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Crisis in Akwa Ibom state Nigeria/melodrama behind the scene.

Crisis in Akwa Ibom state Nigeria/melodrama behind the scene.

The carnage and wanton destruction of lives and State/Federal properties in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria and sectional Akwa Ibom politics needed in it as to confuse the Public and force the Federal Government to release the Senator Akpan Udoedehe, but anyone sane person who saw this carnage and wanton destruction on Cable or TV and do not have feelings or hurt, the person is insane and morally dead.

Even if as alleged that GOVERNOR Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State is corrupt or is impeding ACN Candidate Akpan Udoedehe from properly campaigning, is not cogent reason to permit or allow ACN supporters to cause such mayhem and threw some people to poverty who would have benefiting from these destroyed properties’ usage and for a person seeking to lead or govern Akwa Ibom State, the interest of all Akwa Iboms will be his first priority, whether GOVERNOR Godswill Akpabio is good or bad, please there is no jusfication for Udoedehe involvement, as pave his mind set as someone who can do anything to achieve his desire. As alleged that Akpabio is looting but Akpabio is not destroying, at least people can benefit the loot despite he denied the Akwa Ibom State right of ownership and usage.

Since, the Nigerian Judiciary is being controlled & manipulated by IBB and with his crony Tinbubu with its suffering Justice Salami stereotypic mannerism, a High Court Judge has granted ACN Candidate Akpan Udoedehe a bail what were perquisites used the court top grant such, unless id morally dead and Nigeria Judiciary is malfunctioning.
Let us assumed that not ACN Candidate Akpan Udoedehe is linked or his political party was not involved, the international norm is that ACN Candidate Akpan Udoedehe will be in detention until Police or Court to work to avert his case and get the real person, but compete Nigeria Court to grant such person standing trial for treason with wanton destruction and to be freed with couple of days, is showing Nigeria as becoming a failed State.

Once, someone knows IBB or Tinubu, such to do anything and go away Scot free, while Obasanjo daughter stays a month in detention for alleged sharing of 10Million Naira but another person destroyed properties valued Billions of Naira, the Nigerian Court is granting the person a bail a week or two. To free ACN Candidate Akpan Udoedehe, sectional Ibibio, Annang, Eket, and Oron Politics are now being played, since GOVERNOR Godswill Akpabio is Annang as to create tribal sectional politics in order to free Akpan Udoedehe but Nigeria is bigger than any tribal section, despite IBB and Tinubu hides under the ethnic ignorance and Religion to cause mayhem and go scot free, even during the Nigeria 50th anniversary celebration, Abuja was bombed with MEND being fronted as those caused the mayhem, but whom behind scene are not.

Nigerian Justice Salami Judicial Drama/Judiciary and the Cabal packaged rotten Judges’ Arrangements.

Justice Salami Judicial Drama has exposed Cabal influence in our Judiciary and the packaged rotten Judges’ Arrangements pretending to deliver justice but tactically toeing Cabal’s judicial Bids and to use Media Noise on non verifiable electoral Fraud and Progressive incited sentiment/emotions on gullible Nigerians, mostly from Western Nigeria to short changed the real winners and cancel elections and hand over victory to non verifiable winner with false electoral Result and fraudulent electoral data, and that is the real reason why self acclaimed righteous Justice Salami can not visit any committee or Panel as to defend himself on any of his awarded electoral judgments.

Since, the President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Ayo Salami rejection of his unholy promotion to Supreme Court and his accusation of our humble Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Aloysius Katsina-Alu as corrupt(which Salami & Co. cannot prove), have lead the World and thinkers to laugh about Nigeria judicial integrity with Nigeria moral values, as every reasonable Nigerian knows that Shehu Shagari with Northern Elders are not rich as they have not looted Nigerian Treasury like Cabals and his cronies used MKO Abiola Media propaganda to stage Coup d'├ętat as to remove NPN led by Shagari. Let remind all that the Sokoto gubernatorial election was firstly cancelled and had re-run, and PDP won the conducted Election, and when the re-run Sokoto gubernatorial election was bid by Cabal and his crones who hatred Shagari to a fault, wanted to use his crony Justice Ayo Salami to cancel the Sokoto gubernatorial election for second time, made some credible Northern Elders to stood up and confront the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Aloysius Katsina-Alu that Shagari have done so much to North and Shagari does not deserve such humiliation. Even Cabal was promoted to Brigadier and gave some advantages which North is enjoying up to date.

The irony is where did Shagari with the Northern Elders got their money which they allegedly used to bribe Justice Aloysius Katsina-Alu or is somebody well educated and positioned like Justice Aloysius Katsina-Alu cannot be able to train his children to be meaningful in Nigeria. Those who are claiming to be legal Practitioners, should know that other Nigerians are too intelligent to be fooled by bankrupt and certificated lawyers whose source of legal education is now questionable, since in Nigeria the President of the Court of Appeal is equivalent to Chief Justice of Nigeria, also on Media some egged brain Lawyers are arguing that Court of Appeal promotion to Supreme Court is not important, but in any normal Country, the dream of every Lawyer is to be called to Supreme Court but in Nigeria Supreme promotion is unholy, you Salami crone-Lawyers are foolish with their gullible Nigerians.

All those who are pretending to conduct inquiry or facts finding Committee/Panel must publish its findings and outcome on Sokoto State, Osun state and Ekiti state elections, since they are trying to assist the Nigerian Public tell the truth and to expose evil. As internationally, with technology it is easy to ascertain what transpired in Salami/Appeal Court judgments.

Court elongation Judgments for some Nigerian States, is unbelievable and non academical as incumbent Governors whose elections were unethically cancelled, were only out of office for not more three months and from where did these empty head Court Judges came with Office repetition, when incumbent Governors have enjoyed all benefits and there was no benefits’ denials like the Governor’s opponent or challenger who can claim he was denied governorship’s benefits. Those using Nigeria judiciary for mockery and business, should simply know whatever people in Nigeria that them with their descendants must be required in future to answer for their evil deed, if they can brainwashed gullible Nigerians with Obasanjo as bad man and them good people, but time will expose them. The political evolution that brought President Goodluck to Nigerian Presidency, and this, has exposed the Nigerian political bankruptcy, which was first created by the British for colonial interest and now nurtured by Hegemony led by the Cabal for its agenda and what contribution did most of Nigerian Elite contribute towards making President Goodluck realize the Nigerian Presidency and it was shocking to most Nigerians that Obasanjo whom was widely publicized as bad, was only real Nigerian who can stand support law and right of mister nobody Goodluck with likes of Shagari and few others.

I owed Alhaji Shehu Shagari an article for his quietness, honesty, moderates and believer of one Nigeria, not those who looted our treasury and using it to wage war against weak Nigerians, but those people with their associates, even their descendants must pay beyond their known imagination as far as this World and Nature is concerned.

Sequel to the 2007 Election, Obasanjo counsel the Yoruba Elders of the political importance of allowing non real Yoruba to participate in Lagos State Politics/Governance and that excluding them in any true Lagos political association, will back fire, once the Nigerian Electoral process is advanced with proper electoral Voters’ credible counting system. since non real Yoruba is almost 50%, while non Lagosians counting to 70% but Tinubu with Oba Akiolu secretly objected to it and used their ethnic Yoruba prototype politics through ACN typical Yoruba propaganda,progressive West with its oiled Media Falsehood and non verifiable claims of PDP non performance to coarse Lagosians to vote for ACN, while Lagos large generated resources/revenue, which Gov Fashola administratively on his self strength was able to use justifiable in developing Lagos State, but there is credible information that some Lagos resources/revenues were forcedly diverted by the Lagos Political kingpin Tinubu with his IBB cronies.

Nigerian quotable Phrases.

The Core North Power Hegemony led by its multi Dollars Billionaire Destructive self styled Evil Genius Cabal, as predicted by late Gen. Shehu Yar’dua in 1979 that Nigeria as a Country will not witness Peace and real development if Cabal is alive. Hegemony’s organization of ethnic and religious Violence with its usage of poor and hungry Northern Nigerian Neighboring Countries’ Recruits as to cause mayhems in Nigeria, will definitely back fire on Core North whenever there is any confrontation or Crisis with their Northern Countries’ Neighbors.

Nowadays, the Hegemonic Cabal has graduated from inciting and sponsoring ethnic and Religious Violence in Nigeria and thrift to prototyped Al-Qaeda Bombing style, which was somehow, predicted when his incited young Nigerian bomber was arrested in US for a failed bombing attempt. The bought over Nigerian Media with its fabricated falsehood/Propaganda as our bankrupt Elite took the center stage to defend the failed US Aircraft bombing attempt, as vice which the alleged bomber copied from Oversea but now with various bombing occurring in Nigeria, where we did we copy that?, is it from Al-Qaeda. With imposed bomb claimers(MEND) who provably don’t have resources and know-how to organize such bombing.

Evidently, if bombing could affect the likes of late Emir of Sokoto HM Maccido with his children and have caused the death of Shagari's children with other high profiled Nigerians/Foreigners who lost their lives during past bomb inflicted Plane accidents, which were termed as technical faulty aircraft accidents but why are we repeatedly witnessing various bombing and who are those who have financial capacities to organize and sponsor such bombing, Please these have nothing to relate to Nigerian politics as Nigerian Politicians do not have required capacities to unleash such bombings.

All these bomb Attempts in Nigeria are geared towards cowing and intimidating Nigerians with its Polity to their manipulative Control for short sightedness and prerogative Agenda.

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