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Mubarak Exit,its Consequences for New Egypt and Dilemma for US led West might face, excluding France with its double Games.

Mubarak Exit, its Consequences for New Egypt and Dilemma which US led West might face, excluding France with its double Games.

This Egyptian Revolution/Civil Agitation challenging Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak long stay in Power with emotional political Display Gallery for wanting Democracy the World led by the Western Leaders, have some world political Dynamics and inheritance’s consequences.

As a Thinker/Writer, my Opinion and thought were changed after watching few Mubarak Speeches and the matured Statesman’s Tactics which he displayed through Satellite TVs, have made me to take time to research on his Person with its Status/Abilities as a Leader. Despite corruption/looting and tight fist Regime labeled against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak or whatever the Media, World and Egypt might say about Mubarak, he is smart, intelligent, bold, courageous and Statesmanship with Military/political Complex, which enable him to be able to rule a complex Egypt for 30years.

Since, My Opinion of retaining Former Egyptian President H. Mubarak as to conduct the much needed Egyptian Constitutional Reforms with Governmental/Economic Reforms as there is no proper law clause for VP to function constitutionally, as the VP can only function as Presidential Appointee. As Mubarak has stepped down now and has handed over Power to the Higher Egyptian Military who have succeeded him on non constitutional basis, the issue of Prime Minister of House to succeed him on constitution is now foreclosed. Military if desires, can use corruption crusade with Egyptian Constitutional Reforms with Government Structural/Economic Reforms as to buy time before election,

As Mubarak has resigned and handed over power to the Military, the Military with the VP can do well but real issue is the Muslim Brotherhood tactical political abilities to temporarily allow so called Egyptian International Experts i.e. (who are politically weak) like Elbaradei or others to lead Egypt for a while, as to enable them to be able to organize their grassroots base properly and to regain their lost political momentum and to strategically position themselves through different Egyptian Political Parties.

Analysis has revealed that Extremism fighting was primary cause why Mubarak was able to stay long in Power, as much of his energy and Governmental efforts were consumed by War on Terror and Extremists and this, occupied the Presidency with Egypt and leave little time for Egypt to Reform or do some required political Changes. Despite corruption allegation and Mubarak high handedness, he was bale to use tight fisted Administration to transform Egypt to a reasonable modern State from I have seen during my Visits to Egypt in 1980s despite mass poverty Egypt is having, as total Egyptian development requires vast resources, manpower and managerial skills of first World,which Egypt is presently lacking.

It is tactical unwise to believe that it is easy for anybody without the required practical leadership skill to occur the vacuum which Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak left in Egyptian Presidency and to be able to saddle with the vast responsibility and liabilities of governing the New Egypt with the Egyptian highest governmental expectation and that is the real reason the Muslim Brotherhood with its Allies are not kin in positioning themselves to succeed the present Egyptian Caretaker Military High Command headed by the Defence Minister Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, as Muslim Brotherhood would like to have slot at Power after the Egyptian Leader that might succeeded the present Egyptian Caretaker Military High Command and failed to deliver, then the Muslim Brotherhood with its Allies will organize little Rallies and take over Government and Islamize Egypt and impose hostile Regime against US/West, while collaborating with Hamas and Hezbollah to deal with Israel.

The Al Jazeera Cable TV recently revealed the Mubarak with his Family and close Associates milked Egypt to looted the sum of US$70 Billion, which literally French Swiss Authority has confirmed that they frozen all Mubarak’s bank accounts with his Crones. Now without playing Politics and deceiving the world, Can Swiss Authority start to return Mubarak loot without recourse to Judiciary/legality, since Swiss knew his account with balance, Swiss should simply invite the new Egyptian Authority upon its emergence on September 2011 for loot collection and to use it to develop and that what we are waiting, anything contrary, will invite us to join issue with Swiss.

Obama being my Icon, I was let down on how he treated the Egyptian Crisis, as US Administration led by Obama with the US Secretary Of State Mrs. Hilary Clinton were consumed by their emotions for human rights and as Advocates of Democracy, but Middle East Politics is tactically, a different political game that is not a straight forward Politics, as it is full of long culture of deceits, double standard Politics and using Religion to mobilize People for certain Ayatollah higher scaled Agenda with their long time investment in international Media falsehood and sponsorship of Arab Elite Class or Arab Academicians to stay in US/west with Arab resources without any tangible source of livelihood and for them to pose as Experts in different cable TVs as to be able to play their paid, being hired by their hidden Ayatollah Extremist for its Agenda.

The exit of Pharaoh Mubarak from Egypt, the space is left for Iran to strategically influence Egypt radicalism and reduce western influence and narrow western businesses. It would have been an ideal for US/West to employ some form of double dealing during the Egyptian Crisis as the Government and Egyptian People are equally important and some sort of mediation would have used. Now, as most of Middle East are monarchist States and showing little allegiance to Mubarak whom is a governmental monarch, would be good for US/West in dealing with the Middle East Diplomacy, as any respect for Mubarak is a respect for them Middle East Monarchist States.
This event, have made both Israel and Arab Monarchist States to see themselves as partners in the same boat fighting Extremism.

Whenever Brotherhood thought that they are ready and their stage is set, they will tactically use Hamas type of Corruption crusade and lack of Governmental performance, as to remove the incumbent President with its Regime, and foist its Radical Extremist Muslim Government and deal with US/West as being designed by Iranian Supreme Spiritual Ayatollahs. Please, note that the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic Extremists were silenced for long time and suffered so much at the tough hands of Mubarak and technically, they are strategizing themselves quietly but tactically seeking for Power quietly any convenient time, which will definitely happen in Most Moslem States as Iranian models, whether the World and Experts like it or not.

Principally, we are of opinion that Mubarak who have almost completed his term with his old age, would have been the best person to do the much needed Egyptian Constitutional Reforms with Governmental/Economic Reforms, since he has nothing at stake and has benefited so much from the System, but the Egyptian have won and Mubarak has exited, let pray that Military will hand over to credible and qualified Person who can be able to lead Egypt very as expected.

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