Sunday, March 22, 2009

Britain/World perceived Mugabe Regime as Zimbabwean Problem but Fundamental issues./1

Britain/World perceived Mugabe Regime as Zimbabwean Problem but Fundamental issues and lack necessary mutual co-existing Arrangements/Agreement, which were not properly and principally agreed and signed by all parties as to protect and safeguard the interest of British & other foreigners who are staying behind when Zimbabwe secure its Independence from Britain and before necessarily British handing over Political Power to the Zimbabwean Ruling Political Party ZANU- PF. Tactically, US Government and Western Nations with their Diplomats misunderstood the historic Dynamics behind the Zimbabwean Politics and wrongly reacting towards Zimbabwe,based on British misrepresentation of historical facts,ill conceived Advice,foul cries,misinformation of unsettled historical fundamental issues with the Natives,political Deception as to convince and gain international support/sympathy and British Media inspired imperialist/colonial propaganda. Whereas Britain made the earlier fundamental mistake on not securing proper arrangement before granting Independence, as British thought it was possible for British after Zimbabwean Independence to scheme and maneuver its way as to be able to protect its interest through laid down Networks and its manipulation/ political tool. Similarly, such interest protection's arrangements and mutual understanding memorandum on Hong Kong, were principally agreed and undertaken by British with China, which allows the British to freely participate in Hong Kong's Economy and Commerce while China control Defense, internal affairs and Politics of Hong Kong before China took over the Hong Kong Territory.

While in South Africa case, a multi parties' mutual co-existing Arrangements/Agreement were fundamentally agreed by ANC, other Minority Political Parties, Afrikaans (Dutch) and British before South African Independence. This, paved way for ANC to control Presidential Power, Defense, internal affairs and other sectors, Dutch Afrikaans participate largely in Commerce, Agriculture and technological based projects, British overlook Economy and other special interest while Indians/Asians and Arabs overlook the land Transport, Trade and other sectors. Even in order to allow a stable/ peaceful co-existing, some initiatives and encouragements were taken as to partially please all, and that is why all Races were encouraged to enter ANC Black dominated political Party and in concert with other Minorities formed a South African Government when Apartheid collapsed. The National South African Government resulted in British South African become the Finance Minister & others, Indian South African become the Transport Minister, ANC Black South Africans took Presidency, Defense portfolio & others. This is why South Africa was able to survive a Nation despite South Africa rated high in Crime and Violence, since South Africa achievements were only partially executed, as South African problematic Land distribution issue was agreed upon, coupled with slow pace of integrating and empowering Blacks educationally, economically and technically, as most Blacks still live very poorly in ghettos.

Ironically, South African Blacks merely controls political power through ANC- a Majority Ruling Party while the other Minorities are visibly in charge of strategic of the Economy, Commerce, Aviation, Industries, Education and Technology. Fundamentally, lack of these mentioned potentials made very difficult to easily to be integrated fully and to be empowered economically as to live decently. Those in the Media who are championing that ANC led by Mbeki is not doing well, strategically do not study the real dynamics and complex nature of South African Problem, with violent Crime daily committed, due to huge arms left in hands of poor, without retrieving them after liberation struggle and end of apartheid.

Strategically, if MDC the Zimbabwean Opposition Party which is claiming the Zimbabwean electoral victory, is allowed to control power, gradually they will shift to ZANU-PF style of governance, if fundamental; issues were not sorted before Governance, black nationalism will propel them to act, behave and execute political programs like Mugabe led ZANU-PF. Otherwise internal party wriggling and division will emerge with a new confrontation and challenge will force to toe the line of Mugabe if properly agreements were not arranged before MDC Governance. To be continued./2
written by Mazi Onigbo

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