Thursday, October 23, 2014

It is ironically shock,shame, sad, unbelievable and ingratitude & great disservice to the Nigerian North, for Ex-General Buhari and For Ex-VP Atiku to dishonestly pursue its selfish Presidential Agenda------------------

It is ironically shock,shame, sad, unbelievable and ingratitude & great disservice to the Nigerian North, for Ex-General Buhari and For Ex-VP Atiku to dishonestly pursue its selfish Presidential Agenda, instead of supporting a moderate educated Core Northern Candidate for presidential APC Ticket for Northern/Nigeria interest, while IBB & cohorts tactically trying to advance President Goodluck Jonathan PDP ticket, when obviously, the Nigerian Constitution expresses mathematically that a Candidate must have 0 day plus 4 years a term, as to qualify to seek and contest another 4years term. Even 1 day plus 4years term is not qualified to contest. A careful Study of the US constitution and US political History and since its inception of its US 2 terms,no US candidate have contest for second term. We are watching on how IBB can control and manipulate the North, Supreme Court & High Court to be unable to interpret simple English written constitution phrase, as the World is watching the Nigerian Elite Daft, moral/mental bankruptcy & general deceit that engulf Nigeria. regards Mazi Patrick email: .................... Pls,Sorry for Mallam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai Son's death,but when El-Rufai daughter died, Cabal fielded his Core North Politicians who paraded themselves secret group and they condoled El-Rufai for his daughter death as spiritual and from Allah,while she was tactically poisoned.Now El-Rufai son was killed by an organized accident,through silencer gun shot at vehicle carrying El-Rufai son,which somersaulted as to cause accident and the first group who met El-Rufai son,finished the job and genuine people met a dying boy or dead boy,took him to hospital or report it to police,that is technical truth.Allah shall be with El-Rufai,but El-Rufai be careful. As Nigeria is battling the self created Satan d devil who wanted to cow,intimidate and coarse Nigerians,as to put Goodluck Jonathan as 2015 President,thereby tactically eliminate him by poison or organized killing or kidnap,which upon such occurrence,those opposing the Iranian inspired destructive Cabal,will be rounded up,arrest and jailed or eliminated as those responsible for the death of Goodluck Jonathan,while VP Sambo before President assumption,will be half dead through systematic poisoning and as sick President,Nigeria administration will be administered from Minna.Nigeria is now stock into doom,only God can save us. ..........................IBB a Cause or Blessing?Public Discuss,but being analyzed herein as follows: IBB a Cause or Blessing?, as Blessing to Core North & Muslim Yoruba before but now a Cause,since 1970s IBB was strategically or tactically groomed,trained,molded & positioned to protect,to favor and defend Core North leadership through the State Treasury systematically looting and putting Core North people in various strategic positions & Posts as to effectively control Nigeria State Treasury and remotely controlled Nigeria State Governance. As arranged,IBB orders and commands are secret Core North control,law of intimidation,harassment,secret elimination,targeted destruction,looting cover up/protection from any corrupt arrest or free with ease through the IBB controlled Nigeria Judiciary and authorizing his Cronies to loot without fear or to secure large contracts which are not to be properly executed or abandoned upon contracts payment collection,which enable IBB to produce the likes of Billionaires: Dangote,MIke Adenuga,Chief Balogun/FCMB,while top Govt. Staff like CBN Gov. Sanusi control and manipulate the Nigeria Financial institutions & bureaucracy for looting during an ailing late Yaru'dua Regime,Fmr Gov Orji Uzor,Terry Wayas controlled the bankrupt political class,11 IBB main Oil Subsidy Loot Cronies who were briefly arrested when indicted by the Nigeria National Assembly,but were bailed to move about freely without any loot be actually refunded etc. It is unwise that Nigerian political advanced Yoruba people could be easily manipulated by late/IBB Cronies like Prof Soyinka,Gov.Tinubu into believing that an experienced Obasanjo could eliminate late Bola Ige for his opponent Tinubu to lead Yoruba. Ex.Gov.Tinubu was tactically groomed when MKO Abiola was Islamizing Yoruba Leadership/Polity for the Core North’s interest as to advance his personal interest,which IBB tactically terminated when IBB allured to seek Nigerian Presidential election and MKO Abiola in an attempt to seek his won electoral mandate, MKO Abiola was eliminated through Governmental scheme as IBB avoided MKO Abiola to be his Master if MKO Abiola is still alive,as all whatever IBB knew and linked to,was facilitated by late MKO Abiola vast Global networks,while Kano Emir Sarkin Ado Bayero facilitated traditional & Islamic or occultic connection.Upon MKO Abiola death,IBB tactically coarse or lure all MKO Abiola Cronies & Agents to become his and it was at this point, Prof Soyinka,Gov.Tinubu & others joined IBB as his Crones. It is unfortunate that Prof Soyinka led the Nigeria/Oversea Civic Rights groups oiled by IBB wealthy Cronies like Mike Adenuga, Gov.Tinubu etc as to carry out various forms of vindictive hatred attack,Public inductive propaganda attack of character assassination, Media falsehood campaign of calumny and bought over Media Newspapers’ columns as to portray Obasanjo as corrupt,wicked & occultist or evil person, but which Obasanjo is not,but a character-ed person who have worked for years in the Nigeria Military and in Nigeria Polity and those who have known Obasanjo,regard him as a true Statesman,hard worker,keep whatever agreement he entered into and hate deceivers and laziness or not compromising in leadership. As an IBB tactics of distracting & confusing and even to convince President Goodluck Jonathan into believing his possibility of winning 2015 Election is feasible or to make President Goodluck Jonathan toe his IBB scripts of complex deceit, IBB drafted some of his notable Cronies & Agents who paraded the South Conference Support for President Goodluck Jonathan as to showcase the political drama. Notables are Clownish Ijaw Chief Edwin Clark,bankrupt Ex-VP Alex Ekwueme,Gallery Playing Politician EX Anambra Gov. Ezeife, Ex lily liver-ed Gen Oladipo Diya, rapturous wealthy Colorful Oni of Ife and etc. Regards Mazi Patrick Strategic Thinker, social critic,prophetic literal Writer & Political Blog Commentator. --------------------------------------- Nigeria to opt for Academician or moderate/trustable Gov,Prs.. Jonathan don't squander the 2yrs,pursue legacies. Late President Umaru Musa Yar'adua & President Goodluck Jonathan’s failure to govern Nigeria uncompromisingly as expected and to comply to the Principles, charters & Letters entered/agreed by the Nigerian Political Stakeholders, should not dieter Obasanjo led Political Stakeholders from exercising any required political necessity and from supporting probably any non partisan Academician with proven expertise or manageable credible moderate/trust-able Governor from becoming 2015 President,which must be devoid of ethnicity, Religious intolerance/Extremism, Political bankruptcy, corrupt intimidation or framing people with non executable corrupt trap & Terror harassment/Mayhem cow people to toe their line/agenda. The Government must be firm and uncompromising as to be able to tackle Nigeria underdevelopment which are as result of ineptitude infrastructures/utilities, malfunctioning bureaucracy, corrupt/rustic Ministries/Agencies being ridden non execution or abandonment of bogus Contracts or quack executed projects/Contracts and fraud committed through Ghost workers’ payroll. It is unfortunate, sad, and unbelievable for President Goodluck Jonathan to fail to honor, obey & abandoned the entered/agreed Principles, charters & Letters with the Nigerian Political Stakeholders. President Goodluck Jonathan action is now portraying Niger delta Politicians as people who could not be trusted with power, and as an ingrate, dishonest, betrayer & parochial person, which IBB is using to mock Obasanjo & other Nigerian Political Stakeholders and Strategically it is disadvantage to Nigeria Delta future politics. AS most of President Goodluck Jonathan campaign Support groups are mainly IBB Cronies who are simply acting and carrying out IBB Script and they will abandon President Goodluck Jonathan at great time of importance or need and to vanish with President Goodluck Jonathan campaign loot. It is advisable for President Goodluck Jonathan to concentrate his efforts in executing uncompromisingly in his governmental programmes,developmental projects/contracts and institutional Reforms as his legacies before his departure and tactically leave the Core North political Dynamics alone,as those who are making unnecessary campaign political noise are the Core North Cronies and Agents who could not be trusted with their words,when it need arises.Insecurity and terror groups were the handiwork of Core North leadership as to preoccupy Nigeria with Violence and to distract he North from questioning why their vast North agricultural & mineral deposit potentials were not properly developed/tapped and to be developed from abundant South Oil wealth and labor,as North would have looked like Arab Jordan and for as a great Nigeria to enjoy its Northern vast potentialities with Southern vast wealth & great skilled/unskilled labor to its fullest. Mazi Patrick,Maduabuchim Thinker/Writer, Divine/Spiritual imposed Social Activist Assignment for Peace,justice,development,Human rights & Anti Poverty Crusade