Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Simply illogic & daft for reasonable person to think or insinuate

Simply illogical & daft for reasonable person to think or insinuate that the violent Islamic extremists or its religious/ethnic sect Militia are waging its wars and unleashing havoc upon Nigeria,because Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan is Christian or most Nigerians are Christians;even in Pakistan where 95% are Muslims,an Islamic State with secular State practice,wealthy individuals with local/international connection used ethnic/religious parochialism, Youth Joblessness, bankrupt Elite/Politicians, intimidation, corruption, royalties to sabotage the State & failed State structures to influence, dominate & to remotely create terrorism/anarchy, as well as to hold the State for looting, control political power for limited agenda, retard local/national development, influence fear as to negate peaceful co-existence, that what Nigeria is facing . Core North should think honestly, as to avoid karma, while non Core North should stop foolish play for selfish gain,think about tomorrow, not like MKO Abiola who led & taught IBB to know all,which he is using to unleash hell to Nigeria. It is parochial and lack of National Patriotism of those championing Boko Haram Amnesty when Nigeria State has not exhibited much/ or stronger violence/militancy than Boko haram,as amnesty granting now,shall portray that Boko Harm is winning and as bad recipe for future re-occurrence,as this,will send wrong State Signal that the State is weak and when Victims/destruction of Boko Haram were not adequately compensated,before paving way for genuine amnesty actualization . Amnesty shall goes to improvised Northerners were drafted into Boko Haram,due to hunger.lack of jobs and non developments which Core North Cabals refused to do and North asking incapacitated Southerners or mere Northern political Slaves to develop North,when resources and power of Nigeria is in hands of Core North Cabals,makes mockery the world.of their demand that Nigeria Government should develop North,when non Core Northerners are simply slaves to the Masters Core Northerners who behind the scene control the Nigeria loots and Nigeria State/local Governance. Core North led by the sadist feudal/extremist elitist Fulani not moderate,who still believe in violence as tool of controlling the State,but does not know the power of God/Allah or the dynamism of Nature or even Islamic scripture that implies God/Allah ability is beyond humanity or mankind. Boko Haram/Extremists led by the Iranian inspired Trillion Evil Genius Destructive IBB aided by vast Loot might ruin Nigeria before Exit. Mazi Patrick,Maduabuchim Thinker/Writer, Divine/Spiritual imposed Social Activist Assignment for Peace,justice,development,Human rights & Anti Poverty Crusade

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