Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The 25% Payment of PHCN Facilities by the won bidders are fraudulent Design & IBB Cronies’ collaboration/criminal intent to access and loot PHCN

The 25% Payment of PHCN Facilities by the won bidders are fraudulent Design & IBB Cronies’ collaboration/criminal intent to access and loot PHCN Facilities’ Assets and to balkanize PHCN handed over Facilities, Equipments & properties before abandoning them, leaving them in bankruptcies and abscond with their Loot . No Capable Government t can hand over any Government facility or property upon mere 25% payment as it is highest form of maladministration & ineptitude. Nigeria needed Genuine Power Reform Policy/Directives in accordance with Worldwide Reform Process. Technically,it seem unnecessary for PHCN consumers to pay 50,000 Naria for Prepaid Meters,when the won Discos companies are expected to rewire their won area with appropriate cable wiring,provide adequate Transformers for electric power delivery with their company designed Prepaid Meters for their an effective revenue collection,which these Prepaid Meters will be retrieved and distributed to PHCN controlled areas. People were amazed watching Mr.Sam Amadi,the Chairman of NERC laboring to explain to the Public on Channel TV on how PHCN/NERC could obtain simple Electric prepaid Meters,not manufacturing or assembling them.While Mr.Atedo Peterside,ex banker of a Nigerian failed bank,an IBB crony who was employed as the Chairman of Privatization Commission as to prevent real foreign Firms with technical capacity & know-how from winning the discos & other PHCN Projects and pave way for looters' companies to win,which are against the Reform Policy/Directives in accordance with the expectant Worldwide Reform Process. What Nigeria Power Reform really requires are: companies with sound technical capacity and know how background not companies which are owns by Nigerian looters,being represented by rented foreigners or Nigerians as fronts,in furtherance to access more to Nigeria exploitation & looting.The sound power companies must be able to have required Power Project Experiences/technical jobs profile of doing similar projects/jobs in another countries before and must have subsidiaries or Affiliates that produce transformers,prepaid Meters and Cables/wires as to be able rewire all won area within a short time and to be able to obtain their job materials at competitive prices and required quantities as required and needed,which could assist to effectively distribute Power to all customers who needed electric Power,not looters' companies that could have difficulties in sourcing their job materials through proxies and this,shall result in inferior products importation/supply and high prices through third parties involvement and shall cause projects delays. Pls, it is imperatives that they should revisit those discos/PHCN Successor Companies as to be able to get real capable companies that have technical capacity to rewire their won area,to put required electric transformers and to supply all customers with the needed prepaid Meters without unnecessary bureaucracy,not like former method used by the defunct Nitel where phone owners get to know the job of phone connection,because one wanted to won a phone line,where one have to carry even Nitel ladders about for his/her phone to work. The Public is not aware that those played some evil roles in avoiding Nitel to be sold for US$1.8Billion during Obasanjo regime,framing that Obasanjo administration wanted to corruptly sell Nitel,but today Globacom owns by IBB crony Mr Mike Adenuga tried to buy the same Nitel for only US$350Million with the assistance of ex speaker Mr.Demiji Bankole,but Public stopped it.The same game is being used in PHCN severance package payment,and it is only a strong Minister like the past,can be able to settle the 5 years severance package,which is not easy to handle,as PHCN do not really know this Cabal dynamics using Nigeria Labor to mobilize workers ignorantly against their interest,while paying all PHCN Staff of 5years severance package is very difficult project to execute,please all concerned PHCN Staff should be very careful not work and harm their interest,which only pave way to those looters own PHCN cheaply. www.maziliteralworks.wordpress.com www.maziliteralworks.blogspot.com Regards Mazi Patrick,Maduabuchim Thinker/Writer, Divine/Spiritual imposed Social Activist Assignment for Peace,justice,development,Human rights & Anti Poverty Crusade

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