Thursday, September 28, 2017

Russia-China-Iran Proxies via North Korea War Provocation,Incitement & War Confrontation as Wasteful Strategies,If engaged.

Russia-China-Iran Proxies via North Korea War Provocation,Incitement & War Confrontation as Wasteful Strategies,If engaged. The technical feasible Confronting Strategic Option for US led Allies to engage Russia, China & Iran secretly,tactically,directly and impress US with its Allies’ ill feelings on this pending Russia-China-Iran Proxies via North Korea War. As non Military Personnel/Expert, but intellectual wisdom suggest that a massive anti nuclear missile/bomb interceptors' defense with its nuclear missile/bomb re-bouncing System legally should be installed around South Korea Border with North Korea and North Korean international Oversea Shore line (North Korean Government acclaimed Territorial waters), as to intercept, redirect & re-bounce any North Korea launched Missile/Bomb back to its Territory. Since, Russia Putin is determined to revenge for the past Break-up of Old Soviet Union and has secretly deposited Gold Bars with western Foreign Currencies with the Despot Kim Jong UN led North Korea, as a secret war confrontation encouraging & Logistics payment Deal. China is paying lip service & playing to political gallery, while secretly supplying Goods & Services to North Korea through dug hidden Land channels or by Sea via Submarine Goods' Shipment and China hoping that US to engage in war,could the worsen US crippled Economy further and to pave way for China Economic Greatness and to lead the World economically as number One. Iran have used its proxies in Iraq, Afghanistan,Syria,Pakistan,India and even Turkey through Iran secret Romance with the Turkey's President Erdogan. Also, Iran now secret controlled former US influenced Saudi kingdom with Sunni have weaken US & its Allies economically and strategically. Putin, a KGB kremlin long association with the World, allow him Access to the World Elite where he courted many friendships and transacted various huge Oil deals. In this regard,led Putin to have influential US top Contacts, where he transacted oiled transactions and he is able netted US/Russia double Agent like Trump & others as to penetrate US politically & financially. Experienced Putin courted Trump, empowered him economically and strategized him as a popular, frame & wealthy US Person, and tactically brain washed him on racial divide that US belong to merely White & Others as Minor Holders, before positioning him for Presidency. Putin hoped that a divided US and North Korea massive Arm with Chinese Collaboration and Iran Terrorist Proxies could bring US down on its foot and make US pay for the collapse of Soviet Union. Some Political Experts opined that Putin is behind the Spanish Catalan Ethnic Separatist Agitation and other Ethnic Agitation in some European Countries, as to weaken EU and create political instabilities in western allied Nations. It is imperative US, EU & UN strategically at technicalities with Causes on those people who are agitate for State Separation, if such Agitation is genuinely motivated or some disgruntle Elite is only seeking for State to dominate or represent. Regards Regards Mazi Patrick Thinker,Writer,Political Strategist,Historian & Psychoanalyst.

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