Saturday, March 6, 2010

Secret Security Tips.

Secret Security Tips.

Umar Farouk AbdullMutallab, a Detroit suspected Bomber, whose father
is very close to Nigeria destructive Ex-Military President, retired
General IBB(Babagidan), who was instrumental to his father long stay
in First bank Nigeria PLC as Chairman and other control in Nigeria
financial circle.

Further required investigation on his links and contacts will greatly
lead to uncover those behind the cause of Nigeria past Aircrafts’
accident and those sponsoring Northern Nigeria Religious Riots.
Similarly one person was arrested sometime in past in Nigeria Local
Airport with some Explosives which allegedly turned out to be Fire
works as claimed by their Powerful Contacts.

His father fully knew his son intended actions but due to his afraid,
reported his son with no specific and not in details as to avoid
serious investigation that might expose the IBB Iranian inspired Cabal
networks of terror, who might be behind sponsorship of terror in
Nigeria and the World.

Also, Nigerians who worship money and seek better appointments may
foolishly and ignorantly, and unknowingly carry bags containing
explosives or timed bombs for their terror wealthy bosses, as there is
an assumption that one kayoed Williams who died in London during the
last London Terrorist Attack, unknowingly might have suspected to have
carried bag with some explosives as the part their total terror
action. For sake of money and be carried out by wealth of their
Bosses, may foolishly and ignorantly and without questioning its
contents, carried explosives’ bags for their wealthy bosses.

The Nigeria Public believe that the a terror attempt was well
calculated terror strategy to make US with West to be harsher in
dealing with Nigerians who left Nigeria to do some oversea runs, dirty
jobs and some petty illegal businesses as to survive Nigeria failed
Governance, which was cause by power Northern Hegemony whose grip on
power, has cause looting of Nigeria resources meant for developments
and jobs creation.

Be advised that Al-Qaeda internet claimed responsibility is
propaganda and a creative attempt to divert serious investigation away
from focusing on Nigeria component and its associates who might have
associated with the suspect. Mr. AbdullMutallab a IBB crony, knowingly
allow his son as part of his contribution for financial appointment.

Please, the world and its Security Agencies should assist the Nigeria
to uncover the real truth about the where about of Nigeria President
Musa Yar’dua, as Yar’dua family, Emirs, Northern Elite and Nigeria
Government do not know precisely whether President is alive or dead,
as he might be hidden by a cabal who want to cause mayhem as to seize
power but Nigeria is expecting his VP to take power as constitution
stipulated and run the Governance as expected.

Mazi Patrick

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