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The IBB Nigerian Presidential aspiration/Race is very interesting to all,as to ascertain all his contacts/cronies

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The IBB Nigerian Presidential aspiration/Race is very interesting to all, since his Presidential Ambition Running,will enable all concerned to be able to ascertain all his contacts, links, connection and his Cronies with his proxies whom were used to loot and ruin Nigeria and these findings,will greatly assist to solve Nigeria unsolvable problems, as IBB is akin to them as a prime cause to their originator and its beneficiaries.

The recent PHCN/NEPA Strike and downing of Tools national-wide is part and parcel of IBB will display with assistance planted cronies in all Governmental Strategic Positions and Offices,while our Nigerian Bankrupt Elite has being blackmailed,harassed and intimidated with threats, Death and cook up Frauds,which IBB can easily execute through his implanted incompetent,weak Madam Fidara Waziri led EFCC with his another implanted incompetent,weak Inspector General of Nigeria Police- Mr. Onovo whom IBB used his failed Igbo Political Class to retain in Office. This Government can effectively execute any program or project, as Late MUsa Yar'dua ignorantly through Ethnicity/Religion fell into IBB various Traps and this, led this Government to inherit a lot non performing Executives whose primary agent/intention to sabotage Government into a failed State and as IBB political Strategy to campaign for Presidency.

During the Obasanjo 1976-9179 tenure, late General Shehu Yar’dua, a moderate Fulani and an icon offered his secret advice that IBB and Abacha should be dispensed, if Obasanjo led SMC, desire Nigeria to witness desired expectant peace and development, but late Sultan of Sokoto Sadiq heard it and persuaded Obasanjo led SMC, not to dispose or dispense them, those who begged for them, were late compensated through Sokoto Emirate dethronement of Maccido, late died in plane bombed accident, Shagaria was now compensated through PDP Sokoto State election cancellation through the Cabal controlled Judiciary and received theirs, through poisoning and fraudulent generated scandal and people infected with incurable illness.

The same Obasanjo led SMC promoted IBB to full colonel and Abacha to lt-Colonel, ironically it is the same gang, used fathom coup to detain Shehu and Obasanjo,Shehu died and OBJ narrowly escaped, to become the Nigeria President 1999-2007,with the cabal well organized and sponsored ethnic Separatists/Agitators whose their violent groups engaged and preoccupied Obasanjo Administration and reduce its ability and desire to deliver much better developments and policy, while such groups slowdown their activities upon the Musa Yar’dua emergence, from cabal signal that he is in control.

According to some researches, there is an assumption that 80% of Nigerian Elite do not die, due to natural causes, as their appointments or contracts or businesses are tactical terminated by the cabal led sadist feudal Hegemony who felt that their service or present, are no longer necessary or alternatively different degree of cyanide poisoning or organized toxin rubbing or food/drink toxin additives.

There is cabal stationed Malian/Nigerien special military trained killers’ squads, who effectively combined occultist spiritualism with marabous to kill prominent Nigerians without trace and no investigation can unearth the killing and to portray Nigeria security Agencies as failures. While Cabal through its cronies and agents, campaign and coarse Corporate Bodies, Churches, big Businesses and top governmental appointees and those seeking elective post and contract, to pay cabal homage as to pay cabal imposed protectionist fees through Cabal cronies’ business empires or to sleep in Minna and shave off eyebrow hair as mark cabal submission and let Nigeria and North that everything in world, has consequence or retribution from God, Nature and Allah.

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James Ibori’s Dubai escape & Dubai smokescreen money laundering
judicial trial to delay or prevent British Extradition.

Upon the circulated information that the Former Nigeria Delta State
Governor, Mr. James Ibori was hiding in IBB fortress Guest House in
Minna town Nigeria, an organized escape was made for James as to
escape to Dubai UAE, where a fathom and mock judicial trial was
arranged for him as to delay and prevent British Extradition where
proper judicial trail could be carried.

Currently, as pre-arranged and organized, James escaped to Dubai and
he was arrested granted a bail and he is facing organized Dubai mock
judicial trail as to put off British Extradition process, delay and
prevent any extradition until the quack Dubai trail is completed.

But the British Judiciary and Police should simply know that Mr. James
Ibori is facing an organized Dubai mock judicial trail as delay and
prevent his further extradition where proper judicial trail could be
carried. It is advisable for the British Judiciary and Security to
warn the Dubai Authority of legal complicity as a criminal heaven and
use the diplomatic channel quicken his extradition to Britain. Also,
Britain should pressurize international communities in compelling
Dubai Authority to abandon the IBB organized quack judicial trail and
send the Former Nigeria Delta State Governor, Mr. James Ibori to
Britain where he face proper laundering charges.

Despite the James Ibori’s money laundering case and his vast looting
of Delta State Treasury in connivance with IBB and former VP Abubakar
Atiku beyond human comprehension. Those who connived with James in
looting the State, are vigorously organizing his legal defense, Dubai
escape and local campaign as someone who is being persecuted for
political reason, since they knew that his serious trail with
conviction, will expose them to crime and refund.

Since, any serious investigation and judicial trail of Mr. James Ibor,
will implicate them as accomplices, all those who have associated with
him in looting, want him to escape justice and any security trial.
That is why they are organizing Niger Delta Militancy, Media
propaganda and other organized networks to defend him and prevent any
judicial justice. But unknowing to those who have associated with him
in looting the Delta State Treasury, organizing Oil workers’ kidnap
for ransom, intimidating international Oil companies for concede Oil
interest/to sell Oil shares to them or for the Oil companies to
abandon their Oil wells which will be taken over by their business
cronies who are now being parade in Nigeria as successful businessmen.

Strategically, those who are involved in intimidating Oil companies,
are bound to fail, since Oil companies have vast international
networks to confront them in various ways & dimension and whatever
that is begotten by violence/cheating, will be lost when other unknown
ironies start to plan out.

Halliburton & Siemens Scandals are being play out but these firms
wants back their spent Bribed monies.

Nigeria Media is its usual falsehood characteristics with the Nigeria
State have started their well acclaimed noise making exercise,
confusing gullible Nigeria masses with foul tactics, as result of
their failure to understand what actual Halliburton and Siemens from

The Halliburton and Siemens simply want Nigeria State and Security to
assist them in bribed Fund recovery, since their aim and objective of
bribing those Nigerian Elite could not yield their desired conducive
business atmosphere for doing their businesses in Nigeria, since those
who collected their bribes, are the same people are organizing,
nurturing and sponsoring ethnic/religious violence and Niger Delta
Militancy to disrupt business normalcy in Nigeria.

Due to harsh business environment in Nigeria and Violence, Halliburton
has left Nigeria and closed its operation, while siemens operation is
skeletal beyond its expectation. For equity and justice, those who
collected their bribe, should be meant to return them, as their aim of
bribing is not met and it is caused by those bankrupt and wicked
Elite, who extorts money without rendering any service.

Ironically, Halliburton and Siemens corporations are not interested in
the usual Nigeria so called corruption of whom and who is involved but
Nigeria Government comprehensive List of Assets, properties and their
various account information, to be sent to EFCC, Interpol, FBI and Met
police for possible fund recovery and sanction.

Government with EFCC and Nigeria Police should try their best to use
any operation with international collaboration to recover these
defrauded monies and return them to these corporations, since those
who collected, are deeply involved in making Nigeria a violence prone

Mazi Patrick
Prof Charles, a successful Economic Academician/University Don but morally

Professor Sunday Charles Chukwuma Soludo, a World Class World Bank Economic
Policy Expert, a successful Economic Academician/University Don but
morally bankrupt and character wise, unprincipled Academician, whose
connivance with IBB & his cronies for Anambra State Governorship ambition,
led him to some deal connivance in looting; while in Central bank of Nigeria
as to bankroll his political ambition, upon the exit of Obasanjo whose
fatherly advice/guide and close monitoring, could not have allowed him to
connive with those, who have now misled him politically, as to tarnish his
academic credentials and discredit his ability to caution CBN/Nigeria from
his retirement.

As to trap Prof Soludo into this political quagmire, IBB henchmen like Dr.
Alex Ekweme,Chief Anthony Anineh, Author Eze and others, played the
required roles as to sell Anambra political dummy, ruin his legendary
academic ambition and world bank opportunity/chance of working in future for
academic/world bank job or intellectual contract, since he has dishonored on
principle and trust ,which formed the bases, upon which the World Bank made
his Economic academic recommendation to Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, when his
Regime was seeking for international assistance on how to reform Nigeria
Economy and Nigeria problematic banks. Although, Soludo was able to
performed very well as expected by international communities in the Nigeria
bank Reform and other national economic policy but on the departure of
Obasanjo from Governance, whose achievement songs were song local and
internationally, turned around to connive with looters on personal selfish
to undermine his worldly recorded achievements and tarnish his future
ambition of himself and that of his children and generation to come. His
achievements, made me to choose him as my academic mentor and intellectual
idol and success song for Igbo people whose integrity was at low elbow but
cabal tactically used his evil maverick gimmick and wealthy cronies to fool
Soludo and ruin him forever. Sorry Soludo for lost academic opportunity and
tarnished characteristic image.

Also, daft which we have observed in Soludo of exposing his looting tactics
to the Cabal whom Cabal imposed CBN Governor is still to loot, despite his
chartered deceitful CBN Reform, which its reforming, is simply exposing
Soludo bank records/ bank balance statements cover ups with his deals in
bureau de charge foreign currencies sale and second window account opening
without checking the balance in first window, whom Cabal with cronies were
major of abusers, while former MDs foolishly connive as to please the Cabal
but they didn’t know that they have sent themselves to jail unwisely.

… to be conted.
Mazi Patrick
The appointment of Nigeria CBN Governor & His scripted discharging Duty

Contrary to international Communities ‘expectation and opinion of
appointing at least Core North radical knowledgeable Economic/Finance
University Professor to saddle with the sensitive and complex nature of CBN
think tank job, the Nigeria President Musa Yar’dua has instead appointed an
IBB crony/point man, a renowned UBA/First Banker, a feudal Hegemony icon &
Fulani Aristocrat, better referred to, as Risk/Crisis Manager, otherwise
regarded as Risk/Crisis initiator or programmer, whom the World assumed that
does not posses the type of vast knowledge based academic think tank
Reservoir, technical/tactical micro or macro Economic Strategy and well
grounded in Brentwood Strategy and finance World bank/IMF Policy fellowship
with the required intra world Tactics and intrigues of positioning sensitive
CBN policy & coordinate Nigeria in line or in par with the US driven complex
Brentwood strategy.

Now, the modern CBN job includes articulation/formulation of styled US
modern Brentwood Economics/Finance, composition of various short/long term
Analysis with clinical Policy Guidance and the lubrication of Policy
association with the World Bank/IMF, as either as contractual World bank
Policy Academic contributor or Brentwood Scholar.

The sources had it that CBN and NDIC recent Nigeria banking books auditing
exercise, were technically to have some discrepancies of bank unauthorized
encroachment and not large scale case, if compared to the bank volume of
bank Asset/Reserve, as bank abuse is being expected, as far as banks are
institutions peopled by humans not Angels and cannot exist without one fault
or the other.

The CBN Governor using a distress sanction, instead of using in house of CBN
regulatory cautioning, oversight regulatory correction and possibly advising
these erring banks, have made the world to look at Nigeria with caution.

The CBN distress tactics by sacking the affected Banks’ MDs with entire
Board with a fiat action has portrayed danger for Nigeria Economy. This CBN
action has already erased the needed bank trust, confidence and has created
bank panics, which have rubbished whatever good intention CBN Gov had and
have cause irreparable long economic damage for Nigeria with multiple
economic effects, which Nigerians are going to witness in 6 months time. As
goods and services being consumed or to be consumed from now to next
6months, are not to be properly replaced, due to the bank created
fears/panic and unnecessary bank caution on credit rules which stiff credit
facility, which lead all the Nigeria banks to have rigid regulations on
lending/borrowing and tighten credit facility on those who run to bank to
any form of assistance. Discouraging or impeding the smooth running of
businesses, imports, exports and industries, will definitely impede
production and provision of goods and services.

By now, no further job creation, is to be witnessed, as slow pace of
activities in businesses, imports, exports and industries, scale down
employment, while the affected banks and unaffected banks will scale down
numbers of their bank Staff, as a strategy to survive and to stay
profitable. Also, as Nigeria banks are sizable big, with extension
ownerships in various Micro finance institutions, Mortgage, Stock Brokerage
firms, in Partnership with large scale Firm as well as investors to many
corporation and firm, their affected problems shall definitely be affected,
more than the expected.

The Core North Cabal/feudal Power Hegemony who could know tactically that
they have overplayed their Agenda of controlling the banks, have overheated
the economic system and the consequences have backfired above their
imagination and scope. The Dynamism and advance economic and structural
transformations of Nigeria , were not known to Hegemony and Nigerians, as
any hidden Agenda tactics always boomerang with dire consequences that
affected all, including those Power Hegemony who virtually control the
economy of Nigeria .

The irony is that the IBB cronies who are the new made Billionaires, who
took the unsecured loans without required bank Sureties or bank loan
requirements, were granted such loans under a powerful pressure and lobby
from Minna or Abuja, which made the cowed bank MDs to grant the loans and
this, have made the affected bank MDs as escape goats and to look foolish,
as they cannot explain such unprofessional act, despite their acquired
academic and bank experience/knowledge. The behind scene acts to led to bad
loans, is same setting, who is behind CBN Governor’s action, make a good
case for thinkers, as all will definitely lead us into a big play or scam of
foul bank ownerships or bank settlement but the World have understood
Nigeria and have carefully follow this banks’ saga with caution and expected
analysis, to avoid any maneuver.

Presumably, since Nigeria is practicing US patterned Democracy, we opt to
emulate their Senate/Rep.(Congress) Public hearing on any national matter
before accepting any sanction or proposal, as this, will enable the affected
bank MDs to have chance of defending themselves and to let Public why they
handle loan issues and the new CBN appointed MDs to showcase themselves on
technicalities on they intend to revive the affected banks.

Despite the controversy between House and CBN on how to inject funds into
the affected, there is much micro, macro, economic national matrix and
industrial index, which CBN have to resolved, unlike western Nations that
create economic wealth. Nigeria unlike those productive and economic
Nations, can only create wealth or inject CBN create wealth or increase the
volume of currency circulation, by ways and means of our liquidation of
External Reserve or by foreign loans or through bilateral arrangement on the
increase Oil exportation, since Nigeria don’t have required technical higher
industrial index, productive index, no technology production, weak exports
only depending on Oil one commodity transaction and massive importation of
almost needed goods and services. Any injection of fund on literally CBN
created, based on only constitution, will weigh down the value of Naira, as
the only economic tool of ease out the injected or created funds. CBN should
carry out exhaustive consultation with the World Bank and other
international Creditors for appropriate Advice before Nigeria will commit
such economic suicide. be contd..


Mazi patrick

Arizona Immigration policy a ploy by McCain with Governor to incite Tension

Arizona Immigration policy a ploy by McCain with Governor to incite Tension.

Ironically, the Republican Extremist Senator and KKK Royalist McCain has inspired and incited the Arizona Governor with its Government to implement unfriendly immigration policy as a political opposing leeway, his Future Presidential Strategy and dynamic confrontational Policy strategy and further to create racial, regional and political problems for President Obama with its US administration and to engage the US Administration with confrontational Diplomatic and bilateral problems with Mexico, and capable of engaging Obama Administration fully, leaving him with lesser time to attend to other numerous US Programs and Policy Reforms, thereby narrowing his political achievements for a future Presidential Campaign.

The Arizona Governor with its State Administration have demonstrated lack of understanding for past historical facts and displayed total ignorance of not knowing that Mexico has a lot of historical connections and cultural/natural bond with the US, where historically most of the Southern US States’ Border land were centuries ago conceded to US voluntarily or ignorantly, due to difficult terrains, arid land nature and lack of resources with required know how to develop their land, Mexico in past conceded some land to US.

The centuries of Mexicans’ refusal to settle in the Southern bordering States,out of white supremacy fears and aged implementation of white racial segregation policy discouraged Mexicans’ settlement from the US Bordering States, only for Mexicans and other Latinos to return and migrate back for greener pastures as US becomes the World Power and a Developed Economy.

Importantly, the US Security Agencies and American Businessmen for a century, have used Mexico with its Citizens as conduit and channel for illicit Drug trafficking to US, as exemplified facts exposed during the Iran Gate scandal and CIA Contra Mission.

Arizona State Govt. Immigration policy is designed to propagate racial policy Divide and its implementation s capable of creating and inciting a complex political misunderstanding and destroyed the century aged US/Mexico Bilateral relationship and Regional mutual harmony, thereby can weaken Mexico Government with its State ability to cooperate with US in fighting illicit Drug War, which can be shifted to US Bordering States and Towns, if Mexico withdraw its State combating abilities and State direct confrontation.

Furthermore, a disorganized and weakened Mexico, could be vulnerable to be attracted or wooed monetarily or ideologically by the Iran State that is seeking any available means to harm US with its Western Allies, and an Iranian Approach could give way, to be lured for the Iran expectant direct Terrorism cooperation as Iranian Petrol Dollars could fuel poor Mexican massive terrorism involvement and will create cross bordering insurgency and ignorant Arizona State and towns/suburbs will bear such biggest consequences.

Since, Iran as worldly evidenced, is pursuing all known dangerous agenda and propaganda to confront harm US with its Western Allies, it is naive, strategically unwise and foolish to allow Mexico and other Central American Countries to be lured and to be exploited by the Iranian Regime with its Ayatollahs for its implementation of a much more complex terrorism plans/agenda.

Although, it is imperative for the US Government and the US President Obama to tactically fashion out some closer economic cooperation and some bilateral developmental arrangements as to empower , and to ease or to reduce Mexico/ Latino migration to US, despite the Former US President NAFTA implementation’s failure & the abandoning of US economic programs for Latino, which would have greatly reduced migration and retain the migrants back home as expected industrialization and jobs which the US Corporations and US greedy investors with US Shylock Businessmen/women whose businesses have created jobs meant for US and other Latinos,have been shipped to China and Asia for greater profits and they among these people confronting OBama for lack of jobs in US and that is the technical reason why there is no job creation facility in US or Mexico, as due to cheap labor, poor environmental regulations and profiteering ,as industries and factories are built in Asia and this, have complicated US with its neighboring Countries with lack of jobs and imbalance bilateral Trade with Asian States.

Ironically, it is in US strategic interest and national security to have re-think on its US policy with its bordering neighbors as to avail the desired good friendly relationship and to better US economic bilateral arrangements with its neighbors and this, will augur expected good cooperative relationship and genuinely reduce the expectant migrants to US, not a Arizona State pretentious immigration Policy implementation or its conflicting State Policy and Policy differentiation with the US Federation.

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