Sunday, November 28, 2010

Collapse First bank, in order to destabilize Nigeria economically and inflict national wide suffering on Nigerians.

Collapse First bank, in order to destabilize Nigeria economically and inflict national wide suffering on Nigerians.

The Nigeria Economic Woes/ill financial Policy outburst by the Core North Nigeria Consensus Presidential Candidate Alhaji Atiku Abubakar which have tarried with my Revelation and Sources of some boo boo trap collapse programs which are already planted in First bank Nigeria PLC. The Sources are positing that the IBB Grand Design which will be unfolded next year 2011, using some established internal bank accounting including funny borrowing, crediting networks and irregular accounting books which might have been set up by the former GMG Lamido Sanusi as to collapse and cripple First bank, in order to destabilize Nigeria economically and inflict national wide suffering on Nigeria.

The Nigeria Presidency, Senate, Representative and SSS Security Operatives not including non effective and gallery playing Nigeria EFCC in order not to weaken any carried out First bank inquiry/investigation; there should be demands of First bank’s account monthly books of each branch, each unit and all kinds of loans with those who signed them for close scrutiny/examination, with all monthly remittance movements and saving/current account monthly records, and any found wrong Auditing should be punished accordingly. Also, the First bank Directors who have collaborated with Sanusi ignorantly covertly or overtly, should be retired, while the present First MD is not technical fit to handle this complex bank situation, when implemented.

To checkmate this forth coming bank crisis, Government must send hard cracking Accounting/Auditing Experts into First bank and all Arms of Government must work together, while the present First Bank MD must be retired and replaced with the First bank London British MD who must resume his work with a British Diplomatic Passport as an impunity against vicious set up traps and evil plans to be laid the evil genius crony coordinator and another British to take over the First bank London British MD Office not a Nigerian.

Since, First bank is the back bone of Nigeria Economy and it will be effectively coordinated through hidden Sanusi network from CBN and with his usual CBN propaganda which Nigerians have witnessed during the CBN Governor acclaimed Distress of Nigerian Banks. This, is his grand power agenda as it is becoming visible that political power control may elude IBB with its cronies aftermath of Iranian Arms Seizure as all Nigeria including Core North couldn’t understand the reason for massive importation and storage of sophisticated Iranian Arms, since most Nigerian Muslims are Sunni, with grave implication for keeping such Arms in any volatile/restive area of Nigeria.

Despite the Arms seizure and further prevention of pro-Iranian groups in Africa of using these Arms to sponsor Terror and install Pro-Iranian regimes in Africa in order to stifle US/West Trade with Africa and to use Western African Countries like Gambia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Mauritania or Senegal whose coast which are geographically facing directly the American Coastline, where the possible sighting of Iranian Nuclear Arm could be done for possible reaching of US, in case of Iran want to attack US, once the Iranian nuclear is produced.

On the PHCN non effective Power supply issue, the suggestion of carrying out PHCN mass retirement of the PHCN Administrative Staff from Grade level 12 and above, with the retirement of the PHCN Technical Staff who have only 3years to retire, to be retired and replaced with upgraded Staff. The oath of PHCN commitment and Allegiance must be sworn by all remaining PHCN against any form of Energy sabotage, since PHCN is of strategic importance to Nigeria State and all SSS State Office must have copies of all sworn and signed oath of PHCN commitment and Allegiance for each State and each PHCN Facility/Unit must paste SSS State branch contact Phone numbers for contacting any PHCN State in case any Staff decided to off power when it is not scheduled or without technical fault for switching off light, then a vigilante Staff can call SSS for prompt action on such facility or unit. Since, it is known fact that those behind Generators importation/distribution with the Diesel Oil Marketer corrupted some PHCN Staff with money as to disrupt the already secured Power supply.

Also, all PHCN Contracts’ documents with other signed information with its mobilized funds for each State and Abuja must be domiciled with State SSS Branch for monitoring and immediate arrest if the Contract is not executed in accordance with PHCN terms of Contractual Agreement, since PHCN Project is terms as security importance to the Nation.

Nigeria Police
As the level of Nigeria violence is becoming very high, Federal Government to implement an memorandum of understanding between the Nigeria Police with all wings of the Nigeria Army as to work in partnership with the Army so that each Police Station and the army barrack nearest to it, in order to coordinate joint security patrol as to control violent Crime/ and other violent sabotage against innocent and helpless Nigerians.

Nigeria Judiciary with its High Courts Electoral Judgments are Questionable.
Ironically, amusing that some Nigeria High Courts judgment are ludicrous as Court award its verdict on forged and fake information/documents , since nobody can call them to question and they are working with Cabal IBB and his Crony Tinubu, but all Thinkers are posing that election cancellation and awarding them to ACN are short time Gain to ACN on short term but on long term, it is a gain for Cabal not ACN as claimed, since MKO Abiola who have worked with the Cabal, later received his due share after his long romance with IBB.

Evidently that some of these people parading themselves as Progressives or Awolowists, are those who connived with the Cabal to implicate late Chief Obafemi Awolowo into an IBB fathom Coup that led the Old man into his untimely death. As MKO realized some of his personal/political mistakes in prison and tend to expose if released and then Abiola has to be eliminated as to foreclose such exposure. Sadly, Abiola and Awolowo died by the cabal handiwork and in tendon with IBB Cronies who are self acclaiming Progressives or Awolowists.

For political clarity, it is not Pro 12 June Activists/ Progressives or Civil Society group whose activities are marred by their deceptive receipts of foreign Gifts/Donations for their ineffective society activities but late Sani Abacha ambition to rule Nigeria that made IBB to step aside, as IBB would have resorted to his usual usage of ethnic and religious coverage as to manipulate Nigeria polity as to continue his Stay in Power but his honorable exist, is not an end to his evil Power Domination.


Mazi Patrick Maduabuchim