Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The UN/World should quickly provide South Sudan with Protective Buffer Zone as to avert Genocide before South Sudan Referendum

The UN/World should quickly provide South Sudan with Protective Buffer Zone as to avert Genocide before South Sudan Referendum, as delays, ignorance and lackluster attitude are being designed by the Northern Sudanese Government Stooges as being organized by the Quasi Arab Political Power Hegemony who needed entire Sudan for their ethnic minority Agenda.

The expertise observation that the UN and the World Peaceful Organizations should be mindful of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir Cronies and Agents parading themselves as representing South Sudan interest/agenda, but they are merely Northern Sudanese Power Hegemony stooges doing secretly Northern Sudanese Agenda as to retain its interest of Power control and holding Sudanese vast Mineral Resources for its limited quasi Arab ethnic Agenda.

The death of late Colonel John Garang who was sound minded, well educated and possessed vast political intrigues/knowledge base to be able to handle such Northern Sudanese complex Arabic politics, while his successors are merely careful recruited Cronies fronting Southern Sudanese but behind the scene, executing Northern Sudanese Governmental Agenda. Some of notable signs of being Stooges, are spiritual-Arabic trade mark of shaved eye brawn with oversize pot bellies and signs of greeting to signify their secret Arabic Stooges belonging, and quick introduction to Practices of Persian Gay Occultism before crony acting acceptance.

The political behaviors, sincere organizationally abilities coupled with their ways and manners of not requesting seriously the Buffer Zone provision from UN as to safe guard Southern Sudan before their voting during the Southern Sudanese Referendum, so called South Sudan Leaders not strategically petitioning and strongly requesting a UN protection/ Buffer Zone provision, simply portrays them out as Northern Sudanese Agents.

The late Colonel John Garang sterling abilities of leadership made South Sudan to reach this advantageous position, which is care is taken with better political institutional management, will lead South Sudan to a peaceful State Separation, despite State violence and war propaganda being propagated by the Northern Sudan. Also, their Southern Sudanese agents are capable of sabotaging World efforts being put in place as to assist the South Sudan into a peaceful State Separation. But South Sudan have witnessed civil wars and ethnic violence with hunger, starvation and material deprivation for decades in the hands of Northern Sudanese control Regime and will be able to manage their case for South Sudan peaceful State Separation if all hands are working together with no iota of saboteur.

As the Older South Sudanese leaders are aging, bankrupt and there should be proper institutional mechanism and world interest to replace these older Southern Sudanese leaders with moderate, serious, technocrats and southern Sudanese with no Northern Sudan link as to enable South Sudan achieve desired State development that is bereft of political confusion and theft of South Sudan Resources for self aggrandizement and unnecessary Third World Richness without enterprise or proof of livelihood.

UN should urgently organize Regional peace for South Sudan Buffer Zone with Kenya, Uganda, Congo D.R. and Ethiopia and AU as to provide some kind of frame works for security provision, while UN should cater for the Buffer Zone Logistics with UN Mandate. France should avoid their kind of politics/manners which they usually play in Africa that led to wicked examples of Rwanda, Congo D.R. etc. that are characterize by various crisis, war and hunger, as their continuation of this wickedness must stop as to avoid dire consequences from God and man.

Mazi Patrick

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