Sunday, October 10, 2010

US led NATO to use great scientific Violence against Afghan Taliban & Iranian Agenda to weaken US

US led NATO to use great scientific Violence against Afghan Taliban & Iranian Agenda to weaken US.

US led NATO should carefully and tactically use great scientific targeting Bombing and Military violence against Afghan Taliban and other Extremists before any peaceful negotiation could be implemented, as any NATO peaceful negotiation will not work, since such will look like sign of weakness and War failure Escape.

As to reduce NATO casualties meaningful and to deliver the desired strategic Military violence to Taliban/Extremists, NATO must go mapping an area and bombing of the targeted Area with some scientific large bombardment or to use controlled atomic bombing or in some case to use smoke chemical bombing during the searching buildings.caves,but after NATO must have instructed the Civilians to leave the mapped terrain or targeted Building.cave meant for such NATO strategic bombing.
The Afghan difficult terrain needed mapping out bombing strategy as any NATO fighting with Afghan Taliban and other Extremists, with any death of Afghan Taliban and Extremist is usually framed as death of innocent Afghan Citizens but Afghan Taliban and Extremists’ Fighters don’t wear Military uniform, and how do we differentiate Afghan Taliban and Extremists fighters from Afghan Civilians.

The long time engaging of US led NATO in wars are means of wasting US/Western resources meant for Western development,which is part and parcel of Iranian Strategy of weakening US/Western resources and to weak USA, is an Iranian program of using terror/violence agenda in order to weaken US with its Western Allies.
This, will ultimately pave for way for the US/West led Israel cooperation to accept their Iranian hidden agenda of Israeli/ Palestinian one State Solution with Palestinian majority population of their desired Palestine one Nation State.

Few years back, US goods and services were usually predominated found in almost Middle East Countries, but China had some secret pact with Iran/Syrian,coupled with secret Iranian propaganda/Media wars against US/West that diminishes US/West goods and services potentialities in the Middle East markets.
Visibly, nowadays Iran hidden program with the Syrian cooperation of inciting hatred against US/West as an Anti-Islam and persuading Arab/Persia Countries to do businesses and to import massively from China/Asia. This, have made Middle East Governments and Cooperate Bodies in pretext of cheap prices,to transact mostly governmental businesses with China/Asia as to weaken US/West economically, while various Wars and Terrorism are being spread as to consume large volume of US/Western resources,since this, will compel huge Military investment instead of economical development as to better citizens' life.

Ignorantly and blindly, Israel without long time strategy, is arrogantly building Houses and other infrastructures in Palestine with US/Western Resources, which Iran and other Islamic Extremists are hopping that one day,the Arab dominated Palestine will acquire.

Israel should accept Oslo Peace accord immediately and work out some acceptable peaceful frame work/programs before it is too late to be embanked upon,on the World accepted Two States solution before US/West may not have position to implement it.


Mazi Patrick

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