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The Politics-Nigeria/World

What is going on in Nigeria is known to the whole World,as West led by Washington and British,have allowed IBB & Co.(Cabals) to play out all their cards before IBB & Co will face the music and all what he have caused since 1970 till Today,will be unfolded like a video to the World.

Also,it is sad that the Hegemony has used so many political distractions,blackmailing,ethnic mulitia who are paraded as ethnic Champion which they are not with sophisticated Air Bombing to discourage investment and led Public into painting Obasanjo's Government very bad which will enable them enlist Public support and strategising themselves for political Power and returning of political system to the statue quo.

Nigerians who are now criticizing Obasanjo but they doesn't know that he is doing his best within this found political environment,as the Public also are not aware that most Muslim Northerners who occupied top post in Presidency, are mostly Fulani People who are there to create different forms of political distraction to confuse Obasanjo, but Nigerians need to do now is to forward constructive advice not confrontation which will assist Government to perform better.

Hausa/Minority Northerners whom the Fulani Hegemony represents politically,have matter of fact, are confronting with the political accessibility in Nigeria which is very expensive thereby discourages genuine native people from contesting,hence creating an arena for misfits who are mainly sponsored by the Northern Hegemony as the real Godfathers not the quack type like Uba which merely painted by Hegemony hijacked Media and the Natives are not as wealthy to contest for political power with their Fulani counterparts, as most of the Natives/indigenous Northerners do not have opportunity to amass such wealth whenever they occupy any strategic Posts as they are merely being placed on non-attractive areas where they can’t make good money, thereby finding themselves to be inferiors to confront for political power with the Fulani over-lords who are very wealthy and well placed with itheir Emirate connection and strategically they are controlling Nigerian State and Government machineries despite Obasanjo brave moves which they believe that with time they will confront him and deviate or defend his intention.

The Cabal with its cohorts have sophisticatedly designed various complex strategies with which they have used in fooling every successive Government into blindly accepting their ill-advice and wrong Policy which definitely mislead Government into ruined Economy and failed Projects which ultimately incite the People to revolve against their Government that running ruined and decayed Economy.
If Nigerians are genuinely desirous of meaningful development,there should be 5 years minimum of peaceful stability, which will yield a stable economic gradual Growth of Economic services and Products. But if the public should not allow themselves to be manipulated or politically cajoled into unnecessary confrontation or unwarranted strike or unwarranted violence which ultimately negate economic Growth or which retards the pace of economic activities/development.
Now, it is imperative that we should try as much as possible to create peaceful environment and harmony which are panacea for any accelerated development.
Africa is largely undeveloped, due to wars and dis-harmonies created among its' local tribes, looting of treasury by Tribal War Champions which resulted in African under-development.

Statistically and as matter of fact, Western Economies were built on exploitation and indirect looting of Third world Economies through sophisticated Records' manipulating of African minerals and Agricultural products, forced low priced exportation and costly importation, decapitalisation Africa through capital flights, imposition of Western stooges as Rulers to loot African Treasuries in forms of bank siphoning with pretence that there been saved for the Looters through their various personal accounts for their selfish reasons/limited agenda which ultimately ends in the advancement/development of Western Economies while third world remains in abject poverty.
In some cases where France, apart from creating wars, have created political division in a country which have destroyed the stable economy of Ivory Coast and pave way for miscreants to loot properties and Treasury through various forms of capturing Cities and looting by armed Soldiers,and banking their savings Oversea. In Congo D, C.,they imposed Late Mobutu which polarized the policy of that country with it's resultant consequence of endless wars which also paved for different War Lords to loot diamonds and other Congo minerals and selling/saving them overseas, which they and their relatives looses once death strike at the Saver.

Spiritually, the consequences of what are happening in Africa and when it starts to unfold to West,the result of karma. It is a shame that human beings can engage in such acts/Crimes for endless time, which have created Genocide,hunger,diseases and destruction of African countries while the West tends now to live in affluence and luxury but forgetting the Creator God's essence of creating this world.
Recently, French through its proxies in World Court,gave Bakassi to Cameroun as this has be causing great political tension between Nigeria and Cameroon after its unsuccessful attempt,trying to endanger Nigerian political processes by their support they gave Abacha and indirect to Buhari. Most Nigerian looters banks their loots in France and French Switzerland while small percentage is Stored in UK and US.

The objective of that International Court judgment on Nigerian Bakassi,is to instigate and create tension and emotional misunderstanding,which ultimately would have lead to war,thereby paving way for Soldiers of fortune and other war miscreants to loot properties and Treasury of both countries,save them Overseas.
It is a known fact that People with great wealth enters West without any valid travelling documents while the Poor who have legitimate documents,are denied entry for obvious reasons of insufficient foreign exchange or incorrect address where to stay while looters are welcome and lodge in five star Hotels and private banks visit them in Hotel to open account for them. Lesser Africans who tends to commit petty crime of credit card/other little crime, are chase around by the Police for trying to survive. Nigerian economic and financial crime commission is doing a good job but they need to understand the dynamics of international politics being played out by West.
It is foreseeable that there is gradual collapse of Fulani Hegemony and it's effective political control of Nigeria through unwarranted violent scripts/religious pogroms being played out on Mid belt Minorities tribes of Plateau-Nigeria by Fulani Aristocrats with conquered Hausa Communities who are desperate and trying to enforce their influence in controlling the political processes of the Area.
But unleashing un-proportional violence on their host Minority communities. Minority groups should not allow themselves to be played into tribal war's scripts, which ultimately will their population and their organizational ability to manage self political destiny/aspiration and enhancement of its economic ability to survive. The sporadic killing of important people of South and Minority agent of Hegemony, is to intimidates Political Class and exert their fading influence and to enforce lost control over Nigeria.

Despite Washington’ new directive to rebuild Nigerian Economy as to sustain its Citizenry to stop migrations as .To further improvise, suppress, and oppress the Citizenry, Fulani Organising Authority, has sophisticatedly manipulated every Government Program, Regulation, Plan, Law and Order which are meant to teleguide and control Nigerians towards general orderliness, good behaviour patterns, disciplined follower-ship, purposeful industrial Production, National Economic Growth and steady constant Provision of Obedient Service in Public Sector while providing much needed responsive/vibrate Private Sector.

Emergency of Governor Orji Uzor Kalu as a Igbo important Leader, signified the demise of Igbo political structure with it’s decline in Organisational ability to actively involves in Nigerian Complex Politics which are under the Fulani Hegemony’s effective Control and Command while Igbo are left to play second fiddle.

Although, Political Experts/Academics traced the collapse of Igbo political Systems to many years of Hegemony planned Programs which have effectively subdued Igbo Political Class to it’s wit and caprices and to docility/dogma as evidently manifested in its incapability to decode/read long time political Plan of Hegemony,with its general bankruptcy and docile among the Elite Class who placed Contract consideration,Job and Appointment before our Igbo long time interest.
All the noise about Igbo Politicians who are seem as good pro-Igbo Leaders on short terms but on long terms,they will be exposed with resultant consequences that will amaze People that are only agent of Hegemony.
Recently, the unfolding of different forms of Insecurities,are clear and perfect strategy to pave way for removal of Inspector General of Police and other top keyed Security Officers,whom may be replaced by their positioned me,who will be pretending to do their legitimate but indirect doing the Hegemony bidding.

Political Activities
IBB during his regime, technically collapsed Nigerian Business Class and elected his own whom he used in exacting economic interest as today witnessed through Aliko’s, Adenuga’s, Okonkwo’s Balogun's and etc.
As far as Washington and President Obasanjo doesn’t want to shit very hard or send strong Warning to Fulani Hegemony/Cabal/Emirate Councils on the needs for peaceful co-existence and Harmony of Nigeria.
Nigeria will continue to draft from one calamity, woe and controversy to another until Nigeria collapse or break up.
If Washington is genuinely interested to help Nigeria out of this political mess and Washington should be prepared to intervene physically, confront and combat Fulani Hegemony /Emirate Councils which moderate Maccido the sultan of Sokoto is no longer powerful as Fulani extremists have taken control in Hegemony power play, which resulted frequent confrontation, religious riots, disharmony and etc.
If West want some Progress, they must engage and force them to allow Peace to reign in Nigeria and put stop to sporadic killing and intimidation of Business and Political Elite, which they sponsored and engineered with their Private Army based in Niger and Chad whom they used as disguise armed Robbers.

Also, political killing intimidate Nigerian political scene and portrayed Nigeria as an Insecured State and Government as incapable of handling security situation of the country. But, this process cannot achieve the desired result to technically to remove Obasanjo, they will further engineer religious riot and violence in any North to prove insecurity and Government inability to deliver Security.
As things are not getting better as expected, it is reasonably that Washington should intervene physically after U.S. Presidential Election, to order for Peace and desired co-operation needed to galvanize meaningful development to necessitate favourable environment to withhold Citizens to stay back home.
Politically Nigerians are seemed as free but are enslaved and incapable of liberating themselves from oligarchic hold despite our so claimed educational advancement and other achievements in the other fields of endeavours.
Historically, British colonized Nigeria and gave North via Fulani/Oligarchy/Emirate Councils some advantages which the used to effectively rule Nigeria.But, over the years Hegemony have maximised and over utilitised these advantages so effectively and sophisticatedly that Nigeria is effectively under its control.
Naturally, Nigeria may be regarded as big, rich country to People who failed to careful/critical study Nigeria Political Structure, but only to assume that Nigeria is a normal State. But, actually we are Political enslaved and our Elite Class is under effective command of Fulani Hegemony/Oligarchic Aristocracy who have manipulated and subjected every successive Government both Military or Civilian to its Authority and virtually siphon our scare resource for its limited Agenda while Nigerians are improvised in such a way that Nigerians are powerless, hopeless and helpless that they are used as cheap Political Tools for various Political Activities and pay them to engage in various destruction .Now, Nigeria is rich in terms of resources earning but our infra-Structures are poor and have lowest average living wage for its Workers who are Poor .The Poor, have to resort to Crime to survive.
Financial Experts posited that it was Washington’s secret Guarantee and political Support that encouraged MTN International to invest heavily in Nigerian GSM Telecommunication, which recorded tremendous Success and created biggest job opportunity ever witnessed in Nigeria.

Recently, Governor Orji Uzor Kalu political accusation of Chief Anthony Anenih’s planned assassination which is seem as Northern Device to distract the intention of Government towards unmasking those behind recent killing, intimidation and other general insecurity in country.
Southerners may be seem as the owners of big businesses and Banks but the real owners are Fulani who call shot and control from the behind scene.

After months of observing Government ban on Poultry Products and claims by the Nigerian Poultry Farmers that they can increase the Supply if ban is placed but I am having doubts on this claim as most of Poultry Farmers Arguments are based non available Poultry Products presently in country, which they argued that they couldn't sell their non-existing Poultry Products because of importation.
After a careful study on Poultry and methods of Poultry farming in Nigeria, I discovered that Poultry is a very delicate technological based farming and requires highest forms of discipline of which presently most Nigerian Poultry farmers lacks. Local raising and mixed Poultry farming cannot suspend the Poultry needs of Nigerians. Also, discovered that funding, facilities and farming technique, even if there are provided, Nigerian farmers lacks the required experience and dedication in farming discipline that are needed in the Poultry farming. If Japan and other development countries, still imports their Poultry needs Overseas, I don't know why Government should decided to ban importation when there are scare without any sufficient Guarantee and farming feasibility study/analysis to support the Ban or does it mean that Nigerians should not eat and enjoy poultry products like other Citizens of the world or does it mean that when Poultry is imported that we are loosing our foreign revenue which are siphoned for selfish or looted by well placed Nigerians. Government should not be allowed itself played into wrong advices which are deliberately put forward by the Cabal whom want to use them to cause the Public suffer Hunger/lack vita Protein needs.
Another issue I have watched on TV as some people,came on air to boast about some Chinese farmers who are going to assist Nigerians to cultivate Rice and that Nigeria can be sufficient in Rice in few years time. Lets me inform you,the Russian Federation, despite its advancement in technology,cannot grow wheat sufficient while they share the same climatic conditions with Canada. To be successful in food Production, there have to be settlement with the international conspiracy led by Washington. Thailand Rice Success,is because American Rice farmers are behind them with US Technology with which they support with proper funding and organised management,without Western comspiracy.

It is known fact that US control Agricultural main production worldwide and if you talk about large farming without the real consent and understanding of US,you are only fooling yourself.
For unbanning any commodity, first the Products should be imported directly to through our Ports and NAFDAC should supervise the Importation while gradually a genuine program to produce them locally should be in place as to replace the Importation. This program should be in consent/agreement with Washington as to achieve desired success.Similar Programs have achieved tremendous Success in South Africa where Washington assisted White Africans to record Success which have been now transfered to Black Africans after the collapse of Apartheid.
On Rice Importation, the Price is very high in Nigeria but a unit bag only cost less than $5 in Thailand. Government Agency in conjunction with Importers should work out Terms of costs and their profits for good of the Citizens. Government should be carefully in studying and designing any food policy before Ban is placed to encourage local food Production. All these complicated/complex food items which we cannot produce,Program to produce them should be religiously followed and good agricultural advice should be gradually follow if we are to achieve Food sufficient .The Government should be careful not accept any wrong Advice and false data with its articulate propaganda to cajole and force Government in doing the wrong thing with real aim is to incite the Public against Govt.
As the Struggle for Power and Control of Political Processes continue with the Cabal end time Game, there are emergency of sophisticatedly organised Violence, unleashing of different forms of Calamity,Air Bombing,organised Blackmaliing and Media Controversy which will continue to unfold daily until we are able to resolve our problem genuinely.

The Strategy of their planting Time bombs and explosives’ devices underneath Cars of big Personalities to cause unwarranted accidents, specialised killing of Elite to continue, Fire outbreak which it’s sources cannot be known,will continue to burn down strategic locations to cause confusion which it's source can not be ascertained and careful dissemination of sophisticated Poisons/toxin to eliminate confrontional Opponents and diseminating of incurable diseases and the implementation of wrong Governmental Policy/Decisions, Programs, Strict Laws and Orders to incite Public against Government will continue with the help of their positioned Agents .Havoc cannot be stopped unless strong Warning is sent to real Perpetuators and Extremists who believed in causing trouble as to cow or intimidate Political Class and Public into submission of Political Wills and subjugation of their Rights to its Authority for easy Political Control. These have helped them to hijack their nurtured bankrupt,fearful Political Class/Elite under its effective command to do their bidding.

Other intentions are to create Political Tension and misunderstanding among Countries as to hijack its Political Processes and Power for its limited Agenda.
Although, there are lots of Moderate, Civilised, Peaceful and broad Minded Fulani who are not part of these Fundamentalists/Extremists who are always behind Religious riots and Political Violence in Nigeria.

Be informed that all the antics and pros of political gallery been displayed that Obasanjo knew about them since late Major kaduna Nzeogwu,late General Murtala Mohammed and late General Musa Yar'dua,as they were all close friends and their exchanged knowledge has helped Obasanjo to run his Military Regime very well and that Obasanjo should have retire IBB and Abacha in 1979 as to forestall ruining of our Economy as been advised by late Yar'dua even before his death Yar'dua as percieved that a List of mostly Northerners with some corrupt Southerners must be retired from the Nigeria Army otherwise Nigeria as a Country will be destroyed and both will die in jail but Obasanjo refused to listen to late Musa Yar'dua even thought he was a thorough born Fulani but he had a great passion for Nigeria greatness and he believed in oneness and development for all,that is why he was loved by all.
Gullible Nigerians have failed to understand the dynamics of Index and number as panacea for good economy and if we as Nigerians refused the universal common basic Tool,and we are dreaming that we can run credible Election and develop ourselves without these basic Tools,then we are nothing but fools as these Tools are very important and scentific basics for any credible election and quick economic development.

We are not against North but North should stop to imposing their anarchist
cabals or looters on us but North should find and introduce some decent,well educated individuals with sound personal life and normal sexual life to us and nothing more.
Also I was born by Igbo Parent into a Fulani emirate compound in the
core North in 1958 and I was raised there with Fulani language first before even learning how to to speak Igbo my tribe language and all my life I grew up there among them,even in my village my family is regarded as Northernera and I had passion for
North and North must develop and not individualist way of doing thing which resulted a lot poor people while few are too rich and Northern problem affect me more than Igbo problem and the development of North is much beneficial to me than anything else.
North due to Religion and land mass can be easily be developed if their leader can mobilize their citizen properly towards economic development but instead of they using Religion to divide them and incite violence and riot as to separate North,South and Igbo ,which by now would have be able to mix up properly with the North.

It was Sadiq Abubakar II, the late Sultan of Sokoto,the father of Muhammed Maccido,the present Sultan of Sokoto was the person who begged Obasanjo as then Military Head of State not to retire General IBB and late Sani Abacha from Army, which was against the good intention and of expected perception of what will befall our Country.Obasanjo did had respect for late Sultan for his experience and Wisdom which he exhibited in supporting General Gowon to take power instead of siding Fulani Prince Hassan Katsina,the Military Governor of then Northern Region, who wanted to rule Nigeria after the death of late General A. Ironsi ,for the late Sultan to opted for a balanced leader like Gowon for better acceptability and fair play, made people to have love for the late can clarify this article from present Sultan if in doubt. Although President Obasanjo made his own mistake for handing over power to former civil President Shehu Shagari as an individual instead handing over power to some group of glowed experience Tactician/ Technocrats. Now it is imperative for Obasanjo to train and nurture not less than 200 well educated and excelled individuals upon them, he can create a power block which he can conveniently hand over power to and for better management/ Governance not these anarchists and looters whose only interest is to milk the Nation dry.
Obasanjo have a better vision, experience, wisdom and international connection to select, nurture and train a group of knowledgeable Nigerians to manage the Nigeria affairs from 2007.Obasanjo should remember that he is handing over power /Governance to these youthful people to make some sacrifice by tendering himself with these anarchist Looters, Media blackmailers, corrupt bankrupt Elite and their List should be gathered efficiently as make sure that all must enter jail as to create conducive environment and peace for our development, as this, will enable this youthful Government to pilot the Affairs of the State but Obasanjo should accept house arrest by international Communities instead Obasanjo insistence that he will be jailed with these Anarchist Looters and Media blackmailers, corrupt bankrupt Elite. The List should be extended to local Government Chairmen and women who have ruined their localities.

When Shagari lead NPN was in power,IBB used his closeness with Umaru Dikko to misadvise Shagari by removing his then Chief of Army Staff, General Akininrade, to General Jalo and later to General Wushishi from where IBB and his group were able to manoeuvred a Coup to overthrew Shagari ,using working with Wushishi and locking him up somewhere and employed General Buhari a crown Prince to head the Government by replacing another Prince Shagari.
IBB, then his allies like Prof. Soyinka, Fela, some rented Media run by MKO Abiola, French network to pave ground and painted NPN as a corrupt Party running Government but British did supported Shagari but IBB portray himself as American Ally and British but secretly he only genuinely romance with France,that is why all their loots are stored in France or French Switzerland.Nigeria loosing Bakassi to Cameroun as France used their links in Nigeria to access some vital data inside Nigeria Government but Nigeria will never loose Bakassi to anybody as our Citizens are living there.

who built the Hadija jamari Dam in Jigawa state and a Dam in kano and who assisted a pure Hausa man Police Commissioner A.Bako to run the most impressive state Government in then Kano State and other very important projects that benefited the kano Masses,he is the present Obasanjo and forced the system to build 100 houses per local Government Area in every Northern State,from where Damaturu the Yobe state Capital drew it's house to get a State.

Mazi Onigbo

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