Saturday, October 22, 2016

It is Despotic & Tyrannical Regulatory Tool and Uneconomic State Control of Governance with recent judiciary intimidation, are usually Hallmarks of any Despotic & Tyranny

It is Despotic & Tyrannical Regulatory Tool and Uneconomic State Control of Governance with recent judiciary intimidation, are usually Hallmarks of any Despotic & Tyranny Regime, which were parts and parcels what of present President Buhari and the past Buhari Military Regime of 1983 to 1985, which he is currently repeating in his new Democratic Regime of 2016. There is a lot of Laws, Rules and Regulations which were not implemented and carried out as required. There is few who have accessed Nigerian Treasury and looted it, and it is the duty of EFCC, ICPC and Nigeria Crime Agency/Nigeria Financial Intelligence Unit to monitor Funds movement activities and to check all banks' accounts usage activities, specially that any account which is above 50 million Naria, as to ascertain what the money is meant/used for, if the Nigerian Security Officers did not do their jobs of checking money laundering, checkmating Nigerian institutions’ looting and to mount the required monetary movement surveillance, then the poor Nigerians have to pay for their negligence, which is not fault of Nigerian Masses, which we were meant to bear their official short coming, please. A Careful observation which have shown that the Nigeria Government imposed uneconomic blanket bank Ban for foreign Currency Deposit Account Payments is unnecessary with some commodities ban, which are tactically crippling and destroying Nigeria businesses, as those accounts formerly closed, have called for concern, while a decent Regime that claimed to primarily checkmate Corruption, should use Nigeria laws as to tele-guide its corruption fight within the Nigeria law/constitutional ambit without arrest or intimidation usage. ............................................. Buhari Regime should avail itself this international economic option, if desired to be recognized as credible and viable leader with credible Government. The recently, the IMF Chairperson visit to Nigeria as to compel President Buhari led tyrannical Nigeria Regime to revert back the former status, if these were not reverted, these could have jeopardized the real normalization of Nigerian economic, commodities’ Markets and could avoid pending Nigerian Economic Business collapse, and let Nigeria escape this pending economic anarchy, hardship, with the Financial Doom that might ruin Nigeria Goods Supply Systems and would have jeopardized the Nigeria imports/exports Businesses. It is imperative that Nigeria Government should not tactically kill Nigeria Business, which presently run this country economy and employment, since Nigeria Government refuses to run this economy with fairness, honesty and simple economic policy, instead of their usual playing gallery policy. Typical of Fulani and where Nigeria Customs Director General who recently without knowledge & technical know hot alleged that Nigeria Borders are closed for bring Rice in bags, as there might be used for arm smuggling, which is simply not truth, as those involved for Rice smuggling by those largely Poor who cannot afford to buy arm, not talking of smuggling, arm smugglers are wealthy, who can afford many means or Fulani controlled Regime to smuggle arm for Boko haram or Fulani controlled & owed Niger Delta violent groups used to exhort money from Oil deals or from Oil companies. siphoned to Oversea Arewa accounts. That is why ex EFCC Chairman Nuhu Ribadu, used noisy Crime & corruption fight crusade to distract and deceive Ex. President Obasanjo, instead of Nuhu Ribadu building a viable EFCC institution where EFCC would have installed more than 1,000 computers, to be networked and interfaced with all the Nigerian financial institutions and employed so many Nigerians, as to effectively monitor all Nigerian financial transactions, making it very difficult for bankrupt rapacious elite to loot and milk Nigeria Treasury empty and only to parade them when they are broke, while our money met for the national development is looted for their personal Aggrandizement by those who are Fulani Cronies. Regards Mazi Patrick Thinker, Writer, Political Strategist, Historian & Psychoanalyst.

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