Friday, April 3, 2009

Nigeria Election;satisfactorily OK despite the French/Iranian inspired Cabal's intrigues/sabotage

Nigeria Election;satisfactorily OK despite the French/Iranian inspired Cabal's intrigues,constitutional/political boo boo traps & instability/Violence infested Nigeria political mine field,Party internal Saboteurs planted by the Cabal,political Dynamics controlled by Hegemony,PDP Opposition formed by the PDP deserted Looters,Cabal's remotely controlled Judiciary,Ethnic Separatism/other protesting of demands as a destabilizing factor led Abia State Gov. Mr. Orji Uzor ( because of Igbos’ great passion for Biafra/ethnic representation, mediocre/IBB Crony like Gov.Orji Uzor have to misled Igbos and took us for a ride.) ,Gullible Public incited by bankrupt elitist Class who are acting as willing tool in the hands of the destructive Billionaire Cabal.

Nigeria is credibly OK, Government have to use State maneuvers overcome the already used media falsehood with the PDP deserted Looters whom during their stay in PDP mar any developmental programs in accordance with the cabal's written script of weakening PDP ability of Public Acceptance while during the just concluded election,acted as planted Saboteurs,with various attempt of marring the election for the Cabal favored Opp position Parties.All these action were executed in creating a situation of an inconclusive election with an int rem option as to enable tactically work his way back to power while dummy are sold to Public that they are fighting failed PDP Government but most of these Opposition,are those who looted Treasury during their stay in PDP and challenging Government with propaganda,oiled by their loot.

Analytically, Obasanjo was left with no option rather than to use State machinery/maneuvers to confront the deadly political insurgences,which he strategically overwhelmed despite cabal's well sponsored media falsehood,notably constitutional flaws,judicial lacuna, PDP Party deserted looters.The Opposition used V President Atiku's saga to discredit and portrayed Nigeria Government as failure,which occasionally had some religious men to prophesying doom for Obasanjo and the Nigeria Government,which paints Nigeria as a hopeless Nation.

Ironically,it is disheartening that Labour Leader Adam Oshomole who used Labour to challenge Obasanjo led Govt.during their economic/structural Reform and challenge any developmental Policy/program as IMF or West imposed programs,will believe that he can be rewarded by the Cabal with a Governor's slot of Edo State.To execute this secret mandate,Edo State Governor was compelled by the Cabal to secretly finance Adam Oshomole's AC Party campaign and Election in Edo State while the Governor failed to execute any meaningful program/project during his tenure as a strategy to incite Edo people against PDP since the next Governor will secretly dance to his tune.

Based on the recent happening,PDP Party should carry extensive scrutinizing of its members and ascertain those that are honestly interested in genuine membership,and to early to monitor and control them as to realize the follower-ship and the proper execution of intending Governmental program es.Nigeria EFCC should be posted to all States and station them there,as monitor and force the projects' execution.All deserted members who confronted PDP with their loot,should not in any circumstance,be allowed to return to the PDP as a method of sanitizing and forcing disciple,orderliness and true membership among the PDP members.Dr.Ahmadu Ali the PDP Chairman should be allowed to stay for extra two years as to enable him be able to foist strong Party disciple on PDP members.

Some Experts of opinion that if IBB will allow Yar’dua led Government a peaceful opportunities to control and rule Nigeria with disciple, wisdom and knowledge, it is advisable for Yar’dua and Obasanjo to assemble Northern Elders and Traditional Leaders to explain its situation and advise them to inform IBB to leave Nigeria within 48hrs or he will be detained for security reason as to allow peace to reign.

Personally I am too sad that tactically Atiku saga and other strategies were used to compel Obasanjo to accept some Politicians who have imposed their Successors as PDP felt so much challenges that they allow all manners of characters and discredited Politicians to have their ways as to win the election.

Next Government should find a process to checkmating such occurrences, as to avoid the Cabal using his cronies to lot the States Treasury as secret imposed levies, which are laundered through the Likes of Adenuga,Dangote,Dokpesi,Otuban,Okonkwos’and others as known conduits for siphoning funds. This is why there is poor performance in all Governmental institutions as funds meant for development, are being cornered by the Cabal’s links for personal usages.
From the sponsorship of Niger Delta Militias to hijack, seize Oil workers to destruction of Oil installations with additionally introduction of using explosives or bomb to cause Mayhem will be increase as Cabal realize that he is getting much control and fund from Nigeria. Also, after the complaints of electoral mal practices and past Aviation Tragedies, Nigeria may witness violence, bombing and organized form of Iranian destruction as electoral protest while the main aim to cause fears and intimidate and cow Government and Public to toe their lines of demands.
I was reliably informed that the Opposition have cooked up some legal evidences to discredit the just concluded election by providing to Court with video of some unverifiable or unidentifiable Soldiers and Police men who were held, as purportedly arranged people rigging election for PDP by Galaxy TV, Channel TV & AIT;
As this evidence, will not hold water in any Court of Law as unknown Soldier or Police men, INEC Officials and People with no origin,are allegedly held for rigging election for PDP as paraded in the TVs.They are not assigned for such task officially and there must be proof that these security Officials are genuinely deployed to make such arrest and that they are officially assigned to carry such duty otherwise those people whose pictures appeared in TVs, may have problem once they appear in Court as they may be tamed to be illegal for carrying out such exercise.While their units and stations must identify them as genuine staff and certify that they are assign such duty otherwise it will not be accepted to challenge PDP Victory.

Finally, my regards goes to Alhaji Shehu Shagari for using his wisdom, influence and experience to counsel & organize the Core North to support PDP as he tried his best to pay his friend for handing over Power to NPN in 1979, which the Cabal with MKO Abiola used media falsehood and propaganda to overthrow.

If Opposition are genuine minded, they should try to amend the Nigeria Constitution as to allow INEC Chairman and Police IG to be appointed by the National Assembly as avoid the incoming President appointing someone to do his bidding.

Mazi Onigbo

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