Monday, October 29, 2018

Leicester Helicopter Crash,raised a link Suspicion,which might associated with large Seizure of US$2Billion Commodities.

The recent Leicester City FC Helicopter Crash where Thai Billionaire Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha with other Asians were involved,raised some other non football Business links' Suspicion,which might associated with some large Seizure of US$2Billion Commodities,which some Thais suffered huge Lost with some other Asian Rice/Food import/export Merchants. As to avoid the perceived pending dire deadly Consequences or other associated revenged Dilemma, some Experts were not ruling out some counter-attack Programs of tactical Elimination of some Keyed Asian Businessmen, as to weaken their confronting Claimant Abilities that might face Gen. Buhari’s family & Col.Hameed Ali family led Extremist Fulani Hegemony in secret connivance with the British Imperialist led Extremist Conservatives. The Sacked Nigeria DSS Director-General Lawal Daura and unconfirmed Report of seizure of Foreign Bank account valued US$30Billion,30Million PVC Voter's Cards, Pick van quantity of seized Houses/Lands Documents and some unverified Seizure of some Nigerian Banks Accounts valued N460Billion Naria,which controlled by Lawal Daura,which were believed to remitted,as Bargain or Seizure of some accused People and were remitted without Nigeria Court Ganesha Order of Mandamus ................................... Unless General Buhari’s family & Col.Hameed Ali family with Fulani Hegemony quickly secretly settle the Asian Rice/food Merchants. The Nigeria looming Hunger/Food Scarcity, unless General Buhari’s family & Col.Hameed Ali family with Fulani Hegemony quickly secretly settle the Asian Rice/food Merchants whose goods were given to mostly Igbo & other Nigerians,but were obnoxiously seized by the Fulani Extremists controlled Nigeria Customs on the order of Nigeria Core North Extremist President Muhammadu Buhari, who thought erroneously that these smuggled goods were owed by mostly Igbo or other common Nigerians,which were not,but there were on credit,based on their past Trust. Both Buhari & Hameed families with Fulani Caliphate to use whatever ways and means as to reach out those Asian Ex- Baron Rice/Food Merchants,as to avoid the perceived pending dire deadly Consequences or other associated revenged Dilemma and no group can fold their hands and watch their hard earned Resources,which run to more than 350,000 Rice Bags with other food items totaled more than US$1Billion Shipments,which have been ruined by the so called extremist Fulani leader of the so called quasi failed State Nigeria. The world and gullible Nigerians are unaware of this seized Rice/food Crisis with its dangerous Consequences on both families or what it could meant for other helpless Nigerians who could cut to pay for this political Rice/food Seizure Atrocity. These Rice/Food Merchants are mostly Thai,Singaporean Chinese,Malaysian Chinese and Indians' Ex-Baron Merchants who earned their wealth through hard illegal Trade in past and they cannot fold their hands and watch their hard earned wealth,to be ruined or wash away by the Nigeria internal political Fulani suppressing Agenda,which is tactically meant to weaken Nigerians for their ease Fulani Rule. The General Buhari’s family & Col. Hameed Ali family with Fulani Hegemony’s failure or inability to address these seized goods issues promptly,with their desired settlement fund, could trigger a dangerous phenomenon or even terror on all who are helpless on this Buhari created ugly Situation and further it could lead to food shortage/Scarcity, as export/import Credits which were badly damaged by the Buhari despotic Act. Also, if Queen Elizabeth II with its Imperialists want to shade Buhari or to be involved in this secret Asians’ Fund Recovery struggle with the General Buhari’s family & Col. Hameed Ali family with Fulani Hegemony on their wealth recovery attempt, thinking that it will go the way with the usual Igbo method,as this,will backfire with some terror consequences on anybody or any group who want obstruct their Asian Attempt to recover their Asian ruined food Merchants’ wealth. Analytically Buhari is a extreme Fulani Patriot, not a Nigerian Patriot and that is why Nigeria with its vast human and mineral resources can never develop as desired & destined. View my articles on these websites: Regards Mazi Patrick, email: Thinker, Writer, Political Strategist, Historian & Psychoanalyst .....................................

Sunday, October 28, 2018

As to research on how Nigeria become a failed State or quasi failed State, aftermath of Nzeogwu led failed coup.

As to research on how Nigeria become a failed State or quasi failed State, aftermath of Nzeogwu led failed coup, which historically revealed were secretly executed by Nzeogwu close Core North friends who were distaste on how their Relatives or highly placed individuals were abused or dehumanized by late Northern Prime MINISTER. British hatred for Igbos formed the reason for its connivance with the Fulani hegemony ambition to rule & control Nigeria, which led to Pogrom and ethnic cleansing, which later to Nigerian Civil War, which was designed tactically to suppress Igbo influentially, economically, militarily & politically, which ultimately weaken Nigeria when its tribal pillar is removed, which also paved way for British & Fulani with its controlled cronies to control the Nigeria Treasury and loot them for its limited Agenda. As Igbo were out for Civil War, other not well qualified personnel were recruited to replace left or sacked Igbo personnel led the collapse of the Nigeria Civil Service, which supported the looting of Nigeria, which Fulani tactically exit British and replaced them with France or with conniving Arab States, which recent led the British political change of its stand in Nigeria. Further Research revealed that late General Ironsi who is friendly to Ex- General T.Y.Danjuma Father, took Danjuma & trained him as step son and trusted as a Son, which made Pa Danjuma to take Ex-Gen. Ironsi to his home Town where the Danjuma could not know how to reward Ironsi for good gesture to their Son Pa Danjuma,gave tribal traditional medicine of crocodile with its staff to Ironsi which Ex- Gen Danjuma secretly stole and replaced with false crocodile staff, which led to Ironsi Death and his a bucket full of diamond as a personal gift from Congo Republic, was stolen from Ironsi family and those involved, will have their families to paid dearly when nature/God will act. Even late Emir Ado closeness to late Ojukwu as to portray Late Gen. Ironsi as a person who refused advice, before falling into Northern enemy trap is wrong historically and misinformation. After the end of Nigeria Civil War, immediate Nigeria indigenization when Igbos were returning from war with no resources or twenty Naira for whatever any Igbo could saved, led Igbo of no participation in Ex Gen. Gowon/ SMC deputy, late Chief Obafemi Awolowo led Nigeria indigenization Exercise, which deprived Igbo economically and being displaced systematically. Although, Nigeria Ministry of Work from 1972 up to 1975 thro to 1979,where any awarded contract to any Contractor, must have sub-contractors submitted and their jobs/materials paid directly, gone some way in assisting Igbos to leave poverty and integrate economically. This, led to proper execution of contract, which was able to develop Nigeria at accepted pace. When Shagari Regime took over Power in 1979,removed past governmental policy of sub-contractors submission and direct payment, gave NPN major Contractors all the contract money directly without sub-contractors submission and direct payment, which led Shagari Regime to various governmental abandoned Projects or Services. Another dilemma to further deprived Igbo, Shagari NPN led Regime imposition of Import Licenses, which strategically slow or kill Nigeria Economy and create mass unemployment, led Nigeria to quasi failed State, which create room for Military to stage a coup and took over Government, where characters of Buhari, IBB & others to took government and loot Nigeria beyond human knowledge. Shagari ignorantly putting late MKO Abiola on Volkswagen of Nigeria, as Chairman with the first indigenous GM who with late Abiola ruined VON. Those who planted, imposed and groomed Terrors like IBB, Buhari & others to loot Nigeria with different governmental disguise, which made Shagari looters to look like primitive thieves and Shagari could not qualified to near IBB kitchen as a Servant. Nigeria could not forgive late MKO Abiola, late Kano Emir Ado & Oni of Ife for tactically grooming IBB & others to loot Nigeria, to eliminate those opposing Nigeria Elite and imposed moral/mental bankrupt people upon gullible and helpless Nigeria. When going around Lagos,seeing how the ground/paved Roads are being dung, brought us to more finding on what have happened to ITT abandoned contract, where Nigeria would have digital coaxial cables around Nigeria, which would have gave Nigeria much needed Rivers of Communication. The contract was awarded by later Gen.Muritala Muhammed at cost of 800M Naira but later upgraded to 1B,100M Naira by ex Gen. Obasanjo , which its non execution to led misunderstanding and enmity between late MKO abiola and Ex-Gen. Obasanjo, as Obasanjo wanted the contract execution with little up mark for concerned, but MKO Abiola connived with IBB and late Kano Emir Ado & Oni of Ife to abandon the ITT projects, as late Kano Emir used its Fulani tactic as not to allow development, as to keep Nigeria at pace which they can control, as to convince the Northern Fulani Emirs as to support the ITT Contract abandonment, which late Sultan of Sokoto, the father of late Maccido did not support, which led to enmity between Kano and Sokoto Emirate stools. Also,IBB using late Umaru Dikko to misadvise Shagari when he IBB used to frequent the NPN campaign Office at Raymond Njeogu SW Ikoyi,as Late Umaru DIkko have direct access and hear to Shehu Shagari, as to misdirect and misadvise him that led to the collapse of Shagari Regime. The changes of Chief of Army Staff, Ex-Gen. Akininrade to Ex-Gen. Gello to Ex Gen. Wushishi, who IBB was playing lido with, as General excused IBB to visit toilet, he was locked in a toilet,as IBB staging Buhari Coup and that is why late Ex Gen. Wushishi refused to forgive IBB until he is dead. …etc Poor PHCN privatization exercise which IBB wanted his cronies to corner brought him with later Kano Emir Ado into enmity which tactically led to his exit, as Ado wanted former Power Minister to continue with free hand as Ado told IBB that they have already benefited too much from Nigeria and it is time to allow Things to run properly. Regards Mazi Patrick, Thinker/Writer, Divine/Spiritual imposed Social Activist Assignment for Peace,justice,development,Human rights & Anti Poverty Crusade

Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan failed to govern Nigeria,caused by IBB influence, neither is Gen. Buhari a Replacement,as he lacked required Competency

Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan has failed to govern Nigeria,which is caused by IBB influence, neither is General Buhari a Replacement, as he lacked political challenging doggedness, tactical robustness & intellectual combativeness as to be able to confront and control Nigerian rot & violence being influenced by IBB & its Cronies, whom have grown thick & sophistical wings. Nigerians are confused by IBB Cronies whom have shared themselves into different Political Parties and are parading themselves as Politicians and Democrats. Ex-General Abdulsalami delivered Political Concoction when he was handing over Power in 1999,which Obasanjo was able to manage, but Nigeria cannot continue with this quantum luxury Pay Package where a State Legislator’s pay package is bigger than a serving Military General. General Buhari is being confused by those IBB Cronies around him that he is going to win 2015 Presidential Election, when he knows that Nigeria is a fraud Design run by Core North controlled PDP,when Military is no more accepted. Since 1958, British gave North bogus Census, which gave North, Nigeria could not be able to put in place a comprehensive National ID Card and Credible Data as to product Credible Election,Welfare,to assist Farmers with uninsured loan and move people out of poverty. All Concerned are of opinion and expectation that Nigeria desire an political arrangement of 2yrs Political Process that could usher Political Administration of no partisan or political leaning as to deal with imposed political quantum luxurious Pay package, to handle and to put in place National or Regional Comprehensive national ID card System with credible Data for planning,effective welfare scheme and to enable poor access non insured loan scheme,and possibly conduct Nigeria Election on Party Basis with 6 Vice Presidents, each per Region for 6years term with a revolving President per a year, which shall be able to cleanse Nigeria with its inherent Religious bigotry, Ethnicity, new found Religiosity with its behind Occultist Practices and mental/moral Bankruptcy. Regards Mazi Patrick, Thinker/Writer, Divine/Spiritual imposed Social Activist Assignment for Peace,justice,development,Human rights & Anti Poverty Crusade

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Another unprepared Biafra led by Nnamdi Kanu with his secret coordinator Ex.Gov.Orji Uzor Kalu(clownish Fulani Crony) have failed to research into the Fulani Hegemony with its complex Dynamics.

Another unprepared Biafra led by Nnamdi Kanu with his secret coordinator Ex.Gov.Orji Uzor Kalu(clownish Fulani Crony) have failed to research into the Fulani Hegemony with its complex Dynamics and with its Fulani History, their secret Romance with the British Imperialists and with its western collaborators. Briefly, when the British Imperialists with its western Capitalists desired Nigeria as a weak Country for easy economic exploitation, and its leaders as mere political stooge and Nigeria as a quasi-failed State for an easy resources manipulation & maneuvers. The Fulani led by late Brig. Hassan Katsina with its British Agents have tactically manipulated and influenced Late Major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu to stage Coup with his closer Northern Colleagues who felt that what Late Sardauna of Sokoto, Sir Ahmadu Bello, was doing then to his people was bad, including what he did to the late Major Chukwuma’s father who worked with Ahmadu Bello as a clerk, was bad, also Including what did to late Kano Emir Alhaji Sanusi, after late Sanusi Cool Reception during late Ahmadu Bello Kano Visit, which led to the arrest, detention, molestation & dethroning of then Kano Emir Alhaji Sanusi, before he was banished and which paved way for late Ado to become the next Kano Emir . This, made Nzeogwu group felt bad and made them to decide to kill late Sir Ahmadu Bello, which pave way for Igbo to be tactically eliminated through British led Fulani organized Igbo ethnic cleansing Pogroms Genocide in the North, master minded by late Brig. Hassan Katsina who provided the late Major Nzeogwu with military Logistics for the coup. This Igbo ethnic cleansing Pogroms Genocide in North, provoked Igbo into contra violence and further Biafra State Agitation, which late Kano Emir Ado, a leading Fulani icon and British Point man used his aged influenced relation with late Colonel Ojukwu, which compelled late Colonel Ojukwu, then being young, inexperienced, youthfully exuberant and as being angered and painfully from what have happened to the Igbo people in Northern Nigeria, which made him with others to take a hasty decision that plunged Igbo with its Eastern Region into unmanageable Disaster and the used agricultural products hard earned money and the coal resources trained educated people who angrily joined the defunct Biafra Army as to confront largely the illiterate recruits of Nigerian Army, most from the Nigeria neighboring countries. The civil war casualties were badly felt by the Igbos, as their trained youth were consumed by the civil war, against the non-resourceful Nigerian Army. The scenario of killing late General Aguiyi Ironsi as a Nigeria head of State by 17 Northern Officers led by Ironsi adopted child & trained Ex. Gen. Danjuma and Danjuma who knew late Ironsi very well and exposed Ironsi secret and led the North Coup plotters to steal Ironsi’s Congo Diamond bucket filled national Gift. The Late Ado Bayero closeness with late Colonel Ojukwu, led propaganda to portray late Gen. Ironsi as an idiot and being tagged as a man who does not listening to Igbo Solders’ advice and not to visit Ibadan where Ironsi met his death through dragging by army Landover and late Colonel Adekunle Fajuyi. ................................................... In 1999, when Nigeria was taking up another political Dispensation, where I made several efforts & attempts to reach out and to mail Ex.VP Dr. Alex Ekwueme with other top Igbo Politicians on the need to strategically form an Igbo Heritage institution, as to formulate a credible Igbo policy & Agenda, propagate Igbo national guideline & policy on how we can actualize reasonable gainful co-existence within hostile Nigeria and to defend ourselves against hostile Nigeria Government & State that are prepared to kill, loot and tribally discriminate against Igbo, to have one credible Igbo institution funded by all Igbo States that can speak forcefully & responsibly on behalf of Igbo and to react on any confronting legal matters or violence against Igbo. Since, Igbos are Republicans in Nature and with Igbo past ugly experiences & past committed Ethnic Genocide against Igbo, through seasonal orchestrated Igbo ethnic cleansing Pogroms Genocide in North against Igbo, as to provoke Igbo into contra violence and Biafra State Agitation and Nigeria Civil War Genocide , it become imperative that Igbo needed a strong advisory Managerial Igbo States sponsored Institution, operational within the Nigerian law, with Igbo Vanguards or Vigilante legally tagged Igbo Youth Union, as to confirm within the Nigerian law, and in order to organize Igbo, advice, counsel, investigate any literal attack by Igbo Think Tank institution, while the Igbo Vanguards or Vigilante confront any physical violence against Igbo or Physical Persecution against Igbo and Igbo Think Tank institution should be able organize or link Igbo anywhere and to mobilize Igbo when necessary and to strategize against an aged Fulani Hegemony that have controlled Nigeria since 1804, as Fulani with its local collaborators have used its vast & coordinated Network to manipulate or suppress Igbo with other Nigeria Natives. As elected Politicians who have links with the Fulani created Cabals or those Fulani have imposed upon Nigerians through their Fulani melodrama organized fraudulent elections and that is why Nigeria politicians behave the way, they are behaving, because they are not truly elected, but they were imposed upon us through manipulated elections, which are usually affirmed by the Oligarchy controlled Courts or Tribunals. Since, Igbo were allocated with only 5 States in Nigeria, any proposed Igbo institution must be funded with all Igbo States allocation of N100 Million per State per year, with which they can employ Igbo credible, experience & qualified Staff to be paid, housed and taken Igbo oath of Office, upon selection by each Igbo State & Local Government for effective administration, each Igbo State have to provide a vice president position with an equal number of staff, as to avoid unnecessary acrimony, with no loop hole left for any intruder to disorganize Igbo and to better championing of Igbo Strategy. Please, Public should be informed that those championing for Biafra nowadays are bankrupt ethnic chauvinists who are mere Core North Cronies, being tactically sponsored by the Core North as follows: to misuse Biafra genuine aspiration wrongly, to divert public interest & intention against Biafra, to draw out genuine intended gullible people and to expose them for possible elimination or to harm them. This and pushing Igbo through Biafra ambition, could led Igbo people into Core North confrontation unprepared, not properly funded & not strategically planned as to confront or capable to march the Core North or Fulani Aristocratic Power Hegemony with history of above 200 years and to serve Igbo with its Biafra agenda, with an undeserved Defeat. The British and French upon their colonization of Nigeria with west African countries, met late & King Habe Hausa empire, which extended to Niger, Northern Cameroun, Chad, Northern Benin, Northern Togo, Northern Ghana, Northern Ivory Coast, Mali, Burkina Faso and to Libyan Region and Sudan Region. When the British declared Northern Protectorate or Northern Region by Late Lord Lugard, the British conceded the non-declaration of full Northern Region, which included the above mentioned areas, which today become an invisible Northern Region, as these areas felt more of Nigeria than the Southern Region, whom did not know the past Sudan History. And that is why, these areas become handy whenever the Fulani wanted to pay their political game in the Northern Nigeria, as these areas felt that they are more Nigeria than the South. History which Fulani have expunged from the Northern History, which i was able to link it back from Libya History,when I was shocked to see on CNN when Gadaffar was overthrown that the children of late King of Benghazi were Black who originated from Kano Nigeria and offspring of late Habe Idriss, the brother son of late King Habe Hausa. Historically, Kano City was built by late King Habe Hausa and as such, Kano become the political and commercial city of western Sudan empire, and more about Hausa empire or western Sudan, could be read from the French Historian late Barth’s books. Be informed that in past, native Hausa warrior & King Habe Hausa with Hausa western Sudan empire was not defeated by the so called Fulani Othman Dan Fodio, as late King Habe Hausa erroneously engaged spiritual service of late Fulani Othman Dan Fodio from Senegal as his prayer man, medicine man and Muslim clergy to pray for him and to advise him spiritually. This mistake scenario, which created gap for the Fulani Othman Dan Fodio and was able to misinform Hausa that late & King Habe Hausa was not properly practicing Islam and as a Native, he combined his new inherited Muslim practice with his Hausa Native practice. This, Hausa were deceived, betrayed and their fellow Hausa man was martyred, which happened in 1804 and during deceit King Habe Hausa to has placed Cause on his fellow Hausa Natives, including all Natives who own this land and may be, this is why Nigeria State occupied by the Native people mined by Fulani Hegemony, which is malfunctioning today, despite our God given huge Resources, various labor and vast wonderful land. Regards Mazi Patrick, Thinker, Writer, Historian & Psychoanalyst.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Russia Vladimir Putin, as a groomed voodoo political/economic crisis Expert and as a KGB trained Con Artist Expert/KGB insecurity crisis Expert.

Huge Migrant Crisis,Trump induced Trade Tariff Economic Conflict/Crisis and Far Right/White Extremist Political Instability confronting West & US with its Allies nowadays, have testified Russia Vladimir Putin, as a groomed voodoo political/economic crisis Expert and as a KGB trained Con Artist Expert/KGB insecurity crisis Expert. /Analysts were of opinion that Putin Russia KGB Elements/NGOs secretly organized, sponsored & tele-guided Stranded Mediterranean sea Migrants and Stranded US-Mexico border Migrants, as technical analysis or careful studies of some years back Migrants,could show that past migrants were resourceful, matured & well knowledgeable than present youthful migrants,as many present migrant do not have the required Resources or Maturity & traveling know-how,as to leave their various Countries,in order to be able to reach either Mediterranean sea or US-Mexico Border. Putin migrant problematic Designs were created to inflate US or West with large Refugee Complex Problem and to create migrant unsolvable situation where US or West is portrayed in bad Media light as inhuman or not caring. Western Securities/Agents should be on field, as to counter and checkmate this Putin Russia Migrant Crisis program as quickly as possible. Putin led Russia Kremlin/KGB Hardliners accused US with its Western Allies for the collapse of former Soviet Union Republics,whereby Putin with his Cohorts strategically nurtured & sponsored European Far Right Chauvinists/White Extremists and US White Extremist Conservatives,as to create Racial Divide Crisis, inflate Racial Inequalities, Economic Disharmony & to segregate US various Races/Classes from US flourishing Economy. Trump led Extremist Republicans after saying that Obama 8 years were disastrous,but upon Trump Office assumption, they asserted that Jobs were created and US Economy was turned around and performing, while the smallest Economy takes 2 years,to turn it around. Visit these published Articles’ websites. Regards Mazi Patrick O., email: Thinker, Writer, Political Strategist, Historian & Psychoanalyst