Monday, August 10, 2009

Sultan’s Death, strategic blow to Obasanjo and a prelude by cabal to act upon.

Sultan’s Death, strategic blow to Obasanjo and a prelude by cabal to act upon.

The death of late Sultan of Sokoto HRH Maccido, was received with shock, sadness and as a strategic blow dealt to Nigeria President Obasanjo, a leader whom Obasanjo can confide, access the Nigeria Muslim Communities and entire Northern Nigeria for better understanding, as well as a quick fix/strategic reach out to position his economic/political programs, and with him, a better understanding of Northern acceptance of a South South Candidate as an option for justice and peace to reign, is gone and Obasanjo is left his Successor who may not fully understand the Dynamics & Strategy late Sultan stood for.

A Northern Cabal who is very desperate to come back to power, whose wife returned from USA, with no good response from both Democrats and Republicans, and a strong warning from Pentagon/CIA to leave Nigeria alone, as to enable Peace reign and Prosperity to prevail.

Some international Security Analysts, are warning Obasanjo and his Government to be very careful with the safety of top ranking Officials and that closed Allies, as the air crash of late Sultan, may serve the deadly Cabal as political strategy for him to act upon but Obasanjo should handle this issue wisely with his vast experience and military wisdom.

Be warned, Nigerian deadly Cabal with romanced with French networks, schemes for political power, using an agenda of undermining Nigeria Safety, false Media propaganda, bankrupt political Association/distraction and booboo traps in our political process to cause anarchy.
It becomes imperative for tight security and surveillance guarding to be carried in our Airport and parked Aircrafts, from being accessed by saboteurs, even the Airline owners, Staff and authorized Airport Operators must be monitored by closed circuit cameras and frequent checking and questioning on all authorized Staff, must be carried and there should an assurance/undertaking by those who guarded parked Aircraft that nothing enter the aircraft during their duty. Before loading and entering of passengers into the aircraft, with fingering of the aircraft must be carried to check whether during parked, no bomb or any other destructive device is planted and programmed.
Each stage in our Airport and Aircraft needed an assurance with written undertaking from those Staff who have performed their duty, a responsibility as they will be held accountable in case of default.

Government investigation cannot reveal anything positive, as would be planners endeavor such plot with greater precision as no tracer or fault will be linked to them, it is a high tech, it is only prevention can remedy such situation as stated. The strategy behind the plot of using long strategic time bomb and technical advance device to create political instability, discourage air travel and make Nigeria unsafe for massive investment as well as portray Government as none performing.
Although, Nigeria Aviation industry need better co-ordination and regulatory control, but frequent crashes, is worrying Aviation Experts, as Congo with worst Aviation Safety; don’t witness frequent air crashes as occurred in Nigeria with better aircraft and facility.
It is widely perceived that if the deadly Cabal failed politically to install himself or his cronies, knowing fully well his vast wealth and his organized terror network with French connection, which he can use to unleash violence or havoc of unimaginable proportion, even his friends/associates who failed to deliver their promise or effectively execute their own portion, will be dealt with terror.

It is very necessary that Nigeria Government hold proper consultation with multinational Security and Aviation Agencies for better technical Assistance/co-operation and to hire some foreign Experts to co-ordinate and to manage the Aviation Staff of our Airports, parked Aircrafts and maintain our facility, as to avoid frequent occurrence and build back confidence.
Mazi Onigbo


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