Saturday, May 29, 2010

James Ibori’s Dubai escape & Dubai smokescreen money laundering judicial trial to delay or prevent British Extradition.

James Ibori’s Dubai escape & Dubai smokescreen money laundering judicial
trial to delay or prevent British Extradition.*

Upon the circulated information that the Former Nigeria Delta State
Governor, Mr. James Ibori was hiding in IBB fortress Guest House in Minna
town Nigeria, an organized escape was made for James as to escape to Dubai
UAE, where a fathom and mock judicial trial was arranged for him as to delay
and prevent British Extradition where proper judicial trail could be

Currently, as pre-arranged and organized, James escaped to Dubai and he was
arrested granted a bail and he is facing organized Dubai mock judicial trail
as to put off British Extradition process, delay and prevent any extradition
until the quack Dubai trail is completed.

But the British Judiciary and Police should simply know that Mr. James Ibori
is facing an organized Dubai mock judicial trail as delay and prevent his
further extradition where proper judicial trail could be carried. It is
advisable for the British Judiciary and Security to warn the Dubai Authority
of legal complicity as a criminal heaven and use the diplomatic channel
quicken his extradition to Britain. Also, Britain should pressurize
international communities in compelling Dubai Authority to abandon the IBB
organized quack judicial trail and send the Former Nigeria Delta State
Governor, Mr. James Ibori to Britain where he face proper laundering

Despite the James Ibori’s money laundering case and his vast looting of
Delta State Treasury in connivance with IBB and former VP Abubakar Atiku
beyond human comprehension. Those who connived with James in looting the
State, are vigorously organizing his legal defense, Dubai escape and local
campaign as someone who is being persecuted for political reason, since they
knew that his serious trail with conviction, will expose them to crime and

Since, any serious investigation and judicial trail of Mr. James Ibor, will
implicate them as accomplices, all those who have associated with him in
looting, want him to escape justice and any security trial. That is why they
are organizing Niger Delta Militancy, Media propaganda and other organized
networks to defend him and prevent any judicial justice. But unknowing to
those who have associated with him in looting the Delta State Treasury,
organizing Oil workers’ kidnap for ransom, intimidating international Oil
companies for concede Oil interest/to sell Oil shares to them or for the Oil
companies to abandon their Oil wells which will be taken over by their
business cronies who are now being parade in Nigeria as successful

Strategically, those who are involved in intimidating Oil companies, are
bound to fail, since Oil companies have vast international networks to
confront them in various ways & dimension and whatever that is begotten by
violence/cheating, will be lost when other unknown ironies start to plan

*Halliburton & Siemens Scandals are being play out but these firms wants
back their spent Bribed monies.*

Nigeria Media is its usual falsehood characteristics with the Nigeria State
have started their well acclaimed noise making exercise, confusing gullible
Nigeria masses with foul tactics, as result of their failure to understand
what actual Halliburton and Siemens from Nigeria.

The Halliburton and Siemens simply want Nigeria State and Security to assist
them in bribed Fund recovery, since their aim and objective of bribing those
Nigerian Elite could not yield their desired conducive business atmosphere
for doing their businesses in Nigeria, since those who collected their
bribes, are the same people are organizing, nurturing and sponsoring
ethnic/religious violence and Niger Delta Militancy to disrupt business
normalcy in Nigeria.

Due to harsh business environment in Nigeria and Violence, Halliburton has
left Nigeria and closed its operation, while siemens operation is skeletal
beyond its expectation. For equity and justice, those who collected their
bribe, should be meant to return them, as their aim of bribing is not met
and it is caused by those bankrupt and wicked Elite, who extorts money
without rendering any service.

Ironically, Halliburton and Siemens corporations are not interested in the
usual Nigeria so called corruption of whom and who is involved but Nigeria
Government comprehensive List of Assets, properties and their various
account information, to be sent to EFCC, Interpol, FBI and Met police for
possible fund recovery and sanction.

Government with EFCC and Nigeria Police should try their best to use any
operation with international collaboration to recover these defrauded monies
and return them to these corporations, since those who collected, are deeply
involved in making Nigeria a violence prone environment.

Mazi Patrick

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