Jewish Nostradamus. Regards Mazi Patrick, Thinker/Writer, Divine/Spiritual imposed Social Activist Assignment for peace,justice,development,Human rights & Anti Poverty Crusade