Monday, August 10, 2009

The best option,would have been,an extra 4yrs for President

The best option,would have been,an extra 4yrs for President.

If extension is considered, it must a reasonable time of 4yrs for President while we conduct other elections

I saw a speculation from a Nigeria Newspaper ,that there may be an interim arrangement either constitutionally or otherwise as to extend office term for Obasanjo as to enable him successfully complete his programs/ projects but it is wisely for Nigeria to know that the type of damage which have be done to Nigeria in terms of distorted polity, economic destruction with no fixed economic structures on permanent basis, or to dismantle cabals’ hidden siphoning conduits, or rebuild the genuine decent political Elite, restructure Public sectors and to Regulate the active Private sector with his required tough matured clout that can assist us to achieve visible Success, which will take at least 4years or let us inform the World that Nigerians are insincere and not yet ready for meaningful development, because Obasanjo has the type of political chemical requirement that can move the Nigeria through his determined political/security force to success.

If he can put reasonable things in place with this extended time, then it become possible for an up coming gentle person from South South to be able to assert control and govern Nigeria with his education/experience but we strongly still need this type of character to handle our rotten and violent scene in order or otherwise we all shall regret whether you are North or South as Violence and Tension will only serve the Fulani very well as they are experts in Violent manipulation and war strategy.

Please, Nigerians should advise the Chairman of EFCC to sit down and for him to work out modalities as to stop or checkmate serious looting of States’ Treasury by cabals and Governmental Agencies by Network of IBB, Atiku and others who are using the most visible conduit Globaco/Adenuga, Dangote, Reltel, others to siphon states’ Fund. Some experts are worried that EFCC is paying too much attention with little crime while monumental State funds are daily diverted to build IBB,Atiku and other vast business empires or it is EFCC playing to gallery or is it part and parcel of Fulani strategy to punish Nigerians who refused to toe their Cabals’ ways? Recently a mushroom arrest of IBB son whom reportedly pick for owing 24percent in Globacom but who won the rest.

Obasanjo was fooled by IBB that he was repatriating some of his loots to build Globacom but the President recently discovered to his dismay that IBB used his political network, blackmailing/intimidation or his organized Terror to coarse almost all Governors and Head Governmental Agencies to part away at least 25 percent of their Revenue allocation meant for States’ development or force them to be in partnership of building an investment, which the gullible Governor will be driven away with blackmailing/criminal incriminating from such investment upon their leaving Office.

Lagos Governor who is religiously implementing a Script for his political survival, as Lagos State Governor has be using Lagos State Para-military agents to victimize Igbo Traders and using others means to create Tension or misunderstanding which capable to disrupt peaceful orderliness being enjoyed in Lagos as his cabal Friend is hoping to cash on such tension to strategise for power but he should know from history those serves Hegemony including Obasanjo have all received hard treatment and everybody who served Hegemony very well, must receive their compensating dead treatment which they have even served one of their own late Shehu Yar’dua and be prepared that your brother will face criminal charges or linked to fraud once Tinubu leaves Office as to enable seize his Stakes in Oando Petroleum Company.
As Nigerians are bracing up for their election, they should not allow themselves to be used as political opposition tools which they will eliminate once the ovation is high or as political tool to exert Hegemony influence and interest. Other Politicans who had business interest with the Cabals, should know that immediately they leave Office or their Posts,the cabals with its network can reverse their Stakes back to themselves.

Mazi Onigbo

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