Monday, August 10, 2009

Simple/easy methods of uncovering & retrieving Nigeria looted States’ Treasury

Simple/easy methods of uncovering & retrieving Nigeria looted States’ Treasury.
The Nigeria EFCC has done a marvelous job on 419ers or fraudsters/fraud but they should not abysmally failed in forestalling, uncovering and possibly recovering Nigeria States & its Agencies looted funds, which have greatly undermined our national development, even IBB controlled Yar'dua Govt. like it or not.

Some Experts are unhappy on the published method which Govt. is using to detect local diverted fraudulent looting, which some powerful Cabals are still doing despite World determination to eliminate or reduce Fraud or corruption, whereas EFCC is ultimately using detecting process that will not properly work but will end portraying EFCC as victimizing Agency thereby painting Former Government as bad and victimizing Nigerians without no recovery. Either AGF is playing the usual gallery or tactically tarnishing and portraying Government in bad light as a victimizing, whereas there are simple & easy method of detecting frauds, doing the actual recovering, stopping looting and building bouncing back mechanism to ward off looting.

I repeatedly said that AGF is gentleman but he does not possess the matured clout needed to handle Cabals who committing monumental looting, which are being channeled through Globacom/Adenuga Business networks, Dangote vast Nigeria business empire, Okonkwo’s Igbo based network businesses and others.

Firstly, GOVT. should assemble young credible talented and bold people and task them to visit all 36 States with the local Governmental joined accounts with all notable Agencies, as to collect the listed names of persons and companies, which they have issued above 20Million Naira [checks] cheques since January 2006 as a pilot scheme, with which they can determine the level of looting that occurs in Nigeria and for Government to decide the appropriate action to take.

Once, that is done and second is to visit CBN clearing House to match and collect the listed names of persons and companies in their collected List that have issued [checks]cheques to Globacom/Adenuga’s Business outfits, Dangote with its other outfits, Okonkwo & its other outfits and other unmentioned outfits where principally IBB and other cabals vowed to continue to loot Nigeria despite EFCC tough intention on fraud. Please, Government should forgo that idea of roping the pressurized Governors and Top Officials who were coarse by their political network and security intimidation as to corporate in diverting up to 30% of States federal allocation as to enable build their empire and to continue Government at ransom. This simple exercise will reveal the looting that will amaze but Government should not victimize the Officials but seize looting and plough it back into various States that technically have stopped developing, due to the diversion of allocation meant for their development.

I read with amusement the Vatsa family in Nigeria newspapers’ interviews with pity and sympathy but late General M.Vatsa died out of historical/political ignorance and without knowing the fact that he is local Native from Middle belt of Nigeria as he fooled himself without fully knowing the Constraints and limitation placed on the Natives by the Fulani Hegemony Settlers on the local Natives despite his background as being Muslim and Northerner.

This information is for bankrupt individual whose native homes, is south of Ahmadu bello way in kaduna down to the Atlantic Ocean, that they should learn a little lesson from what Arab with its Allies and French is playing with the muslim Blacks in Darfur Sudan while UN is sending their Peace keeping Force while the Peace keepers are being rejected by the Arab led Sudanese Government over Muslim Blacks while French imposed Kofi Annan as UN Secretary General watches as an African Fool while French numerous countries cannot do anything either but there is limit what Nigeria and South Africa can do.

The OPC, MASSOB, IJAW and other Militia tactically sponsored by Northern Cabals, should realize that they cannot fool anybody now, as they are only using ethnic sentiment and ethnicity to arouse their local people to wage war unprepared as to be defeated and to allow the Cabal to propel himself to power and Militia leaders will be paid off to stay abroad while Native people suffer great deprivation and depravity.

Recently, the Judiciary has been undermined by some Extremists and Iranian inspired political arrangement, which its main objectives to create a hostile environment of political insecurity and tension by using highest Judicial Arm of Govt. the Supreme Court as political tools to deliver Judgement that may appear as good but strategically to cow and intimidate those who stood against those Extremists and Iranian inspired politicians, whose main aim to undermine Western interest at long run.
Mazi Onigbo

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