Wednesday, September 2, 2009

God (ALLAH) can provide a perfect State, Man can only provide an imperfect State

God (ALLAH) can provide a perfect State, Man can only provide an imperfect State.

It is only God (ALLAH) that can provide a perfect State, while Man can only provide an imperfect State, it is imperative that Palestinians led by President Abbas should be prepared to accept the Bush led Israeli Negotiation on the possible Palestinian State while upon its acceptance, Allah Guidance, hard working and devoted political Strategies will assist Palestinians towards a better fruitful State, as no State on Earth is perfect.

Due to pedigree, pride, political illusion and religious fanatism/anxiety, Israel desire to use Jerusalem as their capital while the Palestinians should tactically and temporarily call East Jerusalem, another Palestinian/Arab name, as to enable the Palestinian State project to be actualized/realized. Extremists in both camps should be allowed to disrupt the State arrangement as everything will be gradually and technically achieved once a State whether it is imperfect or not. The issue of securing the required Palestinian land as expressed in UN road map will be gradually pursued as problem and confrontation will be morally allowed by the World for Palestinians to confront anybody on the dispute land.

Hamas Violent Strategy is an Iranian agenda, which Iran uses to showcase violence in Middle East,which is not to any Palestinian interest as destruction of lives/properties and wars/battles are carried out on Palestinian land while Hamas are fighting, Israel can afford to be developing itself and living reasonably normal despite so called Hamas Rocks and their suicidal bombing, which with time and technology, a solution could be found.

Violence and high Energy cost will result in unimaginable consequences that will only advance the cause of West as these hard pressures will force West to achieve better Technology, complex protections and alternate sources of energy.


Mazi Onigbo

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