Sunday, January 10, 2016

Igbo needed credible Igbo institution funded by all Igbo States that can speak forcefully & responsibly on behalf of Igbo.

In 1999, when Nigeria is taking up another political Dispensation that I made several efforts & attempts to reach out and to mail Ex.VP Dr. Alex Ekwueme with other top Igbo Politicians on the need to strategically form an Igbo Heritage institution, as to formulate a credible Igbo policy & Agenda, propagate Igbo national guideline & policy on how we can actualize reasonable gainful co-existence within hostile Nigeria and to defend ourselves against hostile Nigeria Government & State that are prepared to kill, loot and tribally discriminate against Igbo, to have one credible Igbo institution funded by all Igbo States that can speak forcefully & responsibly on behalf of Igbo and to react on any confronting legal matters or violence against Igbo. Since, Igbo are Republicans in Nature and with Igbo past ugly experiences & past committed Ethnic Genocide against Igbo,through seasonal orchestrated Igbo ethnic cleansing Pogroms Genocide in North against Igbo and Nigeria Civil War Genocide , it become imperative that Igbo needed a strong advisory Managerial Igbo States sponsored Institution with Igbo Vanguards or Vigilante legally tagged Youth Union, as to confirm with Nigeria law, in order to organize Igbo, advice, counsel, investigate any literal by Igbo Think Tank institution,while Igbo Vanguards or Vigilante confront any violence against Igbo or Physical Persecution against Igbo,and Igbo Think Tank institution should be able organize or link Igbo anywhere and to mobilize Igbo when necessary and to strategize against an aged Fulani powerful Hegemony that have controlled Nigeria since 1804, as Fulani with its local collaborators have used its vast & coordinated Network to manipulate or suppress Igbo with other Nigeria Natives. As elected Politicians who have links with the Fulani created Cabals or Fulani,are imposed upon Nigerians through melodrama organized fraudulent elections and that is why Nigeria politicians behave the way, they are behaving, because they are not truly elected, but they were imposed upon us through manipulated elections, which are usually affirmed by the Oligarchy controlled Courts or Tribunals. Since, Igbo were allocated with only 5 States in Nigeria, any proposed Igbo institution must be funded with all Igbo States allocation of N100 Million per State per year, with which they can employ Igbo credible, experience & qulified Staff to be paid, housed and taken Igbo oath of Office, upon selection by each Igbo State & Local Government for effective administration,as each Igbo State must have vice president position with an equal number of staff, as to avoid acrimony, with no loop hole left for any intruder to disorganize Igbo and to better championing of Igbo Strategy. Please, be informed that those championing for Biafra nowadays are bankrupt ethnic chauvinists who are mere Core North Cronies, being tactically sponsored by the Core North as follows: to misuse Biafra genuine aspiration wrongly, to divert public interest & intention against Biafra, to draw out genuine intended gullible people as to expose them for elimination or to harm them, push Igbo with Biafra ambition led people into Core North confrontation unprepared, not funded properly & not strategically planned as to confront or capable to march the Core North or Fulani Aristocratic Power Hegemony with history of above 200 years and to serve Igbo with its Biafra agenda, undeserved Defeat. History which Fulani have expunged from the Northern History, which i was able to link it back from Libya History,when I was shocked to see on CNN when Gadaffar was overthrown that the children of late King of Benghazi were Black who originated from Kano Nigeria and offspring of late Habe Idriss, the brother son of late King Habe Hausa. Historically Kano City was built by late King Habe Hausa and as such, kano become the political and commercial western Sudan empire, and more about Hausa empire or western Sudan, could be read from the French Historian late Barth’s books. Be informed that in past native Hausa warrior & King Habe Hausa with Hausa western Sudan empire was not defeated by the so called Fulani Othman Dan Fodio, as King Habe Hausa erroneously engaged Fulani Othman Dan Fodio from Senegal as his prayer man, medicine man and Muslim clergy to pray for him and to advice him spiritually. This mistake scenario, created room where Fulani Othman Dan Fodio was able misinform Hausa that late & King Habe Hausa was properly practicing and as a Native, he combine his new inherited Muslim practice with his Hausa Native practice. Hausa were led, deceived, betrayed and martyred by his fellow Hausa with Fulani in 1804 and led King Habe Hausa to place Cause on his fellow Native including all Natives who own this land and may be, this is why Nigeria State occupied by Native people mined by Fulani Hegemony , is malfunctioning today, despite our God given huge Resources, various labor and vast wonderful land. Regards Mazi Patrick, Thinker, Writer, Historian & Psychoanalyst.