Sunday, October 28, 2018

As to research on how Nigeria become a failed State or quasi failed State, aftermath of Nzeogwu led failed coup.

As to research on how Nigeria become a failed State or quasi failed State, aftermath of Nzeogwu led failed coup, which historically revealed were secretly executed by Nzeogwu close Core North friends who were distaste on how their Relatives or highly placed individuals were abused or dehumanized by late Northern Prime MINISTER. British hatred for Igbos formed the reason for its connivance with the Fulani hegemony ambition to rule & control Nigeria, which led to Pogrom and ethnic cleansing, which later to Nigerian Civil War, which was designed tactically to suppress Igbo influentially, economically, militarily & politically, which ultimately weaken Nigeria when its tribal pillar is removed, which also paved way for British & Fulani with its controlled cronies to control the Nigeria Treasury and loot them for its limited Agenda. As Igbo were out for Civil War, other not well qualified personnel were recruited to replace left or sacked Igbo personnel led the collapse of the Nigeria Civil Service, which supported the looting of Nigeria, which Fulani tactically exit British and replaced them with France or with conniving Arab States, which recent led the British political change of its stand in Nigeria. Further Research revealed that late General Ironsi who is friendly to Ex- General T.Y.Danjuma Father, took Danjuma & trained him as step son and trusted as a Son, which made Pa Danjuma to take Ex-Gen. Ironsi to his home Town where the Danjuma could not know how to reward Ironsi for good gesture to their Son Pa Danjuma,gave tribal traditional medicine of crocodile with its staff to Ironsi which Ex- Gen Danjuma secretly stole and replaced with false crocodile staff, which led to Ironsi Death and his a bucket full of diamond as a personal gift from Congo Republic, was stolen from Ironsi family and those involved, will have their families to paid dearly when nature/God will act. Even late Emir Ado closeness to late Ojukwu as to portray Late Gen. Ironsi as a person who refused advice, before falling into Northern enemy trap is wrong historically and misinformation. After the end of Nigeria Civil War, immediate Nigeria indigenization when Igbos were returning from war with no resources or twenty Naira for whatever any Igbo could saved, led Igbo of no participation in Ex Gen. Gowon/ SMC deputy, late Chief Obafemi Awolowo led Nigeria indigenization Exercise, which deprived Igbo economically and being displaced systematically. Although, Nigeria Ministry of Work from 1972 up to 1975 thro to 1979,where any awarded contract to any Contractor, must have sub-contractors submitted and their jobs/materials paid directly, gone some way in assisting Igbos to leave poverty and integrate economically. This, led to proper execution of contract, which was able to develop Nigeria at accepted pace. When Shagari Regime took over Power in 1979,removed past governmental policy of sub-contractors submission and direct payment, gave NPN major Contractors all the contract money directly without sub-contractors submission and direct payment, which led Shagari Regime to various governmental abandoned Projects or Services. Another dilemma to further deprived Igbo, Shagari NPN led Regime imposition of Import Licenses, which strategically slow or kill Nigeria Economy and create mass unemployment, led Nigeria to quasi failed State, which create room for Military to stage a coup and took over Government, where characters of Buhari, IBB & others to took government and loot Nigeria beyond human knowledge. Shagari ignorantly putting late MKO Abiola on Volkswagen of Nigeria, as Chairman with the first indigenous GM who with late Abiola ruined VON. Those who planted, imposed and groomed Terrors like IBB, Buhari & others to loot Nigeria with different governmental disguise, which made Shagari looters to look like primitive thieves and Shagari could not qualified to near IBB kitchen as a Servant. Nigeria could not forgive late MKO Abiola, late Kano Emir Ado & Oni of Ife for tactically grooming IBB & others to loot Nigeria, to eliminate those opposing Nigeria Elite and imposed moral/mental bankrupt people upon gullible and helpless Nigeria. When going around Lagos,seeing how the ground/paved Roads are being dung, brought us to more finding on what have happened to ITT abandoned contract, where Nigeria would have digital coaxial cables around Nigeria, which would have gave Nigeria much needed Rivers of Communication. The contract was awarded by later Gen.Muritala Muhammed at cost of 800M Naira but later upgraded to 1B,100M Naira by ex Gen. Obasanjo , which its non execution to led misunderstanding and enmity between late MKO abiola and Ex-Gen. Obasanjo, as Obasanjo wanted the contract execution with little up mark for concerned, but MKO Abiola connived with IBB and late Kano Emir Ado & Oni of Ife to abandon the ITT projects, as late Kano Emir used its Fulani tactic as not to allow development, as to keep Nigeria at pace which they can control, as to convince the Northern Fulani Emirs as to support the ITT Contract abandonment, which late Sultan of Sokoto, the father of late Maccido did not support, which led to enmity between Kano and Sokoto Emirate stools. Also,IBB using late Umaru Dikko to misadvise Shagari when he IBB used to frequent the NPN campaign Office at Raymond Njeogu SW Ikoyi,as Late Umaru DIkko have direct access and hear to Shehu Shagari, as to misdirect and misadvise him that led to the collapse of Shagari Regime. The changes of Chief of Army Staff, Ex-Gen. Akininrade to Ex-Gen. Gello to Ex Gen. Wushishi, who IBB was playing lido with, as General excused IBB to visit toilet, he was locked in a toilet,as IBB staging Buhari Coup and that is why late Ex Gen. Wushishi refused to forgive IBB until he is dead. …etc Poor PHCN privatization exercise which IBB wanted his cronies to corner brought him with later Kano Emir Ado into enmity which tactically led to his exit, as Ado wanted former Power Minister to continue with free hand as Ado told IBB that they have already benefited too much from Nigeria and it is time to allow Things to run properly. Regards Mazi Patrick, Thinker/Writer, Divine/Spiritual imposed Social Activist Assignment for Peace,justice,development,Human rights & Anti Poverty Crusade

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