Friday, October 7, 2011

Despotic Putin misunderstood Russian Dynamism,will face disgraceful humiliation/forced Exit

Despotic Putin misunderstood Russian Dynamism,will face disgraceful humiliation/forced Exit.He has technically only one term PM left and Medvedev one term Presidency,whether Putin is a strong KGB Boss or not, or whether you can force with threat or not,the truth will confront him badly and he will loose to Russia as Russia has great history where in past strong kings were overthrew and forced into exile.

Since, Russians belongs to European Stocks, which bears the known cradles of modern civilization,despite its Communism or Socialist background and definitely the Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin whose political attempts to despotically impose himself as a self acclaimed KGB Strong man with his foisted Russian State Duma and Moscow Kremlin cow, intimidate,maneuver and manipulate Russians into submission as to run and rule Russia for 3rd and 4th Russian President, will lead him to bloody confrontation and disgraceful humiliation.

Russia was known to be ruled by exploitative Emperors/Kings during red capitalism in past,but Russians used Communism or Socialism as running point to drove away their Emperors/Kings to exile,and any attempt to draw Russia back to one man feudalism,will backfire with dire consequences.

The World and Russians should use Media and Advice to counsel Putin to toe the right path of modernism and not to return Russia to ugly past of feudalism or Autocrat Capitalism.

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