Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nigeria Niger Delta Problem being used as Nigeria Mafia/Cabals Disguise to attack Western Energy interest and to seize abandoned Oil Wells

Delta Problem used as Disguise to attack Western Energy interest. Nigeria Niger Delta Problem being used as Nigeria Mafia/Cabals Disguise as to attack Western Energy interest and to seize foreign companies' abandoned Oil Wells, which the Nigeria Cabals have shared among themselves after using violent agenda/ agitation to intimidate ad to drive away the Foreign Oil firms that owes Oil business/wells. Nigeria and the world at large have failed to understand political Dynamics and behind scenario/Niger Delta Disguise being sponsored by the Iranian inspired Cabal to attack western strategic Energy interest, although everybody is fully aware of the Nigeria Niger Delta problematic Challenges and lack of real physical/Skill development with no economic strategic Plan to galvanize the actual development that is capable to alleviate the typical problematic Situation of Niger River Area & alluvial/Swampy Region, which can only be solved through systematic/gradual developmental Approach not this present through foreign based inspired Militant’s Violence/confrontation, induced by the Nigeria dread Billionaire Cabal’s Cronies or proxies. Other local scenario have emerged with some criminal groups acting as copycats of the original Militants, which were created and sponsored by the Northern Cabals, with such acquired skill and prototyping their operation after seeing the benefits and affluence enjoyed by the original Cabal sponsored Militant groups. Now, there are a lot of copycats these days, which are out of control of the Cabals and posing greater security danger to Nigeria. The out of control is becoming problematic to the Northern Cabals who used the Militant’s connection to exact political influence and to control Crude Oil transactional deals through various sponsorship of violent attack on Oil installation and cripple Governmental Oil quota. All these people using Niger Delta Developmental Deprivation to attack Oil companies with their Oil workers are acting under their own interior motives or basically doing their business, have nothing or no regard to problems daily confronting people of Niger Delta Region. It is very importantly that Niger Elite, should sit with Government including Oil Stock Holders to fashion out the ready existing governmental Plans, fine tune them with some harmonization in developmental programs and benchmarks, as safeguard derailment not Militancy; otherwise we shall be playing to the script of Cabal’s bigger picture of worldly attacking western energy interest and thereby trying to cripple the western energy Flow. Other political plays out are being witnessed in Venezuela, Middle East where Iraqi war is having dangerous impact on West, Cool blood relationship with Russia but happily US President Bush has understood this Iranian inspired conspiracy/strategic game plan with some Cabals within Oil Nations to cripple western Oil supply. Now US is building a new initiatives and better friendship with Russia through Old Bush and to better both Countries’ understanding and economic Ties. Internally in Nigeria, the Media, Elitist Class with gullible Nigerians are being tele-guided to blame Nigerian economic foes on former President Obasanjo, who bravely implemented serious economic /structural Reforms, which comes with great pains but no Nation really develop without paying very dear for its development and Nigeria cannot be an exception as development does not come easy. You can read the great German economic depression of 1930’s & that of Second World War 1945-60 and its outcome. Those Nigerian Leaders who played to gallery and paid lip service to Nigeria economic development, are now being championed as great men but History will always be there to judge us after we have gone and a good running economy does not need Reforms and Reforms is the answer to past mismanagement. Those Politicians who sees nothing is good about Yar’adua Presidency after doing everything that is humanly possible to block his chance of becoming Nigeria President, are the same people who are calling Unity Government but you cannot eat your egg and Omelet at the same time. Nigeria President Yar’adua whether he like it or not, he has to be very careful on he romance with Old Northern political Players as they are full of deceits, tricks and strategies for their futuristic programs. Some are now trying their best to position themselves very close as monitor, have privy to presidential security data, which they will collaborate with interesting power hungry Northern Cabals to hurt or kidnap if possible, as hurting alone will only create the type of political confusion/tension which PDP, the Military and Obasanjo can manage and handle while as advised by some Expertise that opting to kidnapping, will create Succession’s problem with some inabilities that nobody can account for where about of a President of a Country. With this, Military and PDP will be greatly divided on how to tackle the succession issue and Obasanjo will be in limbo and will cease to influence his control and Western interest will be at lost with a new arrangement, remotely controlled by Iranian inspired cabals. It is imperative that Military,PDP and Obasanjo should ignore Yar’adua’s ignorance or lack of his closer friendship and look warm attitude, go ahead to guard him with advanced skilled security arrangements and surround him with devices to network his movement as to avoid any advanced kidnapping bid if he strayed into a set up circle, which the cabal is seriously hoping as the cabal is tactically surrounding Yar’adua with his Cronies as to avail him with presidential security data. Please, Obasanjo should tactically ignore his threat and avoid the Cabal’s imposed Anthony Anenin political confrontation on the BOT issue, as it is may to create political division inside PDP with groupings and it is sad that he exploring Anenini’s gullibility to cause confusion but if Anthony Anenini is so good as portrayed, why couldn’t he deliver good ROADS to Nigeria when he was a Minister of Works after deceiving Obasanjo that he is very tough and Obasanjo believed his noise then, and appointed him a Minister to execute the much needed Nigerian Roads but he failed that bid. Only to known to Nigerian Public that he collaborated and shared the Roads’ funds with the cabals while PDP only benefited from the contractual increase. That is why Gov. Orji Uzor was confronting with some facts supplied to him by the Minna Cabal, which he used as dossiers to attack Anenini, believing the attack will create disharmony between Anenini and Obasanjo, but tactically Obasanjo was advised not to fall into that set up confrontation as confronting Anenini can create problem for 2003 election bid. Secondly Anenini should really understood his rules with Edo State Gov. Lucky, their secret romance with former Labour Leader Adam OSHOMOLE to deliver Edo State to AC party as compensation for Oshomole using Labour as tool to confront Obasanjo Regime. Another wicked propaganda against Obasanjo is noise made on the sales of Nigeria Refineries while western world is greatly benefiting from privatization exercises and there is our so called western trained Economist, who opposed and fooled Nigerians with faulty theories in the Media, that Obasanjo sold out the refineries without due process, when the NNPC best brain like Engineer Yar’adua who did his beat to maintained them after the Refineries were destroyed beyond repairs during the Struggle of June 12th ,with some cabal positioned repair company; Emeka Offor with Total Nigeria, former Secretary to Federal Government during Abacha Regime and the Cabal used gullible/bankrupt Obaseki [ former group MD of NNPC] to pay out maintaining fee which would have used to build a new Refinery. When Obasanjo confronted them after the contractual payment, Obaseki was removed as he could ask them to delver the repair as expected. During Abacha Regime, the present Group MD was sacked along Eng. Yar’adua, but Obasanjo have to re-installed them back to NNPC based on their past competency and position them to work strategically to better things. The present PRESIDENT did not that Obasanjo did what he did remove the leeway for Cabal to use to siphon contract maintenance fund but Yar'dua cannot listen to his blood who runs its maintenance but to listen only noise made by Cabal hijacked Media that spread rumor about falsehood which is wicked. It is ironical important for President Yar’adua to note that those are praising now as a good Leader, are those that will fiercelessly challenge him if he seeks second but it is technical important to realize that Nigerian Contractors/Suppliers found it very difficult to use contractual funds to execute projects, which led Former President Obasanjo to use force in compelling them to do their job and if compromise employed by this regime can work rather than using froce/law, future will judge that. --------------------------------- Options to handle Gov. Obi and Calm needed to follow Yar’dua Immediately PDP Nigeria political Party should organize and advise Anambra State PDP confront Governor Peter Obi with 100% post nominees and programmes, once refused, he should be impeached through vote of no confidence as PDP hold total ground in the House.he should not be allowed to gain ground as he might use the State resources to ferment trouble and they don’t need to wait for him to commit any offence. PDP should insist that the restructuring and reform must be carried as planned; even France has voted for their new President to reform French economy why should Nigeria not conform with the world current economic processes. Obasanjo should reach out to PDP top members, Yar’dua family, Western Nations and try to calm them down, and allow President Musa Yar’dua to exhaust his gas politically before intervening with strategies to overwhelm him along his friend with great better ideas and programmes. Additionally, Military should be ready for any eventuality that might occur by these careful planners as they are opt to something while Obasanjo should advise that surveillances/ security to be put in place for Vice president and family of late Shehu Yar’dua for better protection in case Musa strayed and exposed himself to danger. PDP must as matter of strategy, should not confront Musa openingly as this, may serve as decode for the Cabal to launch attack It is still abundantly clear that our inherited deadly ex-military Billionaire Cabal is holding forth his grid on Nigeria including our so called independent Judiciary vis-à-vis remotely controlled Nigeria Supreme Court which strategically is undermining the Nigeria State ability to maintain peace and Order. This, will definitely inject bad blood politically, create divisions and harness future anarchy, generates unnecessary controversies, tension/confusion which will create some leeway for political trouble making people to ferment trouble and attack Government The current Nigeria President Musa Yar’dua is not learning why the North eliminated his senior brother Shehu, whom most Northerners seem as moderate and very intelligent with his revolutionized ideas which even Obasanjo who disagreed with him in 1970s but now see reason with him and use some of his idea as a guide to rule Nigeria. Some insiders in Yar’dua’s family observed that Musa always pretended not to be interested in politics when Shehu was alive but Musa turned away from Academics and become Katsina Governor in 1999 via the family name and Obasanjo and PDP opted for Musa Yar’dua because he will behave like late Shehu but he is now exhibiting political foolishness and weakness as signs of reconciliation & compromise but Nigeria is very complex country with dangerous elements like IBB, Atiku & others whom nobody can please, as their demand cannot be met by anybody except God. Regards Mazi Patrick,Maduabuchim Thinker/Writer, Divine/Spiritual imposed Social Activism for Peace,justice,development,Human rights & Anti Poverty Crusade

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