Sunday, March 27, 2016

Some facts on factual status of the Nigeria Refineries,only the Public Truth will work the magic

Some facts on factual status of the Nigeria Refineries and NEPA to be privatized & commercialized on 6 Region Basis for closer better monitored, efficiency, benefits and profitable management,only the Public Truth will work the magic, not continual Governmental Deceptions for any Regime or concerned top Staff Gains with its institutional Falsehood propaganda. Also, In 2000, I was able to get Ex President Obasanjo direct 3 emails, which I used to mail him, since based on my status, I could not be able meet him physically or send him a letter, due to presidential bureaucracy and tactical IBB built on any Nigeria President, since IBB built Aso Rock with initial Presidential bureaucracy, which every incoming President inherit. With these emails, I mailed Ex President Obasanjo which came with automatic email acknowledgment. My email suggested that all Nigeria Refineries were death and since Nigeria had 16 Petroleum Products’ Depots with Petroleum Products’ Pipelines, with crude Oil Pipeline for the Kaduna Petroleum Refinery. Since, Nigeria Refineries were technical deteriorated by non implementation of required Turn Around Maintenance(TAM), which started from 80s by those Principals who groomed and Tele-guided IBB to Military Presidency and June 12th Politics led to collapse and final death of all Nigeria Refineries, as sensitive Refinery Units were balkanized during late Abacha Regime. Nigeria started to import refined Petrol Products from African Neighbors whose Refineries were not politicized, with each incoming Government lied on the Nigeria Refineries’ status, as to collect TAM money, kept few Refinery Staff, in case of unscheduled governmental inspection, while used Nigeria Refineries’ Crude Oil reserved Quota, which are secretly refined with top Government/NNPC secret private arrangement and bought back as Nigeria Refineries refined Products. When Ex. President Obasanjo visited Chevron Worldwide Headquarter in Houston Texas as to plea and to plead for Chevron to quote any maintenance amount and Nigeria Government shall offer Chevron 40%, as to manage these Refineries after Repair. Ex. President Obasanjo was dome fined, when this offer was turn down with the Chevron President telling Ex. President Obasanjo that he did not know Nigeria very well and that Chevron is only concerned to exploring Crude Oil and getting its agreed 40% only. This, showed that there are other things which West with its Allies know about Nigeria, which Ex. President Obasanjo did not know, which is the Arewa secret dealing with the British Imperials led Western Capitalists and which Buhari partly knows, despite his pretence. Once, the Refinery truth is told and Nigeria Officially entered into opened refining agreement with those African States’ Refineries and what is given to them is known, steady Supply of Petrol Products were guaranteed, and this, will lead to TAM fraud stoppage with Cabal manipulated Subsidy  stoppage. ................................................................ Buhari Regime should avail itself this international economic option,if desired to be recognized as credible and viable leader with credible Government. The recent Nigeria Government plan and announcement of allowing Maximum  US$15,000.00 per a person for a year, which is contrary to Nigerians agitation of allowing foreign currency deposit into the  Foreign Currency account, until the account balance reaches max.US$15,000.00, which normalize run of Nigerian market's commodities and could avoid pending Nigerian Economic Business collapse,  and for Nigeria to escape this pending economic anarchy, hardship, with the Financial Doom that might ruin Nigeria Goods Supply Systems and could jeopardize Nigeria imports, exports Businesses. It is imperative that Nigeria Government should not tactically kill Nigeria Small scale Business, which presently run this country economy and employment, since Nigeria Government refuses to run this economy with honest and simple policy, instead of their usual playing gallery policy,typical of Fulani. That is why ex EFCC Chairman Nuhu Ribadu,used noisy Crime & corruption fight crusade to distract and deceive Ex President Obasanjo, instead of Nuhu Ribadu building a viable EFCC institution where EFCC would have installed more than 1,000 computers to be networked and interfaced with all the Nigerian financial institutions and employed so many Nigerians, as to effectively monitor all Nigerian financial transactions, making it very difficult for bankrupt rapacious elite to loot and milk Nigeria Treasury empty and only to parade when they are broke, why our money met for development is looted for their personal Aggrandizement. Regards Mazi Patrick Thinker, Writer, Political Strategist, Historian & Psychoanalyst.

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