Saturday, December 18, 2010

IBB with his cohorts have hijacked Nigeria Polity and used rhetoric/electoral incitement as leeway to destabilize Nigeria

IBB with his cohorts have hijacked Nigeria Polity and used rhetoric/electoral incitement as leeway to destabilize Nigeria,having fully connived with Nigerian destructive Billion Cabal to sponsor Militancy in Niger Delta Region; created & financially nurtured bankrupt Elite; bought over Nigeria Media for the Cabal’s organized Media Falsehood to misdirect the activities of EFCC (the Crime fighting Agency) and for Government to malfunction.The Sponsorship of various provocative
pronouncements/bombardment by his paid Cronies/Agents against Nigeria
Assembly in order to discredit them, through the CBN Gov.Sanusi and other
his Cronies to misinform and to confuse Nigeria by weakening our abilities
to govern ourselves and to provide peaceful Security;using Jumbo pay
Propaganda,Seminars,Empty Talk workshop as to distract Assembly ability to
concentrate as to legislate properly and Cabals have strategies on its long
term programs, which its ultimate goal is to lead Nigeria in more confusion
while wasting our time and chance to execute credible programs for peaceful
development, which will give the Cabals the needed opportunity to inflict

French abilities to undermine Nations, is historic and dated as follows:
Before and during Adolf Hitler’s regime,Jews were killed because Hitler had a perception that Jews who lived in Germany, sabotaged and connived with France to defeat Germany, which France till today did not do much to assist the suffering Jew.

During the cool war between East led Russia and West led by US/Britain,France was known to have played double Game/Agents, which they still play today,as France used it in benefiting much from its deals/Ties with Russia and later Iran/Libya.

In 1976- upwards,Ayatollah used his base in Paris France with its networks to propagate and incite Iranians against US; which led to the dethrone of American Ally Shai of Iran out of power during Jimmy Carter’s regime. This scenario force US to romance Saddam Hussein, resulted in Iran-Iraqi war,Iran-gate was used by then Republicans to finance the war when Democrats controlled Congress refused to fund the war and the war ended inconclusively.

Recently,France still acting as political Mediators in Libya where they tactically worked out all western Oil companies but remained there in Libya till date, likewise acting still persisted Iran where French companies are comfortably doing their businesses.
In Iraq,it was a known fact that they compromised western security and interest through the assistance of violent logistics/ know-how through its french speaking countries’ Agents.

In Nigeria, French companies were involved in execution of quack projects
which couldn't last and Peugeot Assembly Plant which was built in Kaduna and
it couldn’t produce cheap cars for Nigerians nor was any technology, was
transferred,as previously designed but merely served as conduit by which
looted funds were siphoned to France or to French part of Swiss.
From 1958 till today,Congo DRC, known to be quoted as richest country with
all known minerals’ deposit but Congolese still remains poorest on Earth.

Peaceful Ivorian,now destabilized and divided by the French involvement and the Ivorian election can not be peaceful as proper constitutional/electoral frame works to allow rotational President between North and South Ivorian,since .

In Nigeria, after confusing Nigeria President to portrayed himself as a weak leader, which has propelled violence and frequent armed Robbery but a careful study, revealed that it is to weaken Nigeria’s ability to prosecute the ongoing military intervention which is capable to end the civil conflict in Darfur Sudan but insecurity in Nigeria is consuming the resources/men which would have been deployed to Sudan.

Finally, it is sad and shamefully that Igbo and Yoruba Elite have failed abysmally as they are acting as mere Core North proxies/appendix.

It is historic tragedy to the Fulani/North if Nigeria collapsed,through IBB coordinated mis-advising/Regime failure’s plotting, as it become ironic that Fulani cannot control Power except through Military where its interest is visible by manipulation/looting.

Where is Umaru Dikko whom IBB used to advise and plotted Shagaria’s downfall, it is imperative for Fulani to note that the second civil regime failure with its dire consequences, will evolve some kind of Dynamism/new confrontation that will overwhelm IBB Business-Power matrix Empire /Fulani kingdom and balkanize Nigeria with a prototyped Congo conflict.

It is still abundantly clear that our inherited deadly ex-military Billionaire Cabal is holding forth his grid on Nigeria including our so called independent Judiciary vis-à-vis remotely controlled Nigeria Supreme Court which strategically is undermining the Nigeria State ability to maintain peace and Order. This, will definitely inject bad blood politically, create divisions and harness future anarchy, generates unnecessary controversies, tension/confusion which will create some leeway for political trouble making people to ferment trouble and attack Government

Mazi Patrick

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