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The Death of late Funso Williams part of Strategy to discredit PDP, Obasanjo and to make gullible Nigerians loose Trust in Nigeria System and cow poli

The Death of late Funso Williams part of Strategy to discredit PDP, Obasanjo and to make gullible Nigerians loose Trust in Nigeria System and cow political Class.

Although I am not defending those that are being quizzed and interrogated, however they have resources but carefully examination, will reveal that they may not have the social ability/connection to link to high tech criminal groups who can execute this type of precise murder.

The over media acting of the Lagos State Governor since the Williams' death, have made some Experts to think otherwise. One Expert posited that such execution of such Murder occurred after a series of pragmatic planning and propping up advance Plan and creating strong political and business Opposition to deceive the Public and the attention of any investigating Security Agency as well as to build decoy of complex deception for the planned murder whom those that executed the murder, are hired specialized Cabal's killing mafia whose killing cannot be found by the Police investigation or Interpol network, although long time contract to any CIA or Scotland yard or to Mosaic Agent whom can use their high tech system and time consuming tactics to uncover.

They usually create political opposition against the targeted Politician which they will turn around to eliminate, whom they have built, leaving the investigation of such murder in a very complex situation, which are very difficult to decode or uncover.
Despite the educational advantage and experience claimed by the Southerner/Middle Belt Politicians, as they can still fall into this simple Hegemony program.

Government should be ever ready for such similar killings and violence that may occurs across Nigeria and should put in place god public enlightenment programs to hold Public in control, as there are ground designs of the part and parcel of my past written articles "Religious Riot, Ethnic Separatism, Blackmailing, Killing/Bombing & Media Falsehood as political Strategy by Nigeria elitist Fulani to strategise for Power."

In my different writing and publication, which I have over emphasized that the effect of violence/Religious Riot in Northern Nigeria, were primarily cause by the Nigeria elitist Fulani to create ethnic disharmony and political tension between local Northern Nigerian Natives ( the Masses or Hausa Almarjiri ) on one hand and Igbo & other Nigerians on the other hand which is to discourage any assistance and association which it's occurrence, which might uplift the lives of the local Northern Natives and to create deep hatred for the Northern Natives by the non local Native like Igbo and other Nigerians which might have benefited from peaceful co-existence and dislike for the Northern Natives not to be trained, thereby discouragement will deter any inter-ethnic marriages and interaction among the Native with the Igbos/others and to improvise the Nigeria Natives.
But the Fulani who normally associate with Igbos but secretly use religious incitement and preach hatred against Igbo people and other Nigerians, and use this, as a political Agenda to portray Core North as a violent Region and no friendly Muslim Community, which served them as a political Tool and Strategy for actualization of Political Power, which has assisted the Fulani led Hegemony to amassed monumental Wealth through their long Stay in Power. Where they have technically control Nigeria economy and Politics through their created bankrupt Elite and Cronies, whom the most prominent are turbaned as a mark of Recognition for strategically assisting to exert influence and execution of Core North Agenda with the secret assistance of France.
The recent crisis which occurred in Onitsha, the South East Nigeria, where some Militias Group took arms against the Government is the an example of political agenda of misguided elements/bankrupt people whose main business is to use ethnic interest as a cover to make trouble while pretending to be fighting for their various ethnic interest but they are carefully packaged by the legendary Fulani whose long term strategy is use political confusion/anarchy and ethnic separatist groups across
Nigeria to manipulate themselves to Power.

It is widely known fact that all Southern/middle Belt Ethnic Representatives/political leaders are carefully tailored and packaged by the legendary Fulani while they are pretending to be championing their various ethnic interest on short term while in long term are merely assisting the Core North to actualize the hegemony interest with a settlement with plum business interest or top political Post.

The continued violence in Nigeria is mainly to discourage huge foreign/local investment and to keep Nigeria at the pace the Aristocratic Fulani can technically control. The Funding and Sponsorship of various ethnic militias in Nigeria like MASSOP, OPC, Ijaw fronts, Biafra, middle belt and other groups Niger delta Region is create political Tension with an intention to destroy main stream of our Economy and to force Obasanjo with West to see reason of re-supporting Fulani led political domination back in Nigeria as to pressurize Obasanjo Government to hand over Power to core Northerner or to their crowned Southern Agent as President come 2007.It is evidently that Southern Players with their Middle Belt Politicians who are mostly political Misfits whom claimed to know much but really they don't understand the basic Dynamics of Fulani strategic political play like Gani & Cos with their so called empty civil society Organizations or the confused Academicians led Professor Wole Soyinka or disgruntled labour lead Adams or the shallow/ bought over Nigeria Media which is very busy benefiting from the Share of the looted Nigeria fund, which the Fulani are using to oil political Tension/Confusion and to threaten western strategic interest as Fulani/Cabals are no longer respecting West due to their amassed wealth which they have looted from Nigeria Treasury.

I am using this media to inform the Public that the Northern Nigeria Hegemony should start to have a re-think and to beginning to have fresh feeling for South as a serious and reasonable group who can handle political Power or else they may doom themselves, it is tactically for them to start to sense and feel Nigeria Easterner or Southerner can emerge as a President come 2007 as almighty God and Nature will play a game no man can control, despite the confusion being exhibited by middle belt Elite.

Aristocracy with tactical advantages and complex political programs, continue to feel that they can hold us at ransom as the World has properly understood our Politics except gullible Nigeria Public.

Due to unique Nigeria quality, abundant natural resources and untapped potentials the World is desperate about Nigeria survival and that is why the bankrupt Elite or Nigeria looters who lack basic personal conduct and no decent living manner preferred to stay in Nigeria instead of staying in their bought expensive oversea houses where modern facilities existed but this point is not known to the ordinary Nigeria.
Cabal main strategy is to use their sponsored groups to pre-occupied front stage of Oil revenue struggle and to deceive the Delta people as they are purporting to be human Right fighters while they are doing their paid job and to waste time until Obasanjo tenure elapse.Please, do not misconstrue the interest and agenda of the Cabals and Fulani to the interest/agenda of North, which are basically development, education and access to quality life while the Cabal has only one agenda is to amass wealth for it's limited agenda not for North.

The World is worried about unhealthy attitude of Nigerian political Actors, civil rights society,Academicians led Professor Wole Soynika & co. whom indirectly run the hired complex organized Northern Bid, bought over Shallow/non investigative Media which are currently been used by Anarchists to propagate against the Government, as our media is not up to the task as there are still part and parcels of the Anarchist bought over bankrupt Elite.

The West is now at a crossed Road on what to do with this bad situation as North whom the West have helped to stay in power, has turned out to be an enemy, who is ready to fight them through different strategies. West have resolved to manhandle any body who block Nigerian political way to success as that is only the way to force Nigeria to develop and reduce African migration to West and reduce Crime as Nigeria is a Center for all black Africans and any reasonable development in Nigeria, can withhold the migrating Africans back home.

It is becoming unbelievable with deep shock in particular to Yoruba and Igbo people with such advance educational system and good background of technical know how to fail abysmally exhibiting very poor ,shallow and foolish behavior of understanding Northern political Scripts and Nigeria political systems, as both tribes have benefited so much from West than any other tribe in Africa and they have failed abysmally to develop any meaningful political System or any political confrontation/ability to deter North from playing like no group is in existence. Both of them or the so called Nigeria Middle Belt lack characteristic substance to defend themselves as Minorities North and South are busy playing out scripts which are financed and developed by Core North political Actors.
There is another Script by the Cabal, is to create greatest violence and territory wars in Delta with possible confrontation with the Nigeria Territorial Army and with some high casualty during any confrontation, creating fears among the people of other parts of Nigeria running away from the enlisting among the fighting Soldiers who are fighting, thereby giving chance and opportunity to the desperate Northerners who may avail themselves that opportunity to use soldiers of occupation to fight and settle after the fight in Delta Region and stay there to intermarry and raise Children of mixed parentage, hence coloring the Delta ethnicity with names like Dickson Musa, biologically joined in laying claim for Oil.

Historically, the key political Operators who are basically Fulani Hegemony came to prominence and to control Nigeria Power through violent Politics and using Violent Agenda against them, is playing to their hands as they are Masters/specialists in using Violence, Anarchy, killing, intimidation and destruction to control Nigeria Politics and stay in Power whether Military or Civilian regime.


Mazi Onigbo

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