Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cameroon/Nigeria Tension-War & Hegemony political Display

Nigeria Government led by President Yar'adua, run through Northern feudal Sadist power Hegemony Class but remotely controlled by Iranian inspired ex-General destructive Billionaire Cabal-IBB, dramatically orchestrating Cabal Crusader Script of fighting Corruption while strategizing for long time power hold, scaring away intellectuals,previously used for Nigerian national building By Obasanjo Regime and paving ways for IBB Cronies/bankrupt Elite to join in its deluded Agenda.

Political Tacticians/Strategists believe that the best of re-organising Nigerian Polity for better economic development and peaceful political co-existence,is tactically for Nigerians and World to allow Yar'adua Regime with IBB group to burn out 8years while advisably that Nigerians should ignore their melodramatic political display of parading their packaged bankrupt Politicians during the next Election,as these political recruits will be parading them as
they are genuinely challenging Yar'adua's ineffective Governance,this is the type of IBB script we should be expected but the best for Nigerians,is to overlook this game and concentrate their energy on re-structuring States' Polity for effective emergence of credible Characters that can propel States growth, which can attract people to the States.
Since the creation of Nigeria Aviation Trust Fund, all Ministers usually withdrew and abused the funds but the Public become suspicious when two Minister with a DG were questioned by the House Committee and subsequently were detained while those who have massively abused the fund, were not even invited for questioning, as Aviation source pointed this action is contrary to what is in Nigeria Aviation Record.

Ironically, Nigeria Government preoccupied and run by wicked ethnic Fanatics/Northern Extremists, this, does not include Moderate Northerners,but this Group has now reluctantly honoured the World Court Judgement by allowing Nigeria to hand over the disputed Bakassi peninsula to Cameroon as to safeguard their looted wealth/hidden investments in France/French Swiss, as anything contrary to this, will definitely jeopardise their continued enjoyment of French Security facilities' provision/political cooperative collaboration and investments protection/looting covering arrangement.
But the recent political noise cause by Hegemony with its cronies, is amazing to all, as it is unnecessary since after Court Verdict, UN, US and France brokered a moderate deal/arrangement where Bakassi Politics, Administration, Defence, Law & Order and Revenue collection will be controlled by Cameroonians while any mineral mining in Bakassi, will be shared: 40% each for Cameroon & Nigeria and witnessing partners: France ,US & UN will get 20% for insuring peace,which sounded OK despite Hegemony selfish desire and hidden Agenda of trying to use its network to secure its interest, which is not possible now as World is fully aware of its tactic/ploy.

It is unwise strategically for the Cross River State Government to be playing the usual Nigerian foul politics with noise making propaganda on Bakassi instead of tactically encouraging more Nigerians to stay back in Bakassi and empowering them economically and building house/infrastructures which will provide Nigerians with better ground whenever Minerals will be exploited. Those Nigerians, who left Bakassi to Mainland, due to noise making propaganda, are now virtually stranded, as no arrangements/accommodations were not made for secretly for Hegemony. It is advisable for the Cross River State Government to invest in housing projects/infrastructures as oversea investment and for better strategic gain, as the UN Green arrangement with UN monitoring Post guarantee better security than mainland.

It is imperative that Yar'adua game may end in a way, they are not expected it, as other Dynamics, natural Forces and political power matrix will naturally evolve and create another unknown evolution that may surprise the current political players, as North has lost their
old hand late Sultan of Sokoto Macido who learnt long time Strategy from his father and used to council and advise North too technically on various issues but presently, the North is too much in short gain not like before, which gave the advance to control Nigeria.

Former Chief Justice of Nigeria Supreme Court technically arranged and manipulated Nigeria Judiciary to be remotely controlled by IBB.
Iranian led Hamas corruption crusade campaign of hijacking power from Western supported Regime/Organisation, is now being used in Nigeria to actualise Hegemony agenda and clear away western trained people and replace Media created Cabal Cronies to implement their hidden agenda of slowing Governance and Development, in name of fighting Corruption and if the Corruption is so real, where is the crusader's looting recovery, either in Nigeria bank or Oversea instead of roller coaster riding.

To forestall further Nigeria looting and to make effective Recovery,all the oversea financial transactions and bank accounts in Nigeria names or those names/companies that have transacted businesses in Nigeria or having associated with Nigerians in any form should be meant to seek the mandatory United Nations Office for Drug and Crime Certification/Clearance before utilisation of any finance of above $1M. This is what UN must do if Nigeria is to survive as a Nation.

Despite Yoruba historical claimed challenge political Display with Yoruba creative Media political challenge Opposition, presumably Igbo and Yoruba on the present day reality are
tactically/strategically assumed to be failed Groups, with its bulk Elite Class acting Script as Northern Cronies, always playing to Northern gallery.

While the Nigeria Minorities either in Niger Delta or in the Middle Belt Region, always acted in disarray politically with its short term strategy execution , which is simply tele-guided by the Cabal interest and Militancy which had its violent strategy meant on short term basis for Minority while long term basis, is meant for the Hegemony/Cabal interest.

In other Countries, Occult/ other spiritualism is practise under decent Rules/Directives, for elite interaction, spiritual enhancement and to better its environment but in Nigeria wicked voodoo and harmful/harsh is practise and it endanger its environment.

Due to the feudal power Hegemony perfect Belief/Practice of Persian Spiritualism and Eastern Religion, the Cabal led Hegemony has used spiritual Mediation,control/Belief, effectively to maneuver the Nigerian Elite with lost of Posts/wealth as gifts and to control Nigeria as its own feudal Empire. Although Nigeria used to be controlled by the Fulani Aristocracy but after the death of late Sultan of Sokoto Abdubakar Sadiaq, IBB dismantled then powerful Fulani Aristocracy and fractionalized it and reformed it into Cabal controlled feudal power Hegemony where moderate Fulani/other Northerners have no say or input and Northerner intellectuals are virtually excluded from Governance.

Cameroon/Nigeria Tension-War, a deliberate means of siphoning Nigeria foreign Reserves.
The past deliberate attempt of creating Cameroon/Nigeria Tension-War as a perfected means of siphoning Nigeria huge accumulated Crude Oil Sales' Reserves as well as to cripple the world Oil supply from Nigeria/Cameroon as being planned by the Northern Hegemony Extremists led by the Cabal Billionaire.

After their strong connivance with France for Nigeria to loose Bakassi, their Group was able to supply the France with some legal inputs and logistics which enabled the French presided World Court to award the Bakassi to Cameroon, which would have cause war if US/British did not properly caution and advise former President Obasanjo to toe the path of peace as both countries were neighbours with similarities in culture, ethnicity and common local background despite being colonised by French and British. There is local propaganda by Hegemony to portray that it was Obasanjo that conceded Bakassi to Cameroon, when it was even evidently that one Mrs Binta Nyako the Abuja High Court Judge, when packaged local Bakassi to seek Court empowerment as to delay the handing over of bakassi to Cameroon, this High Court Judge that threw away the Federal Government back local Bakassi legal case/suit seeking the of delay of handing over Bakassi to Cameroon.
It is very imperative as France could understand a bit of Hegemony dynamism now, as to team with up with fellow Western nations led by US & British to avert another confrontational tension or war not to be created by the Cabal led Northern Power Hegemony who are looking for ways and means of spending the Nigeria Reserves which accumulated Resources from Crude Oil Sales and to secretly work with Obasanjo as to avoid another Liberia war which was cause through the Cabal inspiration with Ex Liberian President Doe which largely created that war in Liberia.

This happening, did served France very well, for their behind scene Roles which France have played in supporting evil by providing security logistics to the Cabal led Crisis but now the same cabal through his influence in Nigeria, has sponsored tension as to cause anarchy between Cameroon and Nigeria, it is evil that beget evil and what France did, in supporting Cabal, has backfired back to French interest after their behind scene Roles with the Nigeria Destructive Billionaire Cabal.

Same goes in Arab, where French Roles which greatly undermined western strategic interest and this one, will definitely backfire back to France as once Iran is able to finish its nuclear program, Iran will be able to fulfil and accomplish the Nostradamus' prediction.
Locally in Nigeria, for President Yar'adua to believe that conducting Elections in an unstable Country like Nigeria is easy & simple, has portrayed him politically in bad light while the Cabal's main program of creating political instability, is to enable him be able to
achieve his goal by using crisis to seek Power.

Although, past Nigeria conducted Elections were not the best but there are manageable. With this, Yar'adua should be able to have time to plan better future Election instead of cancellation which only heat up a Polity/situation which he cannot control.
A recent local Government Election in Kano State in Nigeria has created an ugly scenario which has resulted in some destruction of lives and properties following a simple local election. The Nigeria electoral cancellation is simply to woo Politicians to the Cabal's side as to avail himself an opportunity of seeking power through his created political instability, instead of allowing Yar'adua the chance and time of putting in place a credible arrangement to warrant future better Election.
What happened in Kano , will become a child play if a proper electoral arrangement is not put in place before conducting any Election.

But it is problematic that Nigeria Constitution amending cause, has to be amended if Nigeria is serious in amending its constitution, as two third of Nigeria National Assembly with another two third of 36 States' Assemblies, which is cumbersome and politically impossible.
Why not only two third of Nigeria National Assembly, as every State has its Representatives and Senators in the Assembly, let House try their best to amend this obnoxious if they want us to believe that they are noble and genuine in their desire and in doing their job.
Mazi Patrick

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