Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nigeria needed Genuine Power Reform Policy/Directives in accordance with Worldwide Reform Process.

Nigeria needed Genuine Power Reform Policy/Directives in accordance with Worldwide Reform Process. People were amazed watching Mr.Sam Amadi,the Chairman of NERC laboring to explain to the Public on Channel TV on how PHCN/NERC could obtain simple Electric prepaid Meters,not manufacturing or assembling them.While Mr.Atedo Peterside,ex banker,an IBB crony who was employed as the Chairman of Privatization Commission as to prevent real foreign Firms with technical capacity from winning the discos & other PHCN Projects and pave way for looters' companies to win,which are against the Reform Policy/Directives in accordance with the expectant Worldwide Reform Process. What Nigeria Power Reform really requires are: companies with sound technical capacity and know how background not companies which are owns by Nigerian looters,being represented by rented foreigners or Nigerians as fronts,in furtherance to access more to Nigeria exploitation & looting.The sound power companies must be able to have required Power Project Experiences/technical jobs profile of doing similar projects/jobs in another countries before and must have subsidiaries or Affiliates that produce transformers,prepaid Meters and Cables/wires as to be able rewire all won area within a short time and to be able to obtain their job materials at competitive prices and required quantities as required and needed,which could assist to effectively distribute Power to all customers who needed electric Power,not looters' companies that could have difficulties in sourcing their job materials through proxies and this,shall result in inferior products importation/supply and high prices through third parties involvement and shall cause projects delays. Pls, it is imperatives that they should revisit those discos/PHCN Successor Companies as to be able to get real capable companies that have technical capacity to rewire their won area,to put required electric transformers and to supply all customers with the needed prepaid Meters without unnecessary bureaucracy,not like former method used by the defunct Nitel where phone owners get to know the job of phone connection,because one wanted to won a phone line,where one have to carry even Nitel ladders about for his/her phone to work. The Public is not aware that those played some evil roles in avoiding Nitel to be sold for US$1.8Billion during Obasanjo regime,framing that Obasanjo administration wanted to corruptly sell Nitel,but today Globacom owns by IBB crony Mr Mike Adenuga tried to buy the same Nitel for only US$350Million with the assistance of ex speaker Mr.Demiji Bankole,but Public stopped it.The same game is being used in PHCN severance package payment,and it is only a strong Minister like the past,can be able to settle the 5 years severance package,which is not easy to handle,as PHCN do not really know this Cabal dynamics using Nigeria Labor to mobilize workers ignorantly against their interest,while paying all PHCN Staff of 5years severance package is very difficult project to execute,please all concerned PHCN Staff should be very careful not work and harm their interest,which only pave way to own PHCN cheaply. Regards Mazi Patrick Maduabuchim

Friday, March 15, 2013

IBB led gay group who have used gay occult to control Nigeria and make it difficult for simple,principle and manner people to survive.

It is ironical sad that Boko haram could not attack any gay hostel in Kano city,since they are acclaimed or purported to be pursuing an Islamic purity, as Kano gay elitist clubs are known for their gay rituals before large contracts,lucrative businesses and top posts are shared or allocated.May be their sponsors;IBB led gay group who have used gay occult to control Nigeria and make it difficult for simple,principle and manner people to survive. Despite the Sarkin Ado,the Kano Emir being my emirate icon & intelligent person,being an IBB guidance for years,have destroyed my credibility for him. my likeness & love for his person,who was shot recently in Kano by IBB group but in past,he has groomed,supported,guided and collaborated with IBB led group to form & control Nigeria through gay elite group and secretly used violence,intimidation & killing to cow Nigeria is bad omen. The CBN Gov Lamido Sanusi,an IBB crony,whose Kano private guest house,doubled as gay hostel,tactically might have abuse CBN top Staff and others from Nigeria financial circles. The Nigeria president Goodluck weak governance have made it difficult to check mate this evil practices,as decent men were abused before good post or contract/business or before any religious leader could succeed to be successful. -------------------- IBB Cronies have tactically using highly placed Core Northerners to set up Farouk Lawan,as an IBB Grand Design to discredit & tarnish the Nigeria House concluded Petrol Subsidies probe,which hopefully shall free those involved from sanction/refunds. The president of the Senate, David Mark recently said from Senate Chamber that people are sending various emails of ideas or suggestion on Dana Plane crash and Petrol subsidies and why could those are sending the senate,be a man to come out during panel,as to tender their ideas or suggestion,portray David Mark in bad light as some whom many Nigerians are hoping to be good material for future Nigeria highest politics. His talk have moved people away from him,as he,David Mark did not how dangerous,i t is to be able to say the truth in Nigeria,means that he painted himself as a true Minna man and we don't need such person,as he will misbehave as Jonathan,who unwisely toe the line with those who fought him during the first term Election,who are fooling him with second term,when those people fought him from death of late Musa Yardua. ---------------------------------------------------- Boko Haram/Extremists led by the Iranian inspired Trillion Evil Genius Destructive IBB aided by vast Loot might ruin Nigeria before Exit. The leadership failure, political bankruptcy and decisive Inaction/ineptitude that characterized Christian/Middle Belt Elite Northerners like Gen.Yakubu Gowon Rtd, Gen.Danjuma Rtd,Chief Solomon Lar,Pro.Jerry Gana, Dr. Jonathan Zengena, Gen.Domkat Bali Rtd,Gen.Joshua Dogoyaro rtd, Gen. Jeremiah Useni rtd, Chief Gemade,Gen. M.C Alli rtd.Gen Mallam Kontagora,Gen Nasco etc., which have allowed and prolonged Jos crisis and other ethnic/Religious Crisis which have caused wanton mayhem which are being sponsored and tactically organized by the Evil Genius through Northern Extremist Boko Haram and other Groups in Nigeria as to intimidate, cow and cajole Nigerians into his manipulative control. The VP Sambo as implanted through Gen.Danjuma Rtd insistence, which served IBB agenda instead of general Northern interest, which IBB interest conflict with, as North earlier desire was a developed Nigeria with slight Northern interest edge and to harness vast Northern minerals and agricultural potentials, which today Northern control, does not represent, as northern leadership ignored general development and looted Nigeria through their submissive political/business cronies and rewarded Nigeria with violence by the creation of Boko Haram and other crisis, which they thought will advance their political strategy. Nigerian Resources meant for poverty alleviation, industrialization and development were wasted through looting and crisis were created as cover for their looting and bankrupt Nigeria Media as to misinform Nigeria to be gullible and to be fooled, as Northerners were misinformed that their vast looting are meant for Northern interest, instead of developing North, is to their interest, as money stashed in exploitative West or complex Arab banks could be collected when necessary, which is not possible as Mobutu Seseko loots were not recoverable till today as Mobutu Children are not wealthy. The Petrol Subsidy exposure on how IBB cronies who owned the mentioned Oil companies, with Oando coordinated by Tinubus led the vast Petrol Subsidy looting, as thrice invoicing of each cargo, were collected, while the impoverished Nigerian workers were bribed with bribe beyond their imaginations. A careful and primary inquiry on these Oil companies shows that some of them are as young as below 10 years old, with vast accrued revenue. The resources at Senator Ahmed Tinubu’s disposal , have made him to look down on him and talk down to Obasanjo as rag, as his monthly collection from Lagos is equivalent to what Obasanjo might owned. The vast Resources have placed IBB on uncontrollable position that no Emir or General can near him or talk to him or advise him and this, have made him to do whatever he likes and enable him to create and wage wanton destructive wars before his exit. ———————— IBB led the Northern Extremists to hide under Boko Haram Sect and perpetuate bombing terrorism in Nigeria is known to all,except the Nigeria bankrupt political Class with its bought over Media which is best known for its Falsehood. Ironically, those who formed Boko Haram are simply confused in the choice of name to be used for their violent propaganda,since most Religions read and write Religious Scriptures or information in booklet forms or slates ,while reading and writing are the essential aspect of education, and how can a sane person or group to say or quote that book or education is abortion,which is the literally meaning of Boko Haram.Technically,they should choose another name for their violent propaganda/terrorism. Terrorist Bombing in its primary Stage in Nigeria & what becomes the next level is unknown,as events which have unfolded in past systematically analyzed that after the Core Northern led Nigeria has graduated from the sponsorship and Organizers of inter-tribal/ethnic with Religious Crisis or mayhem to terrorist bombing which Nigeria is currently witnessing, after the Nigerian past Aircraft’s timed bomb accidents which we have witnessed previously to recent bombing. Monumental Nigeria Corruption, ethnic/Religious Crisis and Bomb Terrorism is as a result of past institutionalized factors which have resulted in weak leadership that led Nigeria into present scenario which all is to be blamed. Nigeria Leadership with its Core North led by its Military who mostly have occupied Nigeria Leadership position for too long and whose emergence to Power and Politics without proper Military due Merits of adequate promotional exams/Tests’ Pass or passing their Military Courses which would have adequately prepared them with leadership tools of sharp skills, required intelligence and added to them technical knowledgeable Wisdom to be able to saddle with required leadership a Country like Nigeria deserved. In absence of these,Mediocrity, ethnicity, Religion and Friendship formed that guide and tools that were used in Military leadership, with the motivation from Business groups,Shylock foreign interest for exploration and failed political Class who willingly assist the Military to hold onto power until the situation becomes unbearable and Nigeria infrastructures were almost ruined before emergence of the Nigeria democracy in 1999. Now, the dire is cast, notorious Cabal IBB has wielded so much power, monumental resources and local/international Networks that dwarf Nigeria systems and which no group of Emirs or Elders or Generals or political/Religious groups can be able to stop or to challenge him, as Nigeria is lying to his peril. Nigeria and the world shall soon realize that the Core North Region will be destroyed like Waziristan,while Nigeria will be ruined like Pakistan, since Core North selfishly guarded and supported the Cabal to be an Evil Genius,which Nigerians ignorantly allow or accept him to play political and economic dominance in Nigeria, Nigeria will witness Ruin for their ignorance and acceptance. Pls,Govt should disregard and ignore Dr.Pat Utomi for his unnecessary Advice/comment, as he collaborated with the late Chief MKO Abiola to ruin the Volkswagen of Nigeria Auto Industry during NPN Regime and that is why Obasanjo pet Motor program for Lagos,was destroyed. Regards Mazi Patrick Maduabuchim