Thursday, May 17, 2012

Interpretations of Buhari ethnic/religious hatred outburst,but it is still an experienced political advice.

Interpretations of Buhari ethnic/religious hatred outburst,but it is still an experienced political advice. Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan and Government reaction and political comments on various political outbursts and advice on his ill political 2015 venture and his slow administrative/governmental performance,should call for concern,caution,governmental study,administrative consultations and serious researches,rather than to blame oppositions or to engage in fury political pursuit. Ignorantly the President Goodluck Jonathan administration chose to blame those who recently accused PDP top members as BokoHaram Terrorists covertly and overtly,as it is tactual that IBB is BokoHaram engine and BokoHaram is IBB terror outfit for political/business threatening,looting, intimidation and to coarse failed class and bought Nigeria falsehood Media into control and usage. Since,the Vice President, Arc Mohammed Namadi Sambo is certified IBB crony and point-man who was imposed through General Damjuma rtd who is inexperience in manipulative Nigeria politics.It is evident that Boko Haram principals are mainly in PDP and those accusing PDP are not totally wrong in doing so and Government with its security agencies have not faulted them with facts. Buhari recent outburst is interpreted to be cause by his facts based on IBB known tactics and world class deceit which the ice President, Arc Mohammed Namadi Sambo is strategically and tactically excusing in the President Goodluck Jonathan's administration,with fact that the President what it takes to know IBB complex plays.As IBB with his crones and associates believe that they could exploit President Goodluck Jonathan political gullibility and ignorance to secure and foist VP Sambo as the next Nigeria President against the wishes of most moderate Northerners who will oppose his Presidential ambition, as IBB crony,which most Nigerians don't want to see playing any political roles in Nigeria. The world knows that Nigeria Judiciary is remotely controlled by IBB and that is the reason why Salami could come to his job and MTN through the connection of the behind scene ownership General Abdulsalami Alhaji Abubakar (rtd.) could be able to prove the Court with the required print outs of Salami discussion with others.IBB with associates are hoping to use President Goodluck Jonathan to create divide and rule atmosphere,after securing President Goodluck Jonathan second term bid,before using supreme or appeal Court interpretation to remove President Goodluck Jonathan viz-a-viz President Goodluck Jonathan oath swearing in,should be more than twice as contained in the Nigerian Constitution. Buhari who is known for strong talk,have simply talk his mind and those of hard liners who might unleach mayhem come 2015,if IBB seek political relevance,after he have used violence as strategy to engage North after seizing Nigeria through the help of late Abiola to loot Nigeria and kill as he likes and intimidate the polity into submission at will,leaving North and Nigeria undeveloped. Obasanjo and some Nigerians who stood for President Goodluck Jonathan during his difficult time and who assist to midwife his presidency,have given way to IBB cronies led by VP Sambo and Ijaw Chief Edwin Clerk,and where were those people and Ijaw Chief Edwin Clerk during the President Goodluck Jonathan struggling time and can them assist President Goodluck Jonathan when IBB will deceive President Goodluck Jonathan and pave for VP sambo to become President and deal badly with President Goodluck Jonathan. The irony is that those who in past have romanced and associated with IBB,are not alive to tell their own side,except Obasanjo who God was saved through his infinite magnitude and mercy,to be live and tell his story and assist Nigeria in his capacity.if President Goodluck Jonathan behind the scene have associated with IBB,he must live and witness calamity that usually associate with IBB. Against the interest of West,IBB used his wealth,spiritualism/occult to ward off CIA against harming him and the North known for violence is afraid of IBB and preferred to be used,rather than confronting IBB. Regards Mazi Patrick Maduabuchim Historian,Thinker/Writer