Saturday, July 7, 2012

NTA program displayed feeble and not usual President Jonathan,as he might be toxin-ed or poisoned tactically,as gradually end up in terminal exit.

NTA program displayed feeble and not usual President Jonathan,as he might be toxin-ed or poisoned tactically,as gradually end up in terminal exit. The recent NTA displayed NIPC TV Program where I saw President Goodluck Jonathan delivered a key Note Address, where careful observation shown evidently that President Goodluck Jonathan is not usually normal and vibrant, displaying some earlier signs of being toxin-ed or gradually being poisoned via a complex tactics, as he lost agility, doesn’t look as old self or exhibit talking authority as a President, as he is likely weak internally. These are earlier signs of contact with toxin’s or poisonous substances, which his direct visit to any trust-able/reliable hospital could investigate. Further observation on the TV, shown where VP Namadi Sambo looks big like when late Gen. Abacha was battling poisoned health problem, which suggest that both might have been tactically toxin-ed or poisoned, with the Evil planner’s belief that they might use tech and medication to cure VP Namadi Sambo later, but big look portrayed that the blood medical cleansing is not going as expected. In doubt, President Goodluck Jonathan should directly without proxies,consult Special US or German Hospital for complex blood check up/examination analysis for medical technical blood cleansing exercise and medication,and strictly observed his feeding/drinking,as there further program to gradual add chemicals to his system,while they can fool him with spiritualism. Also, the Presidency could gather his TV shows from the first swearing in after the death of Late President Musa Yar'dua to the his second swearing in,in 2011,where evidently there could great difference in his agility, moves, exposing of high self confidence with authority to present weak people whose mind and body is not functioning as expected. When Late President Musa Yar'dua was in his earlier signs, we raised alarm,but thgey tactically used ethnicity and religion to weaken and caged him,moved from Germany to Saudi where their contacts/networks were used for their limited evil agenda. We, rather known as Street or nobody sounded this alarm as we sounded during of Late President Musa Yar'dua was not healthy, but we were are heard, because Late President Musa Yar'dua don’t have presidential website or direct email for easy access.The President Goodluck Jonathan quickly forgot the impossibilities Nigerians faced in installing him as President after the death of Late President Musa Yar’dua, where the Evil Genius with world cronies fought to corner Power, but indomitable African icon Obasanjo, Elder Shagari, notable Core North Emirs, some reasonable Chiefs and good Nigerians fought behind scene to make Goodluck Jonathan the Nigeria President, whom Goodluck Jonathan has abandon to doom or death, rather using his God given opportunity to tactically assist Nigeria to live reasonably and help his Niger Delta people to reasonably develop and move out poverty. The Evil Genius who looted and manipulated Nigeria/west Africa, to reward us with violence through Boko Haram rather to use his loot to develop Nigeria for us the captured Nigerians, is very unfortunate, but God or Nature will take care of that. But he made great blunder by arming and coordinating such Bokos with Great Kanuri people who have in past fought Fulani over Northern domination, as after usage, will use the same violent tool to pressurize core North led Fulani to seek for their Kanuri share of core North loot, presently being managed by trusted Southern cronies. The VP Sambo Proxies parading of Mike Otedola whenever President Goodluck Jonathan in every Presidential conference, as to portray President Goodluck Jonathan as the person who sent Mike Otedola to set up Hon. Farouk Lawan is an evil agenda. Mike Otedola simply knows nothing about Northern Politics with its dynamism, but he will be dumped when the game is over, as his family will bear cost beyond their imagination. Now, Nigeria has won its world class trophy in waging war successfully internally and will be granted in space in the world Guinness Book of Record, as Pakistan and Afghan war were externally being sponsored, but Nigeria, those who looted are waging war against the poor and helpless & gullible Nigerians shall never go scot free on earth or world beyond. Regards Mazi Patrick Maduabuchim Historian,Thinker/Writer

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