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Panacea to forestall future ethnic/religious Violence in Plateau/Middle Belt Nigeria, avoid Non Natives elective/political Participation.

Panacea to forestall future ethnic/religious Violence in Plateau/Middle Belt Nigeria, avoid Non Natives elective/political Participation.

Panacea to forestall future ethnic/religious or political Violence in
Plateau State Nigeria and other area in Middle Belt Nigeria.

Since, similar violent event, which started from firstly Igbos/Easterners in the Northern Nigeria at different times and places, later shifted to kaduna Capital of Kaduna State, where the Hegemony organize/sponsored Violence, was firstly launched at Kaduna Natives, as it is part of Core North Hegemony design to write off or
make the Kaduna Natives as nothings politically despite their bulk
presence in the Nigeria Military/Security Services and in
State/Federal Government, with their gained educational Advantage from
their long associated Christianity.

Later, Violent Hegemony Agenda was technically shifted to Jos the
Capital of Plateau State Nigeria, a State known for its bulk human
resources contribution to the Nigeria Military/Security Agencies and
all Governmental Bodies and with reasonable number of retired top
security Officers.

But The Nigeria Chief Of Army Staff with his fellow man/tribesman,
the GOC of Nigeria Army Brigade in Jos, who is not supposed to be
posted, for a tribal security reason but was posted there for some
reason, best known to Army Chief and GOC remained passive during
ethnic Violence,while all the Jos elitist tried to call GOC/Army
before and during the violence, which are now being denied.

Whereas Governor with other prominent people from Plateau state, were
calling each other, alerting the Nigerians and the World through
modern GSM Facility, evidently with records from GSM Sets can provide
much evidences to prove that Military concerned Officers, were called.

The GSM phone Hand Sets which have features to store Records and
Network providers and even Satellite providers to Nigeria Networks,can
even track down signals for calls/texts through the GSM technology and
this, can provide the needed evidence,but if the concerned Officers
compromised, by not taking required action to forestall the Violence,
Military should sanction against them as to polarize Military. Also,
if the GSM Providers failed in
their official obligatory requirement in providing the GSM
transmission report for calls/texts, since the Hegemony whose business
Cronies control Nigeria GSM Business Empire, can assert their
influence on the GSM Providers, using technical reason not furnish the
transmission report needed, to find the truth of what transpired
during Jos violence.

There should be unwritten and generalized inherit Native Rules to
forebide all non Natives in Middle Belt States from participating,contesting and seeking for any local, State and Federal elective Posts or positions belonging to Middle Belt States, as to avoid another further, the Core North Power Hegemony use of violent Strategy and destructive Agenda to kill, intimidate and cause wanton mayhem, while the Middle Belt Elite should be very careful with their associating with the Hegemony with their Cronies from different parts of
Nigeria/Foreigners, as not to be toxin-ed or expose to their Cyanide
programmed poisoning, which is medically not curable, except reduction
by arsenic healing blood filtration process of gradually removing
different degree cyanide poison or other administered toxins.

Where is the retired General Gowon and Chief Solomon Lar, with their
false and Core North political campaign of calumny of Sir Ahmadu Bello
Legacy and does the Legacy not containing Christian or Native
Northerners or is it purely a Hegemony slogan of false Northern unity
or Agenda for the Cabal to seek presidency, since those Sir Ahmadu
Bello people have ruled and ruined Nigeria, including North without
trying to develop the inherited Northern Legacy or are they simply
playing to Nigeria political/Media gallery.

It is imperative to note that then, was Kaduna riot/violence, followed
by Jukun/Tiv tribal conflict/fighting, which Research posited that it
was cited by Hegemony, as to create ethnic disharmony. Bauchi and
Tafarwa Balewa/Native environs witnessed some violence, primarily the
organization/sponsorship were linked to Bauchi Governor, while Jos
have witnessed severely violence from time to time, based on Hegemony
political calculation/Agenda and later, the violence will shift to
Minna for real battle of supremacy where non Native influential
Generals and Elite reside and their strategy to battle for supremacy
among weak and non coordinated Natives.

For no security reason and since Military/security appointments during
Yar’dua regime is highly tribalized, politicized and polarized, with
organized Media falsehood and Hegemony Propaganda, as Nigeria state
witnesses unbalanced Federation and mismatch ministerial appointment,
non completion of any federal meaningful Project, Program and Policy,
as Media is positioned to fool Nigeria and North that the best is
happening and look everywhere in Nigeria, there is no project being
completed or Policy implementation, whether good or bad, as Policy
implementation bring about job creation.
It make common sense that the Plateau Govt should procure and
distribute licensed double barrel Guns to Plateau State credible
citizens for their self defense, since the Military and Security whom
have labored, could not come to their rescue during
violent crisis.

It was during Obasanjo 1976-9179 tenure, late General Shehu Yar’dua a
moderate Fulani and an icon offered his secret advice that IBB and
Abacha should be dispensed, if Obasanjo led SMC, desire Nigeria to
witness desired and expectant peace and development, but late Sultan
of Sokoto Sadiq heard it and persuaded Obasanjo led SMC, not to
dispose them, those who begged for them, were late compensated through
Sokoto Emirate dethronement of Maccido, late died in plane bombed
accident, Shagaria was now compensated through PDP Sokoto State
election cancellation through the Cabal controlled Judiciary and
received theirs, through poisoning and fraudulent generated scandal
and people infected with incurable illness.

The same Obasanjo led SMC promoted IBB to full colonel and Abacha to
lt-Colonel, ironically it is the same gang that used fathom coup to detain
Shehu and Obasanjo,Shehu died and OBJ narrowly escaped, to become the
Nigeria President 1999-2007,with the cabal well organized and
sponsored ethnic Separatists/Agitators and Militants whose their
violent groups engaged, preoccupied and diminshed Obasanjo
Administration and reduced its ability and desire to deliver much
better developments and policy, while such groups slowdown their
activities upon the Musa Yar’dua emergence, from cabal signal that he
is in control. Now Musa Yardua is either dead or alive but kidnapped.
The truth will be folded in future as those playing unknown scripts,
will later discovered that they are fooled beyond their imagination
and know-how.

According to some researches, there is an assumption that 80% of
Nigerian Elite do not die, due to natural causes, as their
appointments or contracts or businesses are tactical terminated by the
cabal led sadist feudal Hegemony who felt that their service or
present, are no longer necessary or alternatively different degree of
cyanide poisoning or organized toxin rubbing or food/drink toxin

There is sources that Cabal has stationed Malian/Nigerien special
military trained
killers’ squads, who effectively combined occultic spiritualism with
marabous to kill prominent Nigerians without trace and no
investigation can unearth their killing and to portray Nigeria
security Agencies as failures.
While Cabal through its cronies and agents to campaign and coarse the
Owners/Chairmen of foreign/local Corporate Bodies, Churches, big
Businesses and top governmental appointees and those seeking elective
post and contractors, to pay cabal homage as to pay cabal imposed
protectionist fees through Cabal cronies’ business empires or to sleep
a day in Minna and to shave off eyebrow hair as mark of their
submission to Cabal led hegemony and let Nigeria and North that
everything in world know, has consequence or retribution from God,
Nature and Allah.

Mazi Patrick

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