Sunday, March 22, 2009

AIT TV airing of Islamic version of Jesus Christ/Nigeria with international Communitie

Dear Nigeria with international Communities
This is inform the Christian Community that AIT TV airing of Islamic version of Jesus Christ Film during Xmas period, is a disgrace, and Catholic with CAN should be demanding an unreserved apology from DAAR Communication the owners of AIT and ask why AIT should be airing such Film.

Warning! Warning!! Nigeria with international Communities should be at alert in following and observing what Lagos State Government with Governor Fashola in disguise of Street beautification, Taxation/Revenue pursuance, environmental Sanitization, Street Trading/unauthorized Trading, illegal Structures etc, may ignorantly or tactically cause or create ethnic tension or ethnic misunderstanding with Public resentment, which Chadian/Nigerien with IBB organized violent groups, may hijack to cause mayhem/destruction beyond Yoruba and Igbo imagination.

It is imperative that Yoruba Elders with other cultural/ethnic groups, Nigeria Assembly, Civil Right Organization with International Communities should caution Lagos State with its Governor in time as to avoid such Mayhem and they should always consult with various interest groups before implementing their Policy as to avoid tension.

Mazi Onigbo

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