Sunday, June 19, 2011

Terrorist Bombing in its primary Stage in Nigeria & what becomes the next level is unknown

IBB led Northern Extremists to hide under Boko Haram Sect and perpetuate bombing terrorism in Nigeria is known to all,except the Nigeria bankrupt political Class with its bought over Media which is best known for its Falsehood.

Terrorist Bombing in its primary Stage in Nigeria & what becomes the next level is unknown,as events which have unfolded in past systematically analyzed that after the Core Northern led Nigeria has graduated from the sponsorship and Organizers of inter-tribal/ethnic with Religious Crisis or mayhem to terrorist bombing which Nigeria is currently witnessing, after the Nigerian past Aircraft's timed bomb accidents which we have witnessed previously to recent bombing.

Monumental Nigeria Corruption, ethnic/Religious Crisis and Bomb Terrorism is as a result of past institutionalized factors which have resulted in weak leadership that led Nigeria into present scenario which all is to be blamed. Nigeria Leadership with its Core North led by its Military who mostly have occupied Nigeria Leadership position for too long and whose emergence to Power and Politics without proper Military due Merits of adequate promotional exams/Tests' Pass or passing their Military Courses which would have adequately prepared them with leadership tools of sharp skills, required intelligence and added to them technical knowledgeable Wisdom to be able to saddle with required leadership a Country like Nigeria deserved.

In absence of these,Mediocrity, ethnicity, Religion and Friendship formed that guide and tools that were used in Military leadership, with the motivation from Business groups,Shylock foreign interest for exploration and failed political Class who willingly assist the Military to hold onto power until the situation becomes unbearable and Nigeria infrastructures were almost ruined before emergence of the Nigeria democracy in 1999.

Now, the dire is cast, notorious Cabal IBB has wielded so much power, monumental resources and local/international Networks that dwarf Nigeria systems and which no group of Emirs or Elders or Generals or political/Religious groups can be able to stop or to challenge him, as Nigeria is lying to his peril.

Nigeria and the world will soon realize that Core North Region will be destroyed like Waziristan,which Nigeria will ruined like Pakistan, since Core North selfishly guarded and supported the Cabal to be an Evil Genius,which Nigerians ignorantly allow or accept him to play political and economic dominance in Nigeria, Nigeria will witness Ruin for their ignorance and acceptance.


Mazi Patrick Maduabuchim


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