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IBB , Northern Politicans & propaganda /Agenda against IMF, World Bank & West

IBB , Northern Politicans & propaganda /Agenda against IMF, World Bank & West

Recently one can observe the paradox shift Policy of Core North confrontational Attack/Propaganda on the West by Northern Political Ideologists lead by ex Military President Ibrahim Babagidan [IBB] & other notable Cabals' campaign of hidden Agenda with it's sponsorship of well grounded propaganda/Political Campaign of Calumny against IMF, World Bank and indirect against the US/British/West.
But one should vividly remember that Nigeria implemented so called IMF Policy without the proper funding as money meant to support the IMF/World bank economic Reform/other Economic programs, were stolen and looted by IBB and his cohorts with other Nigeria Cabals.
The Core North have used Military to gain Advantages while they were fooling other Nigerians from Middle Belt to down Southern Nigeria as they proposed a purported Unity while the Middle Region provide the Core North with needed manpower in using Military, Police Force, Civil Service Commission and Politics, upon which the Core North lead by Fulani Hegemony to build their Network/Grip and hold Nigeria to ransom while the South forms the bulk of Artisans skills, semi-skills and Educated Skills of the Nigeria Labour Force but sadly and surprisingly, they are still under the effective command and manipulative control of the Fulani lead Core North, which have oiled by their Nigerian Loots.
The core North who have gained Power with the assistance of the British and other Western Interests since the Colonial time, as the British built it's Nigerian Network around the Fulani Hegemony whom hold Nigeria ransom since Independence till now.
This, lead to the Nigeria under development and slow progress recorded in Nigeria. Although the West lead by US and Britain have changed their Policy towards Nigeria because of Migration from Africa and Crime, thus there is a noticeable paradox Shift from supporting Core North/Fulani to moderate/liberal minded Fulani and other parts of Nigeria who can assist Nigeria to develop it's Potentials and record reasonable Progress.

The Core North who earlier supported Obasanjo Regime to Power as to settle June 12th debacle but mid way to Obasanjo regime,core North aborted their support and sponsorship of this new arrangement as they felt the a stable Nigeria will erode their political Grip in the North and subsequently in Nigeria.The arrangement to stop Obasanjo regime was borne of fears that President Obasanjo is too crazy about developing Nigeria, which will create political and economic Stability that will diminish Fulani Control, as poverty, confusion and under-development serves them very well holding Nigeria at ransom while Obasanjo is trying all his best develop and re-structure Nigeria,the Fulani with it's loots oiled Networks has brainwashed confused Nigeria Public with the help of Nigeria bankrupt Elite.
Obasanjo Government is the first to employ the service of Experts as to assist him to really develop Nigeria and these Experts are shining examples of Western Products.The campaign against IMF & WEST is borne out of fear of not supporting them because the West has refused to support the Core North to retain Power and derail Nigeria development.When IBB and other cabals were ruling Nigeria Government, they failed to religiously implement IMF corrective economic programs and Fund meant to implement the these economic programs were stolen and looted with their Collaborators which safely stored in France and French part of Switzerland.Because of this,France has been supporting IBB,other Cabals and even supplied Arms/other Logistics to violent Groups who are operating in the Nigeria Niger Delta Region and their Masters are mainly from the Core North. It becomes an irony that British, US and West have supported North to hold ransom is at receiving end with other poor Nigerians as their Oil installation and businesses are be ruined by the Cabal sponsored attacks. France is badly hoping that this confusion to gain business advantages once Fulani return to Power and Business continue as usual.
French companies were mostly involved in failed Ajaokuta Steel complex abandonment and non execution of civil engineering projects, Sub-standard of Roads construction across Nigeria/inferior high raising Buildings, non execution of Nigeria most needed s which they collaborated with one Mr.Niyi to share resources meant for I.D.Cards to corrupt top Nigerian Officials.PAN cars Assembly in Kaduna as served as conduit of siphoning our scare resources rather than to provide cheap cars and transfer Technology.

IBB and North planted Justices Muhammad Uwais to technically use Supreme Court and Judiciary to give not clear Court verdicts and to assist their sponsored confrontational groups in derailing the Government of execution of it's Policy and programs.

Nigeria National Assembly is almost IBB/Core North Hand Picks and Agents which were slightly meant to waste fund meant for Nigeria development. The Assembly lacks the required energy, typical academics and necessary experiences to pass many Bills as possible which can turn old laws and non performing laws into modern laws and to assist Nigeria to progress.
The Military Regimes destroyed our Refineries and re-programmed NNPC as Cabal private estate, which this regime is finding very difficult to reverse and return to normal practice of Oil industry. They insisted on forcing Obasanjo to appoint Petroleum Minister so that any person who will occur that Post, will be technically challenged to do their bidding with pressure from their Networks, But Obasanjo knows that and have kept it under Presidency and is re-structuring it.
Adam lead NLC is to provide a such confrontation to engage the Government while pretending to be fighting for the Masses. They used their fund to build some underground groups: Academicians, Legal Practitioners, NGO, Labour and their rented Foreign Experts Which main job is to confront and challenge Obasanjo until expiration of his tenure as to distract and derail him from the needed concentration to execute developmental programs as much as possible he can perform.
Since, the West realize that any return of the Likes of IBB,Atiku or their Agents will spell doom for Nigeria and will worsening our economy and create Migration and crime for West, they have technically assisting the Government to build capacities of Well educated/skilled Experts /intelligent individuals as ruling Crop members of Tacticians ,upon which Obasanjo can hand over Power and pick one among them to run the country Affairs as an equal among themselves as there will be no special person, as they seen themselves as colleagues.
Finally, the word Economy or economics is British origin and these theories were founded by British the greatest economic theory of Demand and Supply mechanism forms the Basics of every economics is of that British Adam Smith's exchange of Notes, which laid the foundation of Today Checks, Bank drafts and other Financial Notes, are of British origin. British Keyes and other Theorists founded much important economic Theories around the world which IMF and the World use as a basic to build it's own theory. US the father of Modern Capitalism and British mixed economy are being copied worldwide and it sounds stupid and foolish for Nigeria not to subscribe to the norm and trends of modern economic principles and Dynamics of the World Finance and accepted economic theory whether you called Brentwood or IMF or World.

Those who used to shout in Nigeria Television that Asia did not copy West were only fooling themselves or they don't read properly and notice the world events. For Asia to record progress it's Economies were reformed and the banks' Capitalization which Central Bank of Nigeria is doing, was proto typed around the Malaysia success in their own similar exercise which helped them to reform it's Economy. All should remember the Nigeria Finance Minister was one time in-charge of Asian Desk in World Bank and she assisted personally to advise most Asian Countries, the record is there for you to cross check. She will and must assist us to reform our Nigeria Economy as she did in Asia whether these Cabals like it or not. But with knowledgeable assistance of the likes of Prof.Soludo and Mallam EL Rufia, Nigeria must achieve success to reform it's Economy.

Mazi Onigbo

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