Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jacob Zuma, a Minority’s Strategy/Tactics to either divide or destroy ANC

Jacob Zuma, a Minority's Strategy/Tactics to either divide or destroy ANC.

The careful political observation/Study of complex Strategy/intrigues, being employed by a consortium of South African Minorities' interest group and its economic Power Hegemony to strategize for political Power in South Africa. Their careful implemented political script which have nailed or implicated Jacob Zuma for various offences but with another tactic, Zuma was left off the hook for as a strategy and he got a political boost through well coordinated and organized networks of Labor Unions, backing of his tribal group in ANC together with Minority influenced local & international Media to portray Zuma as being victimized by President Mbeki but all these, are careful planned deliberate programs to divide or to destroy African National Congress (ANC),a predominately Black control South African Party although there are inclusion of Minorities as create balance and ensure political Stability but the Minorities still felt that Black interest is heavily protected than theirs while Minorities are opting for a Party where they can technically control. Hence, Minorities whom control economy, technology and developmental institutions, used its vast political influence and other tools to plot and position Zuma as the next ANC President with a lot of credibility's problem, which will be exploited during the electioneering campaign, as much damaging evidences will be emerging during the his campaign, which is capable of making ANC to loose the electoral Poll or not to be able for ANC to secure majority Votes, thereby loosing its stakes and political domination to Minorities who already control the Economy/Commerce.

There is widely accepted opinion in West, that groups of people that made up the Minorities groups, wants a better stake than what are currently having in the political circle and to achieve this, they needed a better coordinated political program with some moderate Blacks as to build much better South Africa as the current ANC is slightly moving towards to old African ways of slow, corrupt and bitter political methods of doing governmental things which negates modern ways of doing things better and contradict easy ways of running Government.

It is imperatively sad that the old man Nelson Mandela was misinformed as to lay his support to Zuma for this disastrous political venture which Zuma and ANC have embarked into. It is surprise to Thinkers that Mandela despite his experience, reputation with his forthrightness could not stand boldly and advise Zuma to step down to any of his choice lieutenants who can do his bidding as to not to divide or destroy ANC.

Mandela's endorsement is seen as mark of not wanting anything or group to attack his reputation but at long run, his reputation/his person is still at stake and history will not be at mercy with his reputation/his person, at the end of this episode, as life is not always smooth and bitter truth must always be told despite its consequences.

Endorsement is not the way out of this programmed ugly political situation and the damage which Zuma and his group will deliver to ANC is disastrous with an inherit unstable political situation which will the country bitterly divided and unstable for any meaningful development.

Although, the Media is tactically tailored to propagate such agenda and brainwashed the Elite, Academicians, Labor Unions and rural Class but outcome, will still bad, even if Zuma managed to win the Election, as he cannot firmly control the nation as to move them forward. It is reasonable for South Africans to think above their noose and reason tactically and intellectually as to challenge such hidden agenda.

(It is sufficiently evident that Zuma with these overwhelming evidences, is guilty as charged, as much of his wrong doings will start to emerge abundantly as he contest his presidential election)


Mazi Onigbo


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