Sunday, March 22, 2009

Crude Oil is the World political Product, demanding 50%by the Nigeria Niger Delta Militant Groups, is unreasonable

Crude Oil is the World political Product, demanding 50%by the Nigeria Niger Delta Militant Groups, is unreasonable but 15%-20% allocation,is an ideal and Groups demanding 50% are simply playing Northern Script masterminded by the Ex General Billionaire Cabal.

Since the creation and begin of the World and Science Discovery, and World Trade of Products and intellectual properties, no product has been controversial and political like Crude Oil. The founding of Oil, it's usage and Trade have lead to various forms of political maneuvers and manipulation/exploitation by different Countries at different times, which have lead the World into Wars, Seizure and wanton destruction of lives and properties.

Recently, the Iraqi war was cause by the Oil Politics and the total instability in the Middle East and it's Politics is basically around Oil and the Black Gold playing major roles in today's world Politics.

Scientifically and Politically for any individual or group to compare Oil to any other product in this World, is either the individual or group misunderstood the Science and political importance of Oil as a scientific and political product. Recently,the World witnessed how France used it's Agent in World Court to secure a Court judgment in order to hijack Bakassi from Nigeria the Owner,while pretending to be assisting Cameroun as the real owner but this is to serve french strategic /economic interest and it's long time benefit while the Nigerian Natives are basically People from Calabar area of Nigeria.

In Nigeria, for South South groups otherwise known as Delta Region groups have rights to agitate or fight for a reasonable percentage of Nigeria Oil Revenue to be allocated to them as to be able to develop the alluvial/difficult Region of Nigeria Delta area.

Experts through the World are shocked and astonished when Nigeria Delta groups are comparing Crude Oil to Coal, Cocoa, Groundnut or Palm Oil, which are still important world products but there can never be compared to Oil Scientifically and politically, as no product has been important and scientifically beneficiary to the World as Crude Oil. Either these Delta groups are playing political Scripts and being sponsored by Foreigners or by Northern Cabals as they are playing to Script rather than to play genuine role which will develop Delta Region as well as to be fighting for a reasonable, achievable percentage, to be allocated them as to enable them develop and benefit from oil found in the Region.Despite the Politics of Oil.

Geographically Oil occur in sedimentary rock which cover reasonable area underground in Nigeria and Oil occur from Benue trough to Niger basin,which literally means that the underground earth crest of area of Benue down to the Altantic ocean have Oil and those on the top of earth crest,should have some benefit scientifically as underground damage is done to the area of inside earth from Benue to Atlantic Ocean but mining in Delta area has cause the worst form of damage.

The Obasanjo regime and the Reform Conference is an opportunity for the South South Region of Nigeria to fight, discuss, debate and negotiate for a better percentage of the Oil Revenue derivation which some experts had opinion around 15% to 20% but demand of 50% is seen as unreasonable and a clear misunderstanding of Oil as a political product, thereby loosing the support of other parts of Nigeria and the World that are genuinely interested to alleviate the suffering of Delta region but some groups in Delta insisting on 50% knows little or nothing about Politics of Oil and it's strategic importance or may be they are having ulterior motives rather than the genuine interest of Niger Delta and good intention of achieving reasonable income for their region or are they fighting for the interest of the Cabals that founded and sponsored them, which main interest to create a violent Delta Region and make Delta not possible for minting and transacting Oil businesses as such that Oil firm that wants to do Oil business may seek permission form Cabals sitting somewhere in the North before getting peaceful permission to do their Oil business.

There is another Script by the Cabal, is to create greatest violence and territory wars in Delta area with it's resultant confrontation with the Nigeria Territorial Army and which will result some high casualty during any confrontation, creating fears among the people of other parts of Nigeria which make them to run away from the enlisting among the fighting Soldiers who are fighting, thereby giving chance and opportunity to the desperate Northerners who may avail themselves that opportunity to use soldiers of occupation to fight and settle in Niger Delta after the fight in there and stay there to intermarry and raise Children of mixed parentage, hence colouring the Delta ethnicity with names like Dickson Musa, biologically joined in laying claim for the Oil.

Historically, the key political Operators who are basically Fulani Hegemony came to prominence and to control Nigeria political Power through violent Politics and using Violent Agenda and strategy against them, is playing to their hands as they are Masters/specialists in using Violence, Anarchy, killing, intimidation and destruction to control Nigeria Politics and stay in Power whether Military or Civilian regime.

Obasanjo Government and its Reform can negotiate a reasonable percentage to be included in this upcoming Constitution. Delta Region should fine tune their strategy and find a formula/collaboration to negotiate 15% -20% and avoid being misled by the cabal sponsored groups in Delta Region whose interest and intention is while different from real interest of Niger Delta. Cabal main strategy is to use their sponsored groups to pre-occupied front stage of Oil revenue struggle and to deceive the Delta people as they are purporting to be human Right fighters while they are doing their paid job and to waste time until Obasanjo tenure elapse.

Please, do not misconstrue the interest and agenda of the Cabals and Fulani to the interest/agenda of North, which are basically development, education and access to quality life while the Cabal has only one agenda is to amass wealth for it's limited agenda not for North.


Mazi Onigbo

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