Sunday, June 8, 2014

Congrats the New Kano Emir Lamido Sanusi despite his past CBN sacked Ordeal,whether reconciled or not with IBB

Congrats the New Kano Emir Lamido Sanusi despite his past CBN sacked Ordeal,whether reconciled or not with IBB,late Ado Family should support him for Kano/Nigeria common good,as he have experience after soured relation with his Cabal IBB & with President Goodluck for opting out of their script/program,exposing their group looting,which he is not party or consent to it. Past Exposes/comments have made Kano people to rise to occasion of making Lamido Sanusi the New Kano Emir despite involved vast political intrigue and vested interest manoeuvrings -------------------------------- It is unwise and illogical for Kano Emir Sarkin Ado/family with his Relative Ex CBN Gov.Lamido Sanusi to get into unnecessary Quarrel/secret confrontation of who becomes next Kano Emir and some sort of misunderstanding/emirate manoeuvre without the hindsight that non of their,will be ever becomes the next Emir,as IBB must have groomed and positioned weak,not well connected/knowledgeable person,who is easy to control,to become Emir once the chance comes,as IBB is known to have created moral bankrupt elite for his easy power control and work with only Mediocre. It was Sarkin Ado with conjunction with late MKO Abiola and Oni of Ife that secretly groomed IBB as a deadly and looting Terror as to control Nigeria,loot,threaten Moderates,even kill those whom they observed that they can't control,now they can not control their groomed Terror and use him as deem,it is unfortunate that Nigeria,Africa and World have to suffer for their loose Terror and only it is only God/Nature can save Nigeria and even the World from this deadly venture,as wealth meant for Nigeria development,is now being looted and used to wage different types of wars against gullible Nigerians/world. Let be known that quantity of concealed weaponry which are hidden in various secret locations,coupled with large willing Somali recruits to be used,large loots at the despotic disposal,is the worst danger.Currently in Borneo and Yobe State,this despot is carrying out some uncontrollable terror practice and violent Rehearsal,which have been assumed as being worst terror,but it is still primary stage,as huge volume of Nigerian wealth were looted and invested in violence,which is yet to bear its fruit,even North did not know that North will be totally destroyed and Nigeria ruined,before the Despot exit. It is a shame that concerted efforts by all during Obasanjo regime,which could have made it possible for 25% Revenue control for Niger Delta,were lost by its bankrupt elite led by clownish Chief E.Clark. Regards Mazi Patrick,Maduabuchim Thinker/Writer, Divine/Spiritual imposed Social Activist Assignment for Peace,justice,development,Human rights & Anti Poverty Crusade