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PDP Flag bear Yar’dua & Nigeria Census certified; OK

PDP Flag bear Yar’dua & Nigeria Census certified; OK

The PDP presidential flag bear as Alhaji Yar’ dua is widely accepted despite some grumbling and weak protest from South Easters and South South Politicians who failed to use a long time strategy of political planning and secret arrangement/program to organize, strategize and select one candidate with no fault and group themselves into one for the whole region of East and South South and thereby giving Fulani Hegemony the space to nail Obasanjo/PDP into a corner of submission while now crying when technically they are the real people who failed themselves as Politics is a game of strategy and planning. For next 8years, let start now to fashion better unity strategy to pick one person with clean record as wealth is now not needed for such exercise, not rented bankrupt political class who will always come in great number only to mar what good opportunity await us.

Those, who kidnap and continue to vandalize Nigeria Petroleum Pipelines as saboteurs, only wasted most the fuel meant for Nigerians but believing that they can march North in anarchy and that they can threaten Government whereas they failed to realize that no group can use violence to threaten Nigeria as Military is too raw to be confronted once the sympathy is gone. Even in among Islamic Extremists, some liked Obasanjo due to federalist approach of handling Nigeria projects, which most Southerners failed to know.
Nigeria should not do anything that inspire Violence as violent tool is their best vocation, which Atiku/Tinubu is using Media falsehood and bankrupt Elite to join issue with Obasanjo while little do they know that Obasanjo vast network across Nigeria can go any length to support Obasanjo as they have over the decades understood dynamics of intrigue and the character of the man called Obasanjo.

Political ranting men like Alhaji Rimi & Senate President Ken Nnamani who used every occasion to discredit Obasanjo and INEC of trying to rig the Nigeria forth coming Election, prove that so many misinformed politicians do not really understand the person of Obasanjo with his reach outs across Nigeria as no part of Nigeria needs his introduction or have not meant the local Champion who can galvanize local populace to vote massively for PDP not the Lagos Media which most don’t read or listen.

Obasanjo with PDP Board members, should strongly caution and advise Yar’dua to carefully avoid similar pit falls and wrong Advice which the core North Politicians gave Alhaji Shehu Shagari which ultimately portrayed the NPN led Government as corrupt, weak and non performing, which paved way for the Military regime and where Military Orders were used for massively looting of our economy and enrichment of their friends with no loot trace or record. The Media led Abiola and civil societies led by labour/Soyinka used media falsehood and propaganda of over exaggerate the NPN corruption which misled the gullible Nigeria Public and incite the Military led Buhari but secretly controlled by IBB and Abacha to seize power from Buhari as his brief stay as he is an outsiders among the real coup plotters who vandalize and destroy Nigeria economy with its Structures beyond any immediate repair despite late Shehu Yar’dua Advice that the two men should be dispersed in 1979 before Obasanjo should hand over power to Shagari but as of today the menace both have created by their stay in power have not be cleaned.
The next in coming Govt. should allow Obasanjo with his group to arrange the military personnel /Strategy that will be capable to safeguard his regime not to dance ignorantly or listen to politicians who can misadvise him as strategically pave for their friends in Military to overthrow Govt. as to replace the civilian Govt. of accountability with a Military where looting has no record.

Such similar game is Today being played through Atiku saga back up with Tinubu sponsored Media falsehood to discredit Obasanjo and to paint PDP as corrupt as to create sabotage but happily Obasanjo is equal to the task. But Atiku failed to remember that the PTF records will be kept for up coming Generations to see and they can judge the case properly and demand justice from looters’ dependants as to refund the loot by cash or property.

Evidently across the Country, IBB and other Cabals are the behind the scene sponsors of various ethnic group or association like Afenifere,Yoruba Elders, Ohaneze ndi Igbo,Ijaw,Arwa and others as to technically utilize these ethnic organization with the collaboration of the Agents to cause ethnic misinformation and tension while pretending to be actualizing their various ethnic agenda.
The sanitization of City transportation across Nigeria will be better if Military and Police serving junior officers who can participate or drive their own vehicles during off duty or leave and get involved in this process and to use their initiative as to revolutionize the City transportation as to reduce the suffering of Nigerians and vehicles drivers in the hands of miscreants called NURTW or any Association especially in Lagos where Tinubu encouraged locals to intimidate the city dwellers while shouting that he is performing but that is to his marines.

Nigeria Census OK but Northern Neighbors’ Desertification/Conflicts portends Danger.

The recent Release of Nigeria 2006 Census is fairly OK and statistically reflected reality and danger, which the Northern Neighboring Countries’ Desertification/ Wars Conflicts portends Danger with its attendant possibility of capable of destroying Northern Nigeria Agricultural potentials by density population of People running from Desertification from Mali, Niger Republic, Burkina Faso, Northern parts of Benin Republic, Togo, Ghana & Ivory Coast coupled with serious ethnic Wars and political Conflicts from Chad, Sudan and Somalia, if proper attention is not paid, is capable of worsening our ability of benefiting from Northern vast agricultural land which might be occurred by fleeing people.

Some analysis from Census, have shown that Desertification and Conflicts have pushed people to flee their problem and head towards Nigeria for survival and it is imperative for Nigeria Government to sit down with Northern Governors as to fashion out method and solution to assist these affected Government and to directly involve in management of these countries’ affairs despite the Media portraying Nigeria as corrupt Nation but we have achieved a lot since Obasanjo lead Government took power since 1999.
Although, the Released Census result may have gladdened the hearts of Northern Politicians and it has created advantages, which are only on short time basis but on the long runs, will create unimaginable problem as Northern potentials are being damaged gradually by flocks of people running away from difficult problems and after little stays in North after being Northernized, they will heads toward South for better survival.
A thoughtful examination and careful study of 2006 Census, clearly shown that these dramatic increases of Nigeria Population by fleeing Neighbours portends futuristic danger and decrease some opportunity meant for native Nigeria. Further analysis has shown that there is more male population that females, which technically proved that fleeing population, are likely to be Males than Females as Males tends to migrate for survival while females are left behind and to join them later. This increase in Nigeria Population with more Males, rightly shows that there more immigrants living in Nigeria which ran against the world known phenomena of a country population having more females as there is always more females’ birth but Nigeria is unique.
Upon the Census publication, most of the Southern States of Nigeria start to dispute and complain about the Census short comings while most of these States ignorantly or intentionally conspire to undermine the Census exercise by either not properly assisting Federal Government to motivate or mobilize Census Staff or were simply involved in diverting funds meant for Census or like Lagos State runs their own parallel Census which assisted to confused Lagos rural dwellers whom believed that Lagos one is the main Census. Whereas in most of core North, Census workers were fully paid their official entitlement with Northern States Governor motivating them with extra funding for them to do the best. Ironically Northerners handle every Governmental program/policy as a contest which a good job must accompany for successfully execution. While in the South, States are handling such programs not serious or ignorantly undermining the program without fully knowing such consequence.
Even in the South Eastern Nigeria, Igbo Agents of Northern Cabals who used MOSSAB or Biafra to disrupt the smooth running of Census and in some cases, used violence and local propaganda to discourage or disrupt the Census from running as expected. A careful analysis shows that Lagos Governor may not understand the dynamics and statistical implication of not properly motivating Census workers instead of creating a parallel one which has undermined the best they could got for Lagos State Nigeria but making unnecessary noise now as he knows that this last Census is co-sponsored by the international organizations, so there cannot be any discrediting in this case as it was well handled, if you like use bought over Media. During the Census, the Igbo States nearly marred the exercise by handiwork and miscreants used by the bankrupt political Class to incite people through MOSSAB/Biafra to use violence to disrupt the Census and to instigate local people not to be involved but secretly working to get their pay from their Cabals as Agents of destruction and similarities are going on in Niger Delta as people like Delta State Governor James Bori, Chief Edwin Clark, Chief Odiri the senior brother to Governor Peter Odiri, some like local Chiefs and Alhaji Dokubo group were the cabals’ Agents in Niger Delta region who co-ordinate the Oil workers kidnapping and violence with logistic assistance of France with the assistance of some recruits from Niger Republic as fighting tools.
Serious secret funding of Nigeria Media by some powerful Northern Cabals have dwarfed Governmental achievement as everything in Nigeria is being portrayed to be bad to gullible Public. A propaganda to discredit Obasanjo led Government is an on going exercise which made some many people to dislike any governmental exercise and this, is hampering the expected turn out of Nigerians for the Voters’ Registration exercise as most who watches TVs, may not be likely to be involved in anything only with some exceptions of the local Hausa and Awori & local Yoruba people in Lagos who may vote for PDP or ANPP not AC as being informed by Media and little political Class whom Gov. Tinubu /AC is coordinating, is not interested in any governmental exercise as they are biased by the Media.

Mazi Onigbo

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