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Civil Agitation by Egypt/Arab World should gears towards People oriented Constitution, avoid creating vacuum/gap upon which silenced Extremists to act

Civil Agitation by Egypt/Arab World should gears towards People oriented Constitution, avoid creating vacuum/gap upon which silenced Extremists can act, while intending Constitution should stipulate One Term 6yrs Presidency with Two Terms Maximum for House Memberships. Their political Reform, Governance and Change of Leaderships Demonstrative Demand should be paved through a Grace of 6 Months, endorsed by the International Communities, Human Rights Groups and UN in order for its People oriented Constitution to be constituted and various Reforms’ Guidelines to be designed before implementation, but its implementation will be after a credible Elections with Voters’ verifiable IDs are conducted with non inclusion of all incumbent Government Cabinet Members, Appointees and House Members as to pave for complete new people oriented participation and to inheriting past political behaviors.

What Egypt/Arab mostly needed a new crafted Multi-Parties’ Constitution with a Future non-Erasable Clause of a 6years Presidency with Two Terms Max. For House Members giving opportunity for Changes, This, coupled with new frameworks for National Reforms implementation, which could be constituted and implemented with the 6 Months Grace, otherwise the controlled/contained Extremists can resurface and take vacuum created and start to act in the created gap as People Representative in Power and this, can keep both Egypt/Arab Nations or Tunisia in an imaginable situation where Extremists during agitation took power and move towards core radical fundamental Extremism, if in doubt visit Iran/Syria or even North Korea where people who have chanted slogan against US/West, have been bottled up and now, it is causing US/West great in human or monetary Cost in trying to liberate them.

Historically, all Despotic Regimes always come through incited People Revolution or better Life Agitation, which simply paved way for Despotism or Extremism to take place and the same who run the streets chanting various Slogans, are coarse-ed or bottled up after Despotism or Extremism Political Power consolidation, where same People who have demonstrated, are silenced and hold for ransom whether in Iran, North Korea etc.

What people over the world needed, is peaceful change through People Oriented Constitution with one/two Terms Clause as to avoid People getting into Power, to sit tight in Government and enjoy Office’s luxury.

Since, Egypt or other North Africa or even Middle East whose its Citizens are among the Al-Qaida high profiled Members and the Egyptian Brotherhood member is second to Osama bin laden and caution with care is highly needed, as to avoid any loop hole or pit upon which good intention could be exploited for Despotism or Extremism. Despotism or Extremism is peopled by highest intelligent people who use their knowledge for evil purposes only, despite the time and cost,it will take them.

The World should not be fooled or easily overtaken by the Iranian inspired good Leadership Agitations which taking the Arab World as political Storms, as its dire future consequences is better than imagined, although most of the Arab States needed some political and institutional Reforms and changes as to be able to meet with the new World order as to better its Citizens, but that must come through well peaceful organized negotiation and political partnership with its Citizenry under UN or Arab Institution aegis not through some forms of political street quackery Protest organized by Iran and its Ayatollahs behind the scene. Iran desire is simply use well organized agitation propaganda to remold Arab in order to create hostile business environment for US/West and to seek further way in actualizing the said Nostradamus Prediction on Persia (Iran) confronting the World Power by utilizing Weapon of Mass destruction, to be assisted by Russia and France, but the ironic is that the assisting Nations, Russia, France with others like Rome and Israel will be bombed by Iran as predicted.

Evidently these days, Russia is being bombed by Chechen Rebels who are assisted by Extremists, Southern France with Rome could be bombed as predicted, if the North African States fell into hands of Extremists through Iran inspired Mass Agitation which is going on in most of Arab North Africa, while Hamas and Hezbollah can handle Israeli Bombing through their proxy fighting engagement or directly through Iranian long range missile. Large Population of Extremists based in Europe, are able to coordinate with Iran for an effective bombing.

This article is not intended to scare people into fears but to let the world understand the real danger which the World is rightly facing, as no false politics should be used to confuse people and implement long time Iranian strategic Agenda and interest of fearful Iranian World domination through its world war 3

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