Monday, September 26, 2016

Nigeria does not possess these viable valued National Assets, built at less than 40%, but merely national asset Complexes used by the British Imperialists led Fulani controlled Government to siphon Nigeria Treasury.

Nigeria does not possess these viable valued National Assets, built at less than 40%, but merely national asset Complexes used by the British Imperialists led Fulani controlled Government to siphon Nigeria Treasury. Technically, Nigeria does not really possess these propagandized viable valued National Assets, which were built at less than 40% at time of building, but there were merely national asset Complexes used by the British Imperialists led Fulani Hegemony controlled Government as to siphon Nigeria Treasury, except that Nigeria possess abundant untapped Minerals, good climatic Lands, Skilled/unskilled hard working People, Governmental/Industrial Rights or Licenses & Houses with individual efforts built small Industries, which have no accessible Roads & with no Basic facilities. These national Assets were industrial & Office Complexes built at exorbitant Cost, with non-lasting inferior building/Engineering Materials or inferior Structures, which over time have deteriorated due to lack of required Maintenance, where TAM (Turn Around Maintenance) slogan or phrase were used by the IBB Principals (Late Ado Bayero, late MKO Abiola, late Olusola Saraki, late Oni of Ife RTD. Gen. Danjuma & some influential Emirs) as to siphon the NNPC budgeted Maintenances’ Fund and Refineries were left to be deteriorated, disused & abandoned, until these Refineries & other Petrol Chemicals Industries/ NLNG with other Assets were ruined or made unprofitable during the late general Sani Abacha Must Go Campaigns. Nigeria Assets Sales propaganda is technically & politically to preoccupy Nigerians with political Confusion & Distraction from the Governmental nonperformance alongside with the Government tailored usual Fulani playing gallery Corruption Crusade and this will engage & preoccupy hungry gullible Nigerians with political Confusion & Distraction as to divert Nigerians’ attention, while Government is at lost with the perquisite Governance. Experts & Intellectuals opinioned that Nigeria issues are well known to the whole World and other world institutions with the large Corporate Bodies, except Nigeria Government that felt and believe that they can achieve something from travelling to engage in false governance propaganda & Public misleading agenda, while today’s World, Internet, Its & Networks disseminate or display all necessary information, which are accessible to all at ease & at no cost. All these Nigeria Governmental Visitations, Seminars, Delegations & Conferences are merely wasteful Ventures & time wasting efforts, Government & institutions are technically nowadays being exposed by the Its & Networks. It is time for Nigeria Government to genuinely to govern Nigeria with non-biased Truth, ethnic Fairness without regarding Fulani as being Superior to other native Tribes, maintaining national Security without Fulani Herdsmen biases, accounting Honesty and Projects Delivery Efficiency to all Nigeria States without tribal consideration. Researches have pointed out that so called National Assets’ Complexes were built at less than 40% Cost of the past over-invoiced or inflated Contracts or Supplies and tactically above 60% of past executed Contracts or Supplies or Projects were siphoned from the Nigeria Treasury to various Oversea Arewa Accounts, being managed by the British Imperialists led Fulani Hegemony that secretly controlled Secret Oversea Arewa bank accounts with the Management & Collaboration of Anglo-Saxon Exploitative Conservative Americans who liaises with Her Majesty. Now, it becomes imperative that Government to know that no Nation can develop or achieve any meaningful Peace, unless the State can evolve a minimum basic Welfare Scheme that can sanitize and to build reasonable people at national Base within all Nigeria communities, upon which Government can industrialize Nigeria or run its agricultural programs or to have quality people with whom Government can really develop Nigeria or to achieve peaceful national Security. These can only happen, if Nigeria could evolve national comprehensive & computerized national ID Cards for all Citizens, otherwise Doom will occur one day that can ruin Nigeria and wipe out Fulani hegemony with its aristocratic long aged legacy. The World Bank advised Nigeria Government led Ex. President Obasanjo to make some Nigeria major Road Highway Concession to some World Bank Nominated Companies, but since this Nigeria Road Concession Program was introduced to Ex. President Obasanjo during the tail end of his Regime, Ex. President Obasanjo try to pressurize Ex. President Yar’dua led Government, but Kaduna State Gov. Nasir El Rufai led Fulani hegemony that compelled Ex. President Yar’dua that Roads in South are more profitable than the Roads in North, as few Northern Roads are commercial viable and that is why Ex. President Yar’dua abandoned this World Bank Program and which were awarded to quack Nigeria Companies like Lagos- Ibadan Road which badly executed & maintained poorly without the recommended Standard. The President M. Buhari’ s current intention and attempt to send some 17 Northern Fulani Emirs to purported Oversea Medical Trips, which actually were meant for them to appeal, compel & authorize Her Majesty Queen, England Buckingham Palace to replace IBB (Ibrahim Babagidan) with President M. Buhari as the New Arewa Sole Representative, which Experts opinioned that it is not feasible & not workable, but with dire reprisal Consequences. When the late Kano Emir Ado Bayero previously nominated IBB as his Successor and as the Arewa sole Representative, many years before the late Ado death. Even, when there was misunderstanding & soured relationship between IBB & Late Ado, the colorful manipulative wealthy late Ado could not be able to revert or cancel IBB Arewa Sole Representative, despite late Ado’s appeal & insistence that IBB is not a full Blooded Fulani, but IBB was worldly known as a Fulani adopted and mentored by late Ado. Regards Mazi Patrick, Thinker, Writer, Divine/Spiritual imposed Social Activist, Assignment for Peace, justice, Development, Human Rights & Anti-Poverty Crusade.

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